Corn Cob Syrup

I enjoy making Corn Cob Syrup to can up for future use over the year.. this is a homemade version of the store version of Corn Syrup to a point. There is a slightly different flavour to it but its quite close and can be used in baking or as a pancake type syrup. Sorry that I will not be able to give you a detailed recipe..

Its flexable in amounts.. but I will be able to tell you how to do each part and what to do with the information once you know how much corn liquid you have and once you start making the syrup 🙂

After you take off the corn (cut it off) to use for canning or other fresh uses, take your raw cleaned cobs and put them in a big pot and cover them well with water, bring to a boil and then drop it down to a simmer for a hour or an hour and half.

Take the cobs out (they can still be composted or used for pig fodder), strain the liquid though a cheese cloth or linen cloth to get the bits out. Measure the amount of liquid you have.  If you have ten cups of corn liquid, you will need a min of 5 cups of sugar or up to 10 cups of sugar. Its your choice.. both are safe  Some folks like it to be half and some like it to be 1 to 1

Put your liquid and sugar into a large flat bottomed steel pot if possible, stir with a wooden spoon ideally and bring it to a boil.. Boil it till reduced by 40 to 50 percent for a thicker syrup..  If you want a white style syrup, use only white sugar. If you want it more a golden corn syrup.. use half white and half brown sugar.

Do regular plate tests to see how thick it will set up.. Chill four or five small plates in the fridge and dribble a small amount of the syrup on the plate and check it by pushing though the syrup to see what its like once cooled.  If you are only making a small amount, it can be cooled and stored in the fridge (if you plan on storing it in the fridge, make a more fluid syrup so it will pour better for you). Otherwise, you can follow standard water bath process and put it into either 8oz or pint jars and water bath for ten min.  Will easily hold for a full year in cool storage.

This one was made with only white sugar. Do consider making Corn Cob Syrup the next time you have corn cobs looking for a job after they have made you creamed corn fresh this summer 🙂


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4 Responses to Corn Cob Syrup

  1. What a great way to use a resource that would otherwise go to waste or straight to the compost. Have you ever used this syrup to make candy and if so, how does it compare to commercial corn syrup? Thanks!

    • Hi Crafty, Yes, you can use this syrup to make candy, I have used it to make carmel corn so I know for sure it works for that. I have never finished the boil till it makes candy drops but I know it will work because I make Corn Cob Sugar (another coming post) and its normally not quite as thich as the corn syrup.. you can make it as thick but its so tricky, if you over cook it, it will go to sugar fast! It’s really hard to explain it.. its close to the commercial but it has its own “corn” flavour and the kind of corn you use will effect the end flavour.. but that is part of its charm to me.

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