Can you eat Rhubarb Flowers? Stirfry Style Recipe

Can you eat your Rhubarb Flowers? Yes you can, you just need to do your proper prep work like most veggies. You are going to eat only the flower buds, not the stem, leaves or the paper type husk on the flowers.

The most basic way to eat them is a very lightly steamed veggie as a side dish with a meal with a bit of butter an salt.

Because it can be tricky to get them cooked right, they can easily go mushy if overcooked, so I have created a awesome creamed soup with them for those that want to get the goodness and lovely taste of them with their lemon undertones. Carrot Ginger Rhubarb Flowers Soup Recipe

I was surprised yesterday to find my biggest plant of rhubarb already had a lovely flower lifting from its leaves. I snagged it right up to bring in the house to make into part of my lunch.

I processed the flower into the flower buds only and I decided on noodles with fresh green onions from the garden to go with freshly cooked noodles and a basic sweet and sour Sauce.

Cook enough noodles for the amount of servings you are making per the package instructions. Make a recipe of the sweet and sour sauce made of soy sauce, brown sugar, wine vinegar (or your choice) with a touch of salt, pepper, with half a cup of diced fresh green onion.

I steamed the Rhubarb Flowers in the stir fry pan with a touch of oil and then put water on top to both cook and steam them for 60 to 90 seconds, I then added the hot pre-cooked and drained noodles to the pan and covered it all with the sauce and gently turned it in together while it simmered away and after it was fully heated though and the sauce had reduced a touch. It was plated up..

It was very good, I will continue to explore using the flowers in this way, I can see it being very good with a mix of veggies, thin strips of meat with the same type of sauce over rice.

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9 Responses to Can you eat Rhubarb Flowers? Stirfry Style Recipe

  1. Wow – who knew you could eat the flowers! Thanks for this.

  2. Widdershins says:

    I love how you think outside the box. 🙂 or in this case outside the menu. 😀

  3. Dennis Mitchell says:

    Rhubarb flowers! Who’d a thunk it.

  4. With the glass noodles and exotic appearance of the rhubarb florets, this is such a fantastic dish!

  5. Pingback: From dunny gardens to stir-fried rhubarb flowers, Tendrils has it all!

  6. Ellen says:

    As a kid, I would pluck the flower from garden and eat straight, loved it. Good childhood memory.

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