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Eastern Painted Turtle

Coming over the road and up our driveway was a big beautiful lady, she was heading for our pond,  and was pouting as our cats were very interested in her. I expect that she has plans to lay in our … Continue reading

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Overload.. LOL

Spring has come in full steam.. and I am finding that I fall behind, it happens every year and its something that I wish I knew how to make not happen.. Is there a single farmer that feels in control … Continue reading

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This and That Post

Hello my dear readers, I had planned on posting the most awesome recipe of rabbit liver pate including some outstanding locally produced maple Syrup but we had a opps and the bag with the liver got frozen, so know I … Continue reading

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Dragging the pastures- Spreading the paddies and leveling it out.

This is the issue.. you see when you have sheep or goats, they do little droppings, that just spread the manure love and after they dry and have a good rain, they just melt into the pastures.. Horse  an cow … Continue reading

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Burdock Leaf Tea.

Burdock root tea is very good for you, you want to harvest the first year roots in the mid July to end of July when they are around an inch to inch and half in size and about 12 to … Continue reading

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Breaking new soil in a new area of the farm

We had a area that we cleared and last year we planted it out into potato’s and added a lot of compost to it and when we dug the potato’s we double dug the whole bed, and I planned to … Continue reading

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We love our toads- So we just had to rescue hundreds of tadpoles

The little pig wallow was drying out and fast.. and in the last bits were hundreds of wee tadpoles. Needless to say.. we had to do something.. This is not the first time we have rescued and set up a … Continue reading

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Fish Fry – Catfish with chips

Today has been a run day and it will be a run evening, so when we had the chance to stop, catch a breath, take a break from the heat.. it was done with light and joy.. Our local river … Continue reading

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Can you eat Rhubarb Flowers? Stirfry Style Recipe

Can you eat your Rhubarb Flowers? Yes you can, you just need to do your proper prep work like most veggies. You are going to eat only the flower buds, not the stem, leaves or the paper type husk on the … Continue reading

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Spring Green Drying- For fodder vs Human Use

This fine Monday morning is a one of my double duty days, that mean’s that Dh has his writers group tonight in the big city..  So I will be doing both sets of chores today and the rest of the … Continue reading

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