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In memory of Brandy Girl

It came up on facebook today that it was 7 years ago that my Brandy Girl Arrived on my farm and my world.  She took a piece of my heart and never gave it back.. it went with her when … Continue reading

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The Garden is in full swing..

Its mid-aug and I think its time for a garden update..  It was a greatly limited garden season compared to normal years and the last four weeks have been HOT and dry.. o so dry.. Its not that there has … Continue reading

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Time time time…..

Originally posted on valbjerke's Blog:
Never enough of it I’m thinking…..this is a long long read….. Stretching the mozzarella……. My last post – I promised to do a series related to farming/livestock/ etc, using questions I get asked often.…

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Video updates :)

Ok, I will get back to writing blog posts.. I have been so busy.. either doing things or napping, there is little between lol Want Chaga? I am working with a dear friend to help get her new CHAGA line … Continue reading

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Read Between the lines :)

HUH?? Are you kidding me? REALLY?? But.. I am 46?? After all that trying.. really NOW?? WHAT? WOW Now?? REALLY Now.. but I am really high risk.. Early days.. weeks pass.. more weeks pass..  hmmm.. ok.. Still there huh?? Hmmm.. … Continue reading

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Butchering out..

Hello Folks.. So I am down to just 6 of my meat chickens left to butcher and they have been outstanding! in returns.. I bought 50, raised 48..  (thanks for the advice to change their feed over) and I can’t … Continue reading

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Batter Fried Green Tomato’s

I love Fried Green Tomato’s both in real life and the movie~ In this case I made them with a batter instead of a breading crust.. its a bit different but its good too.. Does not stay as crunchy for … Continue reading

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The “big” switch over~ Freezers

Tupperware has a amazing summer sale on for the freeze its  right now.. They have a set of 14 on for 99.. and this is the very reason I joined was to get the samples at 70 percent off (and … Continue reading

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Roasted Cauliflower with Radish slivers

This is a pretty dish to serve as a side on a summer day. You will need one head of fresh (ideally locally grown) Cauliflower  One bunch of radish just the radish, clean up the greens and use for a … Continue reading

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A little Trip!

I had a busy couple days, I carefully stopping often and walk around made the trip to one of my dear friends..  I had not seen her since my birthday in oct of 2018..  and trust me that is WAY … Continue reading

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