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Some Days go as planned.. others.. not so much..

So I had a plan for the day and then it changed..  It happens.. I was to have a quiet relaxed day with a big old Chinese meal for supper.. It sounded nice when it was planned.. We did sleep … Continue reading

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Moose team- Canadian History Bits and Bites

This moose team belonged to W.R. (Billy/Buffalo Bill) Day. They were found by a Metis near Baptiste Lake in 1910 and were reared by bottle and broken to drive by Mr. Day at Athabasca Landing during the winter of 1910. … Continue reading

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Happy Chinese New Year

As I sit here with my red table with my truly beautiful flowers gracing it,  with flowering Violets in the window and we are starting a dino plant that was a gift for Valentines day and works perfectly for the … Continue reading

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Bitter Sweet

Happy Valentines Day, On the Sweet Side was a lovely day here at the farm, it got above 0 so we had melting and the sun was shining. We had a beautiful table set for the day and I think … Continue reading

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Cherry and Almond White Chocolate Bark

I am greatly looking forward to Valentines Day tomorrow, I have a pretty new red dress and plan on doing my hair (it’s normally in a pony or up on my head in some way) might even put on a … Continue reading

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FlapJacks Canadian- Northern Alberta Style.

This is a favorite Post of mine on the blog and so when I read that its pancake day on the net today, I wanted to re-share it with you.. Enjoy some high, fluffy golden Flapjacks today 🙂 I was … Continue reading

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Freezing Rain

O my did we get freezing Rain.. a quarter inch thick sheet of ice on the vehicle that took DH a full half hour worth of work to get it to the point that it could be taken off the … Continue reading

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Snow on woolies does not melt

Winter still has us firmly in her grasp, more snow daily for the past three days and under a freezing rain warning and or more snow today as well.  Maude sheep always looks huge compared to my hair sheep girls.. … Continue reading

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Oatmeal Cookies

Amazing so yummy Oatmeal cookies for lunch box’s or after chore snacks. My hubby is really liking that my mom likes to make cookies, its not something that I tend to make a lot of.. they are more a treat … Continue reading

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Snow Cream Recipe

We had company come yesterday for a quick but lovely visit and I made Snow Cream for the three of us as our dessert. It was the first time my guest and as it turns out my mother had every … Continue reading

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