Homemade Sheep Milk Tapicoa Pudding Recipe

I know that there are many good tapioca recipes on the net but not many of them use sheep milk and sheep milk is so rich, sweet and thick on its own that it needs to be treated just a bit different then regular old cows milk.

Its also got to be one of the easiest recipes I know, here is my percents, 1 cup of Whole Sheep Milk (don’t take the cream layer off the milk before making this for sheep butter), I heaping tbsp. of minute tapicoca and one egg yolk.

Now from there you can make this as small or as big of a recipe as you want..  Typically I make a pint of milk into the pudding at a time so it goes like this..

One Pint of sheep milk (2 cups worth), 2 tbsp. of the minute tapicoca, stir and let sit for five min, add to the pan, crack and get the yolks only of the eggs, lightly beat.. add to the pan, heat at a slow simmer till just boiling, stirring gently the whole time (otherwise it sticks to the bottom), once its reach a slow boil.. take off heat, Pour into container, cover, let sit for ten min, then either serve warm or put in fridge to chill and serve cold.

2013-01-01 1347 (600x450)

Delightful, I don’t find that sheep’s milk needs any added sugar or honey, I don’t find you need to add the vanilla, or spices – you can and you are welcome to do so.. but I like it just the way it tastes naturally.

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6 Responses to Homemade Sheep Milk Tapicoa Pudding Recipe

  1. Looks yummy! We are contemplating milking sheep. At this point we are still in the research stage, and we are in no rush to milk again since we just sold the cow. But milking a sheep is something we are definitely looking into. In our area the East Friesians are twice as expensive as the wool sheep we bought. Maybe that is true everywhere. That is a turn off for us. I looked back at your previous posts on sheep and saw you don’t necessarily need a milk breed to milk. Interesting.

    • I have yet to find a “milking” sheep that I could afford or that they would sell one, they all seem to be holding back for their own breeding programs in my current province. So yes, look to the other breeds, its true you won’t get as much but you can find a female that gives you a very good amount, Icelandic sheep, Icelandic sheep cross’s, or the hair sheep I have are all recommended, but I have a friend who has a mixed breed of sheep who’s got a amazing udder on her, I am hoping she will throw me a daughter this year to add to the flock. The size and placement of the teats, along with good amount of milk is the most important to me.. I have a few ewes that have great udders, lots and lots of milk but poorly placed or small teats for hand milking just don’t make it worth it. I had to admit that it was a true pleasure to milk my sheep again after having done the cow..

      • Is there any way you could do a post with pics of good and bad udders/teat placement? I know what to look for with a cow, but not sheep. I wish you lived down the street and I could come learn from you…thanks for all the help you have given us with chickens…rabbits…and now sheep.

      • I can see what I can about it, give me a bit to show the difference, as I will need to have good lighting etc but do check on my video link on the blog, as I do have one video of me milking a sheep, its a trick, I am running the camera, milking, talking and dealing with the bowl all the same time..

  2. erikamay85 says:

    I love sheep tapioca! SO GOOD! The kid next door begs for me to make it for her. I just had some creme brule from my sheep milk and once again, to die for!

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