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Bean Salad -Dried Pantry

I often talk about the canning or the cold storage or even regular house storage but I don’t often talk about the dry Pantry, and I don’t know why, I mean I dry a good amount of my own food, … Continue reading

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Jan-Garden Overview

Hello Folks, I am going to do my best heading into 2017 to have a big old tracking year, I need to do this and I have the book, the paperwork and the plan..  I will make it happen.. Jan … Continue reading

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Garden-Budget Plans 2017

Normally, I have a thousand dollar yearly budget for my garden-farm, this budget includes, seeds, tubers, plants, bushes, tree’s, tools and garden related training classes, seminars Most years I am under budget by a hundred to several hundred but not … Continue reading

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Bulls Blood Beets

We were cleaning out the Bean Teepee on the weekend and there they were.. stunning amazing Bull’s Blood Beets, that pop of color.. outstanding.. So sorry, I didn’t have the camera and it was all done before I could say.. … Continue reading

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When things do not go as planned -Sqaush

The first frost has hit the farm, but only in spots.. got to love microclimates..  a little bit here and little bit there .. my poor squash yield for this year is enough to make me cry.. Are you ready! … Continue reading

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Sept-Harvest Challenge 2016- Sunflower Seeds

Now I should have had a killer sunflower harvest, we planted out four rows of around 40 seeds each, so I should be harvesting around 120 heads for storage, some for our own use for lovely homemade eating..  but a … Continue reading

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Golden Needles Harvesting

or in common terms, picking and drying lots and lots! of unopenned Day Lily flowers. Ah, the common, humble daylily that most of us call, tigerlily’s or Ditch Lily’s are so wonderful to have in the kitchen, the little root … Continue reading

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Just work’in away

So many rasberries need picking every day or two.. perfect still piking the last of the peas, they are almost finished and the beans are in bloom now! the red current are almost finished but the black and white are … Continue reading

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Moving Birds Around..

We did chores, worked in the yard, moved the birds from winter digs to summer, moving and splitting into breeding pens.. I am thrilled that this week, I was able to feed fodder and greens to the rabbits daily from … Continue reading

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Mucking out..

what a great day, did some shopping at the feed store, had a date lunch out with hubby and we spent the afternoon and early evening working on the farm.. Cleaned out the rabbit hutches and added more bedding in … Continue reading

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