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Lambs are off to the Butcher!

This was truly a Ram lamb year! Out of all our lambs this year, all of them were born rams but the very last lamb, which was born late which was a little ewe.. she is super tiny compared to … Continue reading

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Lambing Update March 10th 2019

In regards to the most part lambing has been going really well this year, other than the “tiny twins and their mother” that lambs have all been born healthy and strong.. No stillbirths, no weak starts to the lambs, no … Continue reading

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Monday’s was a Lambing Day..

Four Ewe’s Decided Monday March 4th was a good day to have babies. Carmel -Ewe1: One large healthy chocolate ewe lamb who just happened to have its cord wrapped around its neck, but it was removed and she is fine. … Continue reading

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3 ways to help Support your Ewe after lambing

  How to Support your Ewe or Doe after birthing their Lambs or Kids. Everyone focuses so hard on the newborns, I know they are just so fragile and adorable and those first 72 hours are the biggest danger zone … Continue reading

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First Set of Twin Ewe Lambs..

It was mild, with low winds(that are colder) with sun today.. a perfect day to have our first set of lambs join us for 2019.. There momma did a great job, the twin ewe babies are doing well and the … Continue reading

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Thick Plum Wool Knitted Winter Scarf

In this cold winter, knitting a couple new items just seems like a great idea, I have not picked up the needles in far to long.. it seems like so many things I love to do got pushed to the … Continue reading

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King Ram 2018

Sometimes we make choices that we regret to a point, I like King my new ram, he is a good boy, but I miss both Horny and Whiskey. I should have kept them for more years.  I liked that both … Continue reading

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A little Lamb Love

Big Female (single) at the back, then first born set of twins, Ram Lamb in the middle an his sister at the front, with a touch of Jada a yearling goat rear end Only one of the second born set … Continue reading

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New Ram for the Sheep Flock and fall overview

After having a couple of the cutest Black Lambs born this year, I decided that we would at least for 2018 get a Black Hair Sheep Ram for the breeding season.. So we will be breeding with Onyx this year, … Continue reading

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Stress-Free way to move the Ewe-Float the lamb..

Todays post is short but sweet.. How to move a mother sheep from the  holding, expecting pen with the least possible stress to her own jug.. pick up baby and “float” the lamb in a slow way about four inches … Continue reading

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