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Feb Garden Overview

Hello Folks, I am going to do my best heading into 2017 to have a big old tracking year, I need to do this and I have the book, the paperwork and the plan..  I will make it happen.. Feb … Continue reading

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Feb Farm Overview

Ok, I am wanting to track this down for this coming year.. we are in the heart of winter right now, cold an snow.. but I can see the sunshine that is coming! I have faith that at the end … Continue reading

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Freezing Sheep Colostrum

Below is a really great post on Freezing Colostrum but first a update.. I missed the post yesterday, what a day.. I was up before the sun, showered and ready to head off the farm for Eco-farm day about an … Continue reading

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Apple an Raisin Cake

This recipe is listed as coming from Grandma Brownell.. Apple Sauce Cake Half cup of Lard 1  cup of sugar 2 eggs 1 cup unsweetened apple sauce 1  cup of raisins 1 tsp clove 1 tsp nutmeg 1 tsp Salt … Continue reading

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Beautiful Poached Fish

I had a lovely piece of Haddock that I wanted to cook but I didn’t want to fry it with those lovely crisp edges, I didn’t want to put a glaze on it.. No, I wanted lovely fresh light o … Continue reading

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This an That Post..

Its raining..  and the farm is a mess of slushy snow, dripping water and poo.. I mean it, so much poo to clean up lol The wind has created waves it the snow on the big fields.. The new bigger … Continue reading

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Finally, the first set of twin lambs are on the farm..

Tess on her second year as a proven Ewe (A single on her first year) has given me two lovely ram lambs.  They are looking very good.. actively nursing, attached to momma nad momma to them. She has them in … Continue reading

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Traill’s Irish Mash

Imagine having pork and potatoes every night for supper. To break the monotony, you decide to innovate. Instead of pork and potatoes, you serve pork (without potatoes). And the next night, to reall… Source: Traill’s Irish Mash

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Quick and Easy Seafood Noodle Soup

Sometimes in my busy world, where I love to simmer things for hours that you can in fact have a hot meal on the table super fast, and not by opening a canned jar of soup or stew. I had … Continue reading

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Caleb Update

Never got a single picture of my sweet boy and vet together, so you will just need to look at one of my favorites from Christmas 🙂 I love this picture as it has my two geldings and the hubby … Continue reading

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