Thermos Shuttle Chef Review – TEN years later!

Can you believe it, my 10 YEAR review on the Thermos Shuttle Chef..  and I still love it!

First Thermos Shuttle Chef review  2011 and lots of photos, cooking info and more..

thermos Shuttle Chef Pot

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2021 Ten plus years and going strong!

I have made hundreds of batches of perfect yogurt with it over the years.. the trick is to prepare your milk/culture prepare in a different pots, bring it down in temp, pour boiling hot into the pot and let it sit for a few min with lid on to “heat the bottom” then pour your cultured yugurt milk into it, close the lid and walk away for 8 to 12 hours depending on how firm/sharp you want the yogurt..  Eight hours is perfect for smooth/creamy stir and go yogurt.. 12 hours is perfect for firmer, thicker, going to drain it to make herbed farmer style cream cheese or spreadable cheese or really dry it and salt an crumble for different dishes..   Its a very short amount of energy cost to make it and go.. and you can always chill it in the pot by placing the pot in the fridge itself, allowing you time to come back and split out the big batch of yogurt and drainage for the cheese..    now you can make it in the same pot but the results can be a bit more tricky and varied.. sometimes I have lots and lots of milk in the house and I am like just go for it.. but for perfect results see above..

I can not say it enough, this pot is perfect to take with you, it has gone to so many pot lucks, gatherings  and day trips.. nothing like getting back to the car after a long hike and serving up piping hot chili from the pot..

One of the things I do with it almost always now if there is a power outage and I do not need it for “cooking” or before bed, I will do a full pot of clean water to full boil and then bank it..  this allows me to get up to hot water in the morning for coffee/tea and a wash up..

Speaking of hot drinks, I have made this up with boiling water and then put it out to be used to fill up mugs with peaple choices of coffee, tea or hot chocolate at winter events.. or I have made hot apple cider in it and then folks can take it out as needed..

Now lets get on to meals..  it does best when its mostly full  or full for keeping its full heat for the longest time, if you are going to regularly make half meals, then a smaller one might be better, I tend to add more broth so its got the mass needed to make sure it will not just cook but keep that full heat.

I love making soups, stews, chili’s, rice and more in mine..  I also use the pot for pasta, bring it to a boil, turn it off and pop the lid on and let it sit.. it will save you energy costs and perfect pasta to how soft you like it..

In today’s climate, with more storms, more power outages lasting longer and with everything costing more, the very reasons I got my Thermos Shuttle Chef stand today just as they did 10 years ago..  This pot given the use I have made of it certainly has paid for itself over and over again..

So what did I get for my 10 year mark! I ordered a second one, same size LOL..  Now I have my hot water pot and my meal pot going at the same time!

Now here is the crazy thing, when I got my first one, I had to order it from Austalia and paid twice as much as I just did to get the same company, same pot from Amazon today..

I am glad to see it has become more main stream and more affordable in the past ten years!

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6 Responses to Thermos Shuttle Chef Review – TEN years later!

  1. valbjerke says:

    I remember when you got that! Doesn’t seem like ten years ago 😊

  2. Silver says:

    Excellent, it is so rare these days to see things that last, it seems things aren’t quite made the same way anymore<3

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  4. Steve says:

    I also have a Shuttle Chef. I have used mine almost daily since 2009. The best product I have ever bought, in any area of life, by a country mile. 🙂

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