Lamb Hide Followup

So from yesterdays post, the brown curly hide is the hair sheep and the fluffy white one is the wool lamb hide.


Here it is green washed and wet, ready to be scraped and salted..


Here it is dried, stretched and rolled..


Here is the mock-up of the little sheepskin cutch purse I am going to make, I think it will be lovely when finished

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3 Responses to Lamb Hide Followup

  1. Did you do something specific in your treatment that relaxed the crimp of the fibers? Or was it a type of sheep that wasn’t kinky to begin with? Our wool hides still have crimp to them after processing.

    • It has to be a breed related thing I have done a number of the newborn-stillborn curly hair sheep over the past ten years but this was my first wool stillborn lamb hide and I was surprised at just how straight and fluffy it turned out.. I did the very same process on both of them, a very old fashioned salt cure, with a egg yolk instead of chemical or brains.

      Honestly not sure. I will need a few more hides to work that are wool to comepare, I have a girlfriend with a much larger flock then me and I have asked her for any of hers as I know I want to know if its not just hair vs wool but if the breed of wool sheep effects it.. or is the process I am using?

  2. Kathleen says:

    Looking good, well done.

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