Dandelion Flower Stems

So this is a overview,  you see on facebook and in a few books I have seen the idea of using Dandelion stems as a form of noodles..

Now I love Dandelion, I like eating the young spring greens in many ways.. here is a lovely pasta dish made with pigweed, Dandelion and fresh Walking Onion Greens..  I made it for a company an it was much loved..


Of course the flowers are amazing, Dandelion Jelly is just FAB!


and I made batter dipped and deep fried Flowers for a dessert that was snapped up with moans of.. So good.. Yummy and so forth.


and the roots are so good in so many ways, So when I say a way to use the stems and the dishes didn’t look to bad.. I thought ok..


Found a great plant that had lots of nice big ones, and washed, trimmed them top and bottom and into pieces they went

P1070212So I tried it boiled with noodles and butter and seasonings as they had posted,  It was SPIT out worth.. Heck no.. bitter beyond bitter, it was just plain bad!

So I looked at it and went hmmmm

I took a onion and finely diced it, added a clove of garlic and finely diced it, I then did a mix of butter and olive oil in a pan and cooked them till the onion was clear with hints of golden brown on edges and on the side, I mixed brown sugar, soy sauce, seasoning salt and vinager as a dressing.. I then poured that over and let it simmer away till it got thicker and just a bit sticky..


My first nibble had the expected bitterness but far less and by my third bite of it, I could see that I liked the green ok when I made sure to get some onion-garlic in with it as well as a bit of sauce..

While I give this part of the plant a 2 out of 5 as a edible, I am pretty sure if I added in some pea pods, some sweet greens, and lots of carrot curls and stirfried it and served it over rice, that that hints of bitterness would be a nice flavour to the overall dish..

So, anyone got a recipe using these that they want to share with me? because the noodle one did not suit my palate at all.. but I am comfortable that I could work on making a stirfry with them that would be good..


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2 Responses to Dandelion Flower Stems

  1. Hmm, well I’m wondering if there’d be a little less intensity to them if picked just as the blossom opened and before pollination occurs… (Because the plant does not want its flower stem to be eaten once seed is developing, right?; )

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