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Freezing colostrum aka “Liquid Gold”

Its a great idea to freeze up one lambs worth of colostrum just to be on the safe side, ewes only produce Colostrum of the best quality for around the first 24 hours, but it does take three full days … Continue reading

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Milking Sheep..

Milking during a major cold snap.. lets just say its BRRRRRRR out there for the past couple days,  after battling trying to move a big old horse, a in your face cow and a moving sheepy swirling mass around you … Continue reading

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Lemon Pinnapple Sheep Cheese Dessert Recipe

I made a version of a italian sheep cheese dessert.. Yesterday I made a lovely batch of fresh soft cheese, I had cultured the milk for a full day, it had a lovely slightly sweet but tangy quality before I … Continue reading

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You can see and feel the difference in the milk..

A funny but true story, a friend of mine had goats, and little ones, one day we were out talking and I said, how come you don’t milk at all.. and he said.. well a goat had her baby, and … Continue reading

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March Challange-Frost Seeding

We are coming into our 5th year of frost seeding to improve our pastures, and we can’t speak highly enough of this process.  A little background on our pastures, the call names are, Big Pasture, Little Pasture, Corner Pasture, and … Continue reading

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Food Storage Friday

When it comes to adding in things this week, its been total min, I kept to my 5 item limit, of which no sales tempted me.. I was able to keep my food budget for the week for two and … Continue reading

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Fresh Homemade Sheep Milk Yogurt

I got asked a question in my comments from Julie, and decided to make a post out of it..I see that she has in fact done the same.. So in answer to her question of can you do it with raw … Continue reading

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First storm of the season= New lambs!

It never fails, I said it in a earlier post today, big storm.. momma’s decide if they need to stay in might as well have a lamb or two.. so far a new set of twins and a new single … Continue reading

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Catalogs starting to come in now.. Got Sheep? Like Wool?

This past week my garden catalogs have started coming in and some of the new an amazing fruit trees and veggies are looking just wonderful but this post is all about my new woolgrowers catalog. If you have never heard … Continue reading

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Fowl or Gallino Rennet for cheese making

I have recipe, its basic, but its 2 dried gizzards to 3 pints of fresh warm milk.. Take your clean dried salted gizzard membrenes(not the meat part, just the dried lining), pour hot water on it, let sit (they seem to … Continue reading

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