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March Pantry Challange 2021

Well, its a week into march and I had hoped to get a few more posts up but as long as I make my weekly overviews on sunday, I will be happy about it. For new readers, March Pantry Challanges … Continue reading

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How to make Abrystir a Baked Pudding

This is a amazing baked Colostrum Pudding that according to my “The Nordic Cookbook” comes from Iceland. Baked Colostrum Pudding 1 pint fresh sheep Colostrum 3/4th cup cream (i used skimmed sheep cream) Sugar to taste Serves 4 Heat oven … Continue reading

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How to make Beestling Farmer Cheese

Beestings Farmers Cheese 2 pints [20 ounces] new milk 1 cup [8 ounces] Beestings Milk * Colostrum (1st day if possible but can use up to day 3) Combine the two milks together. In a large heavy flat-bottomed ideally steel … Continue reading

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Sheep Milking in 2019

I love my milking Sheep. If I had to choose between owning a good milking sheep or a goat, I am ALWAYS going to pick my sheep. While the volume is not as much as a dairy goat, the fact … Continue reading

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Freezing Sheep Colostrum

Below is a really great post on Freezing Colostrum but first a update.. I missed the post yesterday, what a day.. I was up before the sun, showered and ready to head off the farm for Eco-farm day about an … Continue reading

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Introducing Dumpling

One of the things that happens over time is that you create working friendships with other farmers.  I meet Farmer Y on kijji when she has fowl I wanted, I meet her on her first year on the new farm.. … Continue reading

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Freezing colostrum aka “Liquid Gold”

Its a great idea to freeze up one lambs worth of colostrum just to be on the safe side, ewes only produce Colostrum of the best quality for around the first 24 hours, but it does take three full days … Continue reading

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Milking Sheep..

Milking during a major cold snap.. lets just say its BRRRRRRR out there for the past couple days,  after battling trying to move a big old horse, a in your face cow and a moving sheepy swirling mass around you … Continue reading

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Lemon Pinnapple Sheep Cheese Dessert Recipe

I made a version of a italian sheep cheese dessert.. Yesterday I made a lovely batch of fresh soft cheese, I had cultured the milk for a full day, it had a lovely slightly sweet but tangy quality before I … Continue reading

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You can see and feel the difference in the milk..

A funny but true story, a friend of mine had goats, and little ones, one day we were out talking and I said, how come you don’t milk at all.. and he said.. well a goat had her baby, and … Continue reading

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