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Steak with Spaghetti Squash Recipe

I have given a lot of thought to how I wanted to share in a casual way on No Buy Feb and March Pantry Challenge. I want to give myself loads of flexibility and yet at the same time have … Continue reading

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Kitchen Garden 2021 (Jan)

On the first day of Jan 2021, it started to snow.. and this morning on the 2nd we woke up finally to a good winter snow cover.. I am crossing my fingers that the snow is here to stay, these … Continue reading

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Strawberries on a Cloud Recipe

Strawberry’s on a Cloud What a delightful treat this is and its really not that hard to make.. its a little fussy but its also showy enough to make it so worth it! The Bowl 4 egg whites (crack each … Continue reading

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How to make Beestling Farmer Cheese

Beestings Farmers Cheese 2 pints [20 ounces] new milk 1 cup [8 ounces] Beestings Milk * Colostrum (1st day if possible but can use up to day 3) Combine the two milks together. In a large heavy flat-bottomed ideally steel … Continue reading

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Rhubarb Crisp

Rhubarb Crisp Recipe Topping.. this is as simple as it gets. 2 cups of all purpose flour 1 cup of room temp butter 1 cup of packed brown sugar 1/2 tsp of salt Mix together with pastry cutter or washed … Continue reading

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Forage “Daylily Spring Leaves”

I have talked about those old fashioned orange flowered Daylily’s before. I love to harvest their flowers for both fresh eating and to dry them for year round use.  I have talked about harvesting the tiny but bursting flavour of … Continue reading

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Drying Whole Currents

Its seems so simple right.. pick your currents, clean them up, removing any bits of leaves or stems and put them on the drying trays and go.. And they will take forever.. I mean forever to get them dry.. Let … Continue reading

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Canadian Northern Spruce Tip Salt

I adore my spruce tips, I use them in many ways.. I always make spruce tip salt and spruce tip sugar, I make a full pint of each every year for cooking though out the year to come. While the … Continue reading

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Rhubarb Nettle Iced Tea Recipe

A spring, its time for so many yummy things, off a bit later to do a walk and check the fiddleheads.. but its going to be a very busy day indeed and I feel the need to put a nice … Continue reading

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Popcorn Garden Plans 2015

Strawberry popcorn or Tom Thumb Popcorn, or hmmmmm O yes dear readers, I am on the hunt for the best home grown popcorn, Zone 5, average frost free days 124, yup that is not really that much time and it … Continue reading

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