Hazelbert Nut Bush

Hazelbert Nut Bush

A cross between Hazel – Corylus americana – and Filbert – Corylus avellana – Zone 3
The Hazelbert is a bush hardy to zone 3 producing big hazelnuts double the size of our native Beaked Haze.

As most folks will remember I have put in a number of orders for new fruit tree’s, fruiting bushes and in case I have also ordered in 4 Hazelbert Nut Bushes for the new yard plantings.

I have not decided just where they are going yet but I have two different spots that will work very well for them, full sun, good drainage and still enough in the yard to be regularly watched over by the farm cats as I do not want to lose to many of the nuts to the local wildlife. I am going to adore the fall coloring on this one and I am really looking forward to seeing what likes these bushes in regards to pollination in the spring.

The bush
The bush grows to around 12 feet in height and produces a huge amount of nuts, yielding 9-12 kg of nuts per tree. To produce nuts, this hazel needs cross-pollination and a lot of sun. The more sun, the more nuts!

It means that you must plant at least two Hazelbert or you won’t get any nuts. A Hazelbert will NOT be pollinated by a Beaked Hazel. You must plant two Hazelbert. In optimal conditions, its first nuts will grow after 3 years (the average time to produce nuts is 5 years). Plant them every 2 meters (6 feet) apart.

If you only have space to plant one, you can easily plant two hazel in the same hole. They will make one bush together, it will be the same size as one bush, but you will get the cross-pollination you need to get nuts. In fall, the color of the leaves is red like fire and it is really nice.

Developed in New York State by Fred Ashworth in the 1920’s, the Hazelbert is a cross between Graham and Wrinkler (both Corylus americana orginating from USA) and Skinner (a cross from Corylus americana from Manitoba and Corylus avellana Italian Red Filbert) varieties.

This cross gives the result of a very hardy hazelnut bush (zone 3) but with a bigger size (triple that of the Beaked Hazelnut). It is still not as big as the commercial Filbert we find in grocery stores, but it looks the same and tastes very similar. It is delicious!

Copyright goes to the hardyfruitsite for the above information. its in slant.

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6 Responses to Hazelbert Nut Bush

  1. Silveryew says:

    What lovely colours, this will look stunning in the fall ^_^

  2. Terry says:

    Sounds like a great choice. I love planting new plants and bushes. It will be pretty in the fall.

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