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Heliopsis – Bleeding Hearts

What a plant, the flowers start out almost a deep red, shifting to golden hues that magically end up bronze.   This is a big plant.. It needs space and sun!  It can be done in a mixed bed as the … Continue reading

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Switch grass panicum virgatum I have ordered in enough Switch Grass Seed to do a Quarter Acre worth of plants, I have a Multi level  Multi Year plan for them. This year, I will be starting a number of them and then transfering … Continue reading

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Pawpaw Seeds

I ordered in Pawpaw seeds from a seller one zone harder then my own and I hope to get two 3 year old trees this spring about 40 minutes away as they like to be planted in clumps. I ordered … Continue reading

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Krazulya Pear Tree

Photo credit to Bernie Nikolai who is growing this out on the very cold canadian Praires Arriving well wrapped and ready for late fall dormant planting where a few more very HARDY fruit trees. One of these 3 year old … Continue reading

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Bacon Nettle Frittata

Bacon Nettle Frittata Recipe Looking for a fast and easy supper, Got lots of spring eggs this meal is for you! 4 thick cut sliced of bacon, diced and precooked 2 cups spring nettles, washed and diced 6 large mushrooms- … Continue reading

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Great Pruning Workshop

Thank you Laura from Fine lines landscape and Design for a very interesting and informative pruning workshop. I have a little sample video from the workshop, Laura is talking about what happens when you get two main leaders that form … Continue reading

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Hazelbert Nut Bush

Hazelbert Nut Bush A cross between Hazel – Corylus americana – and Filbert – Corylus avellana – Zone 3 The Hazelbert is a bush hardy to zone 3 producing big hazelnuts double the size of our native Beaked Haze. As … Continue reading

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FarmGal’s For Hire Shingle is Out for 2019

Hello Folks, I finally got my Farmgal For Hire Page Updated for 2019 Thank you to everyone that has hired me over to talk about Permaculture, Gardening, Raising Rabbits, Backyard Chickens, Raising Chicks 101, Growing Fodder for small Live Stock, … Continue reading

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Hedges.. o hedges.. make it so..

I am ordering in 100 new cedar babies from the county tree program this year and will do  hundred more next years is the plan, and I have swack of native black willow whips to move over and start them … Continue reading

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Tree Hay an Tree Fodder

Sometimes you read or see something odd and it just clicks.. Tree hay for me clicked.. I mean I had been pruning out tree branches I didn’t want, I had been cutting an feeding little tree’s for years to the … Continue reading

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