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Stand by..

I am here, letters and cards have mailed, packages have been mailed.. I am working away behind the scenes.. Having said that.. things have been a bit wow behind the scenes (its not me or Dear Hubby) but its close.. … Continue reading

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Duck Breast in Cream Sauce

This is a lovely way to serve Skin-less duck breast and is a true delightful treat for those it would be served to.. Its got its fine ducky flavour, with a built in cream gravy and if served of loaded … Continue reading

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Ask.. so Simple.. So hard to do

Some times one of the hardest things to do in our world is to see what and where we need to ask. Ask for information Ask for help Ask for support Ask for ourselves Ask for others Sometimes we look … Continue reading

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Moose Steaks with Chaga Infused Mushroom Gravy

Thank you for the wonderful Guest Post from Adagio Naturals. If you have ever made a big batch of Chaga Tea, drank what you wanted and let the rest sit overnight. Wow is that strong. Too strong for your taste? … Continue reading

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Home process vs Sending out for butcher

These little guys are not so little anymore..  Most of them are now big and more then ready to go! However my regular butcher shop had a fire.. at first it was.. it will be back in no time.. ya.. … Continue reading

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Homemade French Fries

Sometimes you just need a big old plate of fries..  Having been born in the 70’s and having my teen years set in the 80/90’s the go to was a pop or coffee an a plate of fries..  Sometimes you … Continue reading

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Lemon Ginger Chicken Recipe

Sweet and Tangy Lemon Ginger Chicken Recipe Serves 4 The Chicken Two Large skinless Chicken breasts, cut into thin stripes Beat a egg with half a tsp of salt and pepper in a bowl Put half a cup of corn … Continue reading

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November No Buy -Week 2 Overview

Hi Folks Week two of the November No Boy Month and it was a much bigger struggle this week.. The reason’s can be broken down into two reason. #1 reason is simple, I got to town for the shortest trip … Continue reading

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How do you use Sunchokes?

I have two main styles of sunchokes, these little fingerlings and they have great flavour and they produce a crazy amount of them but they are tiny and scrubbing them is hard enough, there is no peeling them, so I … Continue reading

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Pressure Canning Chicken

The best thing about canning your own food is that you know what went into that jar!  You know that the meat was fresh and clean, you know that the jar and lid/ring was properly looked after, you know it … Continue reading

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