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Honey Whole Wheat Bagels

I was making a batch of Honey Whole Wheat Bread on Monday and thought.. why not make half the batch into a loaf of bread and the second loaf in size into a nice batch of bagels. Sure its a … Continue reading

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And the Heat has arrived..

On Sunday, I knew I had to get the Maude Sheared and boy was I right, the heat has come and I can’t even say a thing about it. After all it is July 18th and everything needs it. Things … Continue reading

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This and That post

It was a good day.. This morning we sheared the remaining woolie sheep on the farm as they say the heat is going up later this week and it really needed to be done, the hair sheep are nicely shed … Continue reading

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Local Homestead Skill’s Day.. Message me for more detailed info

Myself and a few other amazing ladies will be hosting a Homesteading Skills Day on Aug 12th (its a Saturday) From 9 till 4 9-coffee-meet-greet 9:30 -protein from thin air (chicken feed) 10-edible landscaping 11-Rabbits 101 Talk (no live rabbits … Continue reading

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GooseBerry Jam Recipe

The gooseberry patch is hopping this year, a full batch of jam on off just two of the bushes with eight more to go for picking and processing. I love Gooseberry Jam on old aged cheese. The combo is a … Continue reading

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Rendering Lard- Pasture Raised Heritage Pork Fat

My computer binged and it was a friend of mine.. would you like a couple bags of Freshly done but now frozen of Pasture raised heritage organic pork fat. I was like ok, two bags, maybe three? Well her one … Continue reading

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Spring Pea Harvest- On the poor side

94 94 Days of rain this spring and early summer..  Its a new record for our area since they started keeping records for the most amount of days of rain in this season. Lets look at that again.. out of … Continue reading

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Broad Bean or Fava Bean Harvest 2017

These guys were planted at the same time as the peas when the soil can just be started to be worked early spring and unlike the peas which have struggled this year, they all came up. They were in a … Continue reading

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Indulgent Red Current Chocolate Cake Recipe

Indulgent, o yes! This Cake is Indulgent.. Make a nice chocolate Cake.. My mom’s one bowl Chocolate cake will do quite well, just make it into two round pans or you can make it in a smaller cake pan and … Continue reading

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Drying Whole Currents

Its seems so simple right.. pick your currents, clean them up, removing any bits of leaves or stems and put them on the drying trays and go.. And they will take forever.. I mean forever to get them dry.. Let … Continue reading

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