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Pricing! (Garden)

While prices across the whole system are up and you can expect to pay more, a reasonable more.. However it has become clear to me that there are peaple locally and across the country that have decided that they can … Continue reading

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Reworking Kitchen Garden Plot 1 and 3..

Yesterday was one of those perfect fall day’s, sunshine, light cool but not cold breeze, falling leaves and a willing husband who wanted a full day of physical work. I on the other hand, wrapped myself in way to many … Continue reading

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Gal in the Garden Series – Working with “dead” top soil..

It looks so pretty.. that big huge mound of top soil.. so black and rich! Two loads of 10 tons each have arrived on the farm this year so far.. and its easy to work with, its good quality top … Continue reading

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Winter Manure and Composting

A poo.. If you have farm critters you have poo.. if you have bigger critters, you have lots of Manure Piles! My two horse’s alone produce around a hundred pounds of poo a day.   Lets break it down a … Continue reading

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Friday Rambles around the table “Soil Regenerative”

Quick, Quick its pouring rain.. glad you made it, its raining so hard that there are road closures, and the kiddo’s buses are canceled as well.  Shake yourself off and come on in.. I have got a lovely pot of … Continue reading

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Digging in the garden

Well, the sun was shining to day, it was beautiful out, and I got to spend a good portion of the day outside off and on again. One of the things I noticed was the flower beds are all melting … Continue reading

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Compost.. another farm impute 2015

This one has been a pain to track over the spring, raw compost for certain projects gets one price,  compost -1 or 2 year gets a different price and compost that is 3 to five plus that is now really, rich … Continue reading

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Working Pigs!

Yup its that time of the year.. time to start putting pigs to work… Lets see who is on our work team this year.. Apple is getting nice sized, she is a total sweetheart of a gilt, sweet as can … Continue reading

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Roughly composted uses in the garden

I know that not everyone has access to farm compost or even backyard rabbit or bird compost but everyone that does has a little issue.. most of the time their compost looks nothing like what you see in the stores … Continue reading

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Warm temps..

Rain has come to the farm, it was a green Christmas,  my plans for dressing up the horses, rain, my plan for going riding, rain. But today, o toady is overcast but its currently dry, there is only one big … Continue reading

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