Sheep Beestings Pudding Recipe

While its very tradional to make Beestings pudding by pouring in a pan with a touch of spice and doing a low slow cook in the oven, creating a type of pudding/cheese.  I have done this and its delightful!

But tonight when I had a pint of fresh Colostrum (from the second day of milking) sitting in my fridge, I wanted to make a much more tradional to my own family milk pudding.

Its one from my childhood, it was milk, egg yolks, sugar an vanilla, and it was made with whole milk and more of what other would call a custard if made by grandma, as it was thin and more of a pudding if made by mom, as she would thick’n it with either corn startch or with fine tapioca flour.

I made mine more like my grandmothers but because I was making it with Beesting milk and with extra large egg yolks, it ended up right in the middle..

2013-01-01 1346 (600x450)

So on with the recipe.

2 cups of rich thick sheep colostrum milk (second or third day after birthing), this was so rich, that it had a thick layer of cream rise to the top within eight hours of fridge time.

2 tbsp. of honey (to replace the normal 1/2 cup of sugar)

1 tsp of vanilla

2 extra large egg yolks, the better quality of the egg yolks you can get, the better this will be, if you can get duck yolks, they will be perfect, if you only have chicken, that will do just fine, if they are regular large eggs, might want to consider 3 yolks.

Take the whites off the yolks (put them aside to use a different dish), lightly beat the yolks and drizzle into the milk, stirring with a whisk till well blended..

Bring to a slow simmering boil over a med heat, watch it carefully, once it starts to thicken, remove from heat, add the vanilla, mix in and pour into your dish and allow to cool before serving. (it can be eaten warm but it will be very thin) it will be much more thick once fully chilled.

Can be served with a drizzle of homemade maple syrup, can be served with some fresh berries (I thawed out a few rasberries for this portion) can be served with a bit of carmel sauce or just serve as is..  totally up to you, it can be as fancy as you want or as homespun.

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