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Homemade Super Soft and Frugal In House Dog Collars.

My old Girl is being kind enough to be the model to show off some of the new super soft yet amazingly strong knitted (lucet style) slip on in house dog collars. This blue one is a simple two strand … Continue reading

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Gardening for your critters

I know that most folks are seeing food prices going up, the size of the box’s going down, and everyone scrambling to figure out ways to cut down their food shopping bills, while still trying to feed themselves and their … Continue reading

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Water Sources on the Farm

Our Farm has two wells, one a deep water well, with a hand pump on it, so that we have access to fresh clean water off grid, the house is on the second well, a shallow well, we have fresh … Continue reading

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Beautiful Bella

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New Pen Panels to the rescue

Dropped by our friends to share some of our lamb and to pick up our new pen panals, they are a stand alone set of four that can make a pen for all kinds of uses, but the main one … Continue reading

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My Most Beloved Old Gals

My wonderful old hounds Bella and Lily, Its really hard to believe that they are ten years old already.. it seems like only yesterday that I got my Bell-Bell from the pound in yellowknife and that my hubby fly to … Continue reading

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