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Friday Rambles around the Table -Gardens

Waves Hi, Come in, Come in.. Sorry you are going to need to use the farm porch, I have still not got the front path and deck cleared off yet.. Bring your boots and coats and we will put them … Continue reading

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Breaking new soil in a new area of the farm

We had a area that we cleared and last year we planted it out into potato’s and added a lot of compost to it and when we dug the potato’s we double dug the whole bed, and I planned to … Continue reading

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How many different ways do you garden?

A friend said to me.. so what is your main way to garden..  and my answer was it depends.. It was more honest answer then you would expect, I don’t know if I am the norm or the odd gal … Continue reading

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October Unprocessed Overview

Welcome to the 7th Annual October Unprocessed! I am quite excited to be doing October Unprocessed this year, I have done this challenge before but it was a few years ago.. as I had things get in the way of … Continue reading

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Broad Bean Harvest 2016

Well, I still have a black Russian Broad Beans to harvest yet but they are growing at a different rate and I am looking forward to seeing how they did.. we have had a odd mix of a crazy drought … Continue reading

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From the Ground Up – Homestead Gardening

If this works out well, this will be a full years worth  of  weekly-monthly updates of posts on gardening on a larger scale from the ground up. I know that like many other folks we are worrying about the rising … Continue reading

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The danger of a food glut-Pantry Woes

It does not matter if you buy in bulk at the farmers market, buy in bulk from your local farmer or be a homesteader, old or new at the living off the land, one of the big challenges is food … Continue reading

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Setting Garden goals.. 2015

well it seems like a grand idea to set some garden goals this year.. o yes it does.. but no cheating on my end, I will keep the plans I have, keep the gardens I have but I am in … Continue reading

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Behind.. and catch up..

Ok, the past two weeks have seen me slow down and the past couple days, I have been MIA, I have been either resting or busy, busy, there seems to have been little inbetween. Which means I have a fair … Continue reading

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Garden Report June 8th to 13th..

Costs in the garden outputs this week- 0 Total Garden Outputs (including seeds/plants) for 2013- 468.15 dollars Total Garden imputes in terms of harvest for 2013-1269.84 Currently = In the good by 801.69 Total Garden impute in terms of free, gifted … Continue reading

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