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Red Currents 2018

We have a truly lovely haul from our red current bushes with pounds of them coming off each mature bush, some of the bushes are smaller-younger that are not as many but the older ones are having a outstanding year! … Continue reading

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What a clean up needed!

I went out to take photos of the main garden and then decided that a short video to show just how bad it really is would work so much better. The bones of the garden are still there, the rich … Continue reading

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Soil. Gardening and Food Production

I hope the above link does work, I am not going to copy and paste parts of it here, its copyrighted but ideally go read it before reading mine.. however if you choose not to, here is the part I … Continue reading

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Monday This and That post..

Good Morning Folks What a crazy awesome busy week, Dear Hubby took the week off his office job and we went to work on the farm giving 110 percent..  We were up early each morning, crashing into bed early tired … Continue reading

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Just Ducky..

Yesterday was so busy that I never got a post up..  and this morning and day is already up and going.. so its a picture heavy post for you.. We spent around two hours yesterday doing just a intent yard … Continue reading

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Garden Plans for 2017-Spring Garden

  Well, it’s the first day of spring.. and my garden’s are covered in feet of snow with sharp hard ice coverings and the ground is frozen under that..  but I know that spring is coming and I am giving … Continue reading

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Squash Storage- unknown

I like squash that will hold for the full season, ideally one whole year for the best, but normally as the next squash crop is growing, I will use up the last of the squash that I have in holding.. … Continue reading

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Traveling Seed Box

In my local big City and the outer area’s, there is the most amazing community of gardeners and lovers of all things green.. We have so many amazing grass roots groups that have grown up into amazing programs over the … Continue reading

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5 Reasons to Join your local Plants Groups

No matter where you live, be it city, town, country or homesteading, the odds are good that at some point and time, you are going to want to produce your own food.. its a logical step.. Even if it starts … Continue reading

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Purple Sweet Potato

As you know I grew three kinds of sweet potatoes this year, The standard orange, the white fleshed and the purple.. I have to buy special short season pre-started slips, I have started my own slips as well from short … Continue reading

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