Purple Pea Pod Jelly Recipe


Purple Pea Pod Jelly

4 C pea hull infusion (see below)
5 C sugar
1 package Sure Jell (or other powdered pectin)
2 T lemon juice

For pea hull infusion: I got 4 cups of liquid from a pound of pea hulls, weighed before removing the peas, of course! Wash empty pea hulls several times; place in a large pot and add water until hulls are just covered. Boil hulls until they are tender and the liquid is a purple color. Strain liquid through damp cheesecloth, a jelly bag, or an old kitchen towel and return it to the pot.

For jelly: Add Sure Jell and lemon juice to the liquid,  Bring to a rolling boil; add sugar and return to a full rolling boil. Boil per the box or until wrinkle tests Remove from heat. Skim off foam. Pour hot jelly into jars. Process them ten min waterbath

ok, so this recipe came up  on my old recipe group, I tweeked it to make modern canning safe an its said to be a poor mans grape jelly for those that live where grapes will not grow but peas will. You know I love finding ways to use everything, and I am interested in seeing if different heritage pea types will make different flavoured jelly..

So tell me.. have you ever made or eaten pea pod jelly?

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2 Responses to Purple Pea Pod Jelly Recipe

  1. So, did it taste like grape jelly?
    Any left for a photo?

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