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Old Fashion No Bake Mudpie Cookies Recipe

Welcome to our Christmas Cookie Round up! This is a childhood cookie for me ( I started being allowed to make these around the age of 8 or 9) It was easy fast one pot cookie that everyone in our … Continue reading

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Pandemic Pigs

This spring trying to find a weaner piglet or two was for many peaple a huge challenge, just like the run on chicks.. meat chicks sold out hard and fast locally.. Thankfully I had my name down on a waiting … Continue reading

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Dollar Store Challenge Day 3

I woke up today knowing that it was the last day of the challenge, that my basket had lots of food in it still and that if I was to ever do this again, that I would shop for it … Continue reading

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Dollar store Challenge Day 2

Breakfast : 2 fruit cups and one tin of kippers black Coffee with sugar. I had slept well but woke woggy and fog headed, my body is not happy with something I eat yesterday as my fingers are swollen, I … Continue reading

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Dollar Store Challenge Day 1

Breakfast :Coffee, Rice Pudding and Apple Sauce. So first off almond milk is grey.. milk should not be grey.. and its thick and odd textured, I gagged trying to drink it as is.. however in a coffee its like a … Continue reading

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Dollar Store Eating Challenge Nov 15th to 17th

Hip Roof Barn offered up a blogging challenge which caught my eye.. and I have decided to join in on it.. Silver also joined in from the UK as well as H and family. This is a good as it … Continue reading

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By-product of Duck Butchering-Down and Small Feathers-Part One

Originally posted on Just another Day on the Farm:
Now I think most folks can see that with the different new duck recipes appearing on the blog lately that I am doing a little of my fall bird butcher out,…

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Lest We Forget – The Monument by Jason Sharp

11 November 1908: North of Manaus, Amazonas del Sur “Passing through?”, the homesteader asked, his rifle resting in his arms.”Yes”, the traveller replied, his rifle dangling off his right shoulder on a strap. “I was told there was a veteran … Continue reading

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Liver Pate Duck

Recipe 1 Tbsp of butter to melt to start the pan 1/2 a cup of finely minced onion 1 tsp of finely minced garlic Half a cup of fresh duck livers chopped into small pieces 1 tsp of ground dried red … Continue reading

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Krazulya Pear Tree

Photo credit to Bernie Nikolai who is growing this out on the very cold canadian Praires Arriving well wrapped and ready for late fall dormant planting where a few more very HARDY fruit trees. One of these 3 year old … Continue reading

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