Making homemade wool tags for the garden

Got Sheep? Yes, lovely hair sheep that I adore.. they are my favorites, so easy to work with. Got Wool Sheep? Why yes I do have two wool sheep in my wee flock..  but I don’t use their wool for spinning or felting or anything else that other folks use wool for what is currently considered a normal way.

Nope, I have a wool sheep so that I can use that wool in my gardens.. Don’t worry you can buy them in stores now all prepped and ready to go 🙂 However if you homestead or have sheep and you garden..  This post is going to interest you.. Don’t worry for the rest of you lovely gardeners. A) if you have a friend with sheep, I know they will be willing to give you some of the tag wool 🙂 if you ask. B) they now sell wool tags all cleaned and work done for you in the stores. Give them a try!

Here is a little video I have done for you, its so easy to make these at home for smaller numbers and if you visit while working on them, you can make larger amounts for different rows in the garden.


I promised in the video that I would show a few more photos on the cutting and rolling as I could not do it while holding the camera in my hand.. its pretty easy to figure it out but here they are anyway.

So you do need to pull your wool into a nice loose line before cutting otherwise your balls are harder to roll and can end up to big.

This is the same line cut into the sizes I like and then below rolled into their balls.

I  have given thought that you could also give these a soak in a live active bit of water mixed with your best active compost pile before putting them into pots. That way if you bought soil, you could put your wool tags (or togs) balls in and also give your soil a massive boost in microbes at the same time.. Something for me to try and report back on 🙂

Have your used Water Wise Wool Pellets in your gardens? There is some great studies on this product done in Europe and it appears to be catching on in England (as a renewal resource) and its up and coming in the states.

Its a possible small yield revenue stream for homesteaders! Many of us sell our rabbit poo or other composts to local gardeners. If you have sheep, consider adding in selling the sheared an bagged raw wool with instructions as a added on item at the same time.

Up to you on if you have time to make balls to sell, myself personally, I can see ideally just selling the wool and having them do their own making. Ideal for those that are doing small raised beds and for mainly gardening in pots.

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4 Responses to Making homemade wool tags for the garden

  1. Love it! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Widdershins says:

    That’s brilliant! 🙂

    • Thanks Widdershins, I had read a study on it at least five years ago out of Europe and got my first wool sheep in the flock just so I could work with it in the gardens an see if it was a good idea and did what they said. I was very pleased with the results. I have still not seen them in the local stores but I do see that they are getting much more popular in England and they are promoted as a renewal resource as a replacement for peat.

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