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Compost.. another farm impute 2015

This one has been a pain to track over the spring, raw compost for certain projects gets one price,  compost -1 or 2 year gets a different price and compost that is 3 to five plus that is now really, rich … Continue reading

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Working Pigs!

Yup its that time of the year.. time to start putting pigs to work… Lets see who is on our work team this year.. Apple is getting nice sized, she is a total sweetheart of a gilt, sweet as can … Continue reading

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Roughly composted uses in the garden

I know that not everyone has access to farm compost or even backyard rabbit or bird compost but everyone that does has a little issue.. most of the time their compost looks nothing like what you see in the stores … Continue reading

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Warm temps..

Rain has come to the farm, it was a green Christmas,  my plans for dressing up the horses, rain, my plan for going riding, rain. But today, o toady is overcast but its currently dry, there is only one big … Continue reading

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Plan and Prepare-Garden

Well, this very dry year has been eye openning to say that least, I have never had so little rain ever, we have our own tracking system and even when the area’s around us get rain, we are getting nothing, … Continue reading

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What’s working in the garden in this heat and drought..

Well, most of you know that I love to try a number of different things in the garden, and I have had alot of success with my no-till, dry land planting spacing and with my mulching.. Having said that, this … Continue reading

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Green composting in place

I was able to watch some of Back To Eden yesterday and I will certainly plan to watch the rest, I was about 40 min into it and I very much liked the idea of how he creates soil but once … Continue reading

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The Double Dug W Potato Bed

While I have played around with growing Potato’s in towers, in strawbales and even in last years “sacrifice outside winter feeding area” the way we grow most of our potato’s is in our double dug 3 foot wide W planted beds. … Continue reading

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Food Storage Friday- Garden Monday- This and That Post!

Wow, its been a crazy busy week, filled to the brim with great things but by the time I get done, I am crashing into bed and sleeping the dead LOL While this is offically a Food Storage Friday, its … Continue reading

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Garden-My $2 dollar “cold frame” Horse Trough

Ok so I picked up this nice big metal water trough for $2 dollars as it was rusted though, now it was fixable if you had a welder but that was not what I wanted if for.. So the glass … Continue reading

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