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Harvesting Homestead Garlic

This is hard neck garlic which means this process started last fall in 2020, when we planted out the biggest garlic bulbs into Kitchen Garden Plot 3, and then bedded them down with a thick layer of straw over top. … Continue reading

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Training, Life Skills and Born that way- Farm Dogs

I have talked about my farm dogs before and shared photos over the years and of the new boys that joined the farm.. They are awesome and amazing and while its crazy hard work to raise two pups, its been … Continue reading

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Spring Asparagus

It’s that time of year, when you can head out to the garden with a knife in hand just before supper and cut a enough fresh spears to make side dishes of fresh asparagus. The flavour that comes from just … Continue reading

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May Declutter Goal -Clothes

May is a very busy time of year when it comes to the yard and gardens, and I want to work a lot on the tear down in terms of hours put into sorting, scrap(for money) recycle storage for future … Continue reading

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Declutter 365 Update

Well, I have been Rocking the Declutter program of 2021.. I mean its been crazy good, around 30 to 50 percent of things are being rehomed, about 20 to 40 pecent is being recycled in some way and 10 percent … Continue reading

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Sour Cherry Uses

In 2020 our Montmorency Cherry tree did very well indeed This tree does very well in our Zone 5 and it the type of cherry we all think of as the “cherry pie” tart filling that you would buy in … Continue reading

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Grainy Mustard Horseradish Cream Sauce

Mustard is something I have always liked, I grow alot of mustard plants, both for the greens and for the seeds on the farm, I use mustard to help “clean” the soil as it will push out wire worms the … Continue reading

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Sour Cherries “Juilet”

Our little homestead now has 7 different Types of Sour Cherry Tree’s or Dward Sour Cherry Bushes. While they are all tough “sour” type they are not all “cherry pie cherries” some are sweet enough to eat fresh, some are … Continue reading

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Stuffed Meatloaf in Pasta Sauce

While we love a good meatloaf, sometimes you need to try something a little different, this cheese stuffed Meatloaf in a tomato based sauce is sure to please. Cheese Stuffed Meatloaf Balls with Pasta Sauce 2 pounds of grass fed … Continue reading

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Pricing! (Garden)

While prices across the whole system are up and you can expect to pay more, a reasonable more.. However it has become clear to me that there are peaple locally and across the country that have decided that they can … Continue reading

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