October Unprocessed Overview

Welcome to the 7th Annual October Unprocessed!

I am quite excited to be doing October Unprocessed this year, I have done this challenge before but it was a few years ago.. as I had things get in the way of being able to take on the challenge.

This year however I am lined up perfectly.. and I am so looking forward to it.. I am lucky enough to have a sheep that breed out of season, and who is due to have lambs, so I will have fresh sheep milk in the house, which will allow me to have milk for cooking, yogurt and unprocessed soft farmer style type cheeses, I will buy and use locally produced cow milk butter and otherwise, I am planning on rocking it on farm veggies and a fruits, along with our own farm raised meats and as much as possible farm raised fats

I am also allowing myself to use locally caught fish into the menu as well.

Fresh eggs from our hens will rounds out the menu..   I will add just one extra whole unprocessed grain that comes in off the farm.. Barley.. otherwise, if all goes as planned that’s all.

I figure I will take some measurements of both myself and hubby before the challenge and after the challenge.. and we will see if we notice any changes.. as hubby is already told me that he had to use the 5th hole on his belt to keep his pants up.. he will get access to extra calories by being having a lot more spuds than me..   I can have a potato but I am hoping to keep my root veggies more to beets,  carrots, turnips and parsnips and sweet potatoes then our regular awesome potato grown here on the farm.

I am allowed to use my farm raised beans and I can also add in freshly done sprouts for a change now and again.

Yes, I am aware that by taking this challenge and then change it to reflect what we can grow on the farm and share our fall harvests, means that I will in effect be having a version of a low carb diet..

In keeping with the October challenge, I will be putting down the white sugar for the month, and the only sweetness will come from fruit or a touch of local raw honey or a touch of black organic black molasses.

and I have a secret that I am hoping will be helpful.. Skirret..  I am hoping that it turns out to be as sweet as promised as I will be adding it to the menu! we will see

I will continue to be canning as required and so I will be using Sugar as needed to process it but I will not be eating any of my home-grown fruits that I canned with sugar.. I am lucky that I have lots of apples and raspberries to pick plus other fruit put away in the freezers that I can use.

Anyone want to take the challenge in their own way? Clearly someone living in town or a apartment can not milk their sheep or gather the hens eggs but you can still join in if you want to do so..



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