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Making homemade wool tags for the garden

Got Sheep? Yes, lovely hair sheep that I adore.. they are my favorites, so easy to work with. Got Wool Sheep? Why yes I do have two wool sheep in my wee flock..  but I don’t use their wool for … Continue reading

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Easy Fresh Tomato Garlic Pasta Topping

O yes, we have tomato’s starting to come in.. we have been getting fresh yummy cherry tomato’s for fresh eating or in salads, I had my first toasted Tomato Sandwich this week. However yesterday we brought in enough Roma Tomato’s … Continue reading

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The summer raspberries are early, they should not be starting till late july but this heat has everything moving faster. Last night we had salad made up of our freshly picked tomato’s and Peppers.  Sunday was spent cleaning up our … Continue reading

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Homesteader Pea’s

So these are homesteader pea’s or so I was sold heritage homesteader pea’s and in some ways they are bang on.. 68 to 70 days from planted to harvesting, able to grow in cooler soil and withstand heat and still … Continue reading

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A little Garden photo update

This is a photo heavy post.. there is so much to do yet but we are working on things on a daily base.. Week three in the horse trough salad green garden. lots of picking to be done for greens … Continue reading

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What do you use clover for?

I like clover! I like white clover and red clover, I can remember as a small child the pleasure on a warm sunny summer day to pick big fluffy heads of the most wonder purple and sucking on the sweet … Continue reading

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Wild Violets Uses

There are folks that consider these weeds as they freely grow in my local area, so I would consider them a “wild” harvestable food. The perk of this, is that you should be able to find yourself some of these … Continue reading

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What a clean up needed!

I went out to take photos of the main garden and then decided that a short video to show just how bad it really is would work so much better. The bones of the garden are still there, the rich … Continue reading

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The wind she be blowing today

Wow, the winds are here today, woke up to a white slushy sort of freezing raining world.. Thankfully not a frozen world as we could finish filling the big 50 gallon water drum that I had hauled to the big … Continue reading

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Digging in the garden

Well, the sun was shining to day, it was beautiful out, and I got to spend a good portion of the day outside off and on again. One of the things I noticed was the flower beds are all melting … Continue reading

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