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Friday’s Rambles around the Table – Physiotherapy

Morning, come on in..  Hope that sun on the snow fields were not to bright for you on the drive over.. its crazy that glare.. you need snow goggles or at least your sunglasses if you are going to spend … Continue reading

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Home Grown Food Summit 2019

Check out the online Home Grown Food Summit 2019 Please click on the link in blue above to be taken to the sign up page. I do NOT get anything for promoting this. I just think some of my readers … Continue reading

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Sweet Sixteen Apple Tree

Ah, Apple Tree, how I adore you.. I have ordered in a few new apple trees that are harder zoned for the farm this year. I have some lovely apple tree’s on the farm but the extreme cold this winter … Continue reading

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Farmgal’s Photography Feb 21st

Well, I wish I could say that I have picked up the camera each day like I have been doing faithfully for most of the year, I did get five out of the seven days and I had two planned … Continue reading

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Help a farmgal out? Share your Best Beet Salad with me.. please

Now I love beets, pickled beets, roasted beets and Baked Beets in a Cream Sauce is a huge treat!  Of course we all love our Beet soup.. hmmm Where I am struggling is more how to successfully use beets in … Continue reading

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Winter Manure and Composting

A poo.. If you have farm critters you have poo.. if you have bigger critters, you have lots of Manure Piles! My two horse’s alone produce around a hundred pounds of poo a day.   Lets break it down a … Continue reading

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Pruning Workshop March 9th by Fine Lines

Laura owner of Fine lines will be working with the farm’s owners and myself in regards to doing a morning Pruning Workshop on the Morning of March 9th in South Glengary. If you are looking at timing, Google Green Valley, … Continue reading

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Dogwood 52 Week Week 7 -Love

Week 7 was to show love.. I snapped this photo out in the jug, these wee babies were about 8 hours old and I was hanging out.. Milkdud is beyond fearless, Babbles is a total momma lamb but Milkdud was … Continue reading

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3 ways to help Support your Ewe after lambing

  How to Support your Ewe or Doe after birthing their Lambs or Kids. Everyone focuses so hard on the newborns, I know they are just so fragile and adorable and those first 72 hours are the biggest danger zone … Continue reading

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First Set of Twin Ewe Lambs..

It was mild, with low winds(that are colder) with sun today.. a perfect day to have our first set of lambs join us for 2019.. There momma did a great job, the twin ewe babies are doing well and the … Continue reading

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