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Easter “flowers” for the Table

Easter is here and so many will be in the stores buying Easter lily’s (keep them away from your cats please,) and others will be buying hot-house raised flowers. While they are lovely, they are also costly, often have traveled … Continue reading

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Farmgal Photography April 18th 2019

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Gal in the Garden Series- Slow start to spring..

What a strange time it has been in the yard and gardens, we have had some really nice days that almost got to second digits. They say that we are going to get into the low teens this coming week..  … Continue reading

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The Round Tube Mason Bee Houses are up..

These readily available houses will cost around 20 dollars and can be found at local garden centers as well as online.. I picked up a number of them, some for ourselves on the farm and some for placement in some … Continue reading

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Homemade Creamy Spiced Custard Recipe

Homemade Spiced Custard Recipe 1 pint of whole Sheep Milk (if using Goat or Cow Milk, use whole milk 1 1/2 cups and heavy cream 1/2 cup) 1/2 cup of sugar (can cut it down to 1/4th cup if you … Continue reading

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Sunchoke Stems for the Insect hotel “Frugal”

On Saturday, the temps were above 0 and the sun was shining, this meant that we started clearing some very small garden area’s. We needed to prune down the rose bushes and all the baby roses that will be dug … Continue reading

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Dogwood 52- Anonymous

This my stand in photo for this week.. I will come back to this weeks challenge at a later point..  sometimes you can look and look and still not find what it is you want for a certain word or … Continue reading

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Lets talk about Jars.

I found two cases of Quarts and two cases of half-gallon dark Amber, (takes out 99 percent of UV light) and I bought them all.. I have looked at smaller jars at times but the costs where quite high.. as … Continue reading

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Friday Rambles Around the Table – Visitors on the Farm

Waves.. Dogs are on the deck, rain is coming  so I am taking advantage this morning early to get a bit of garden work done.  Come on in, I will wash up and put the kettle on for us. O … Continue reading

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Farmgal’s Photography April 11th 2019

The Canadian Geese have been coming to the fields behind the farm by the hundreds for days now.. We have three deer that have been cross over the farm and feeding around the farm in the local fields.  It appears … Continue reading

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