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Homemade Sour Cream

Well, I started with three jars of cream, I was planning on trying three ways of making sour cream per my reading.. Jar a) Cream allowed to sour naturally b) Cream mixed with 2 tbsp of sour cream with active … Continue reading

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Glenda is Two Weeks Old Today!

She is huge and she drinks far more milk in a day then I was feeding either of the calf’s we raised on the bucket, makes wonder what the difference in growth rates will be etc. You see that little … Continue reading

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Share Milking

Well, I had not planned on doing this till next Monday when Glenda was two weeks old but I could not catch her last night, so she was allowed to spend the night loose in the big barn, where she … Continue reading

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Milk, Milking Updates..

Amazing wonderful milk, this is Girls official first day of Milk, that past couple days have been classified as colostrum milkings (the first five milkings). I am thrilled I am totally overwhelmed So lets talk about the colostrum first off, … Continue reading

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Change can be good or not? -Girl

Well, I have wondered if Girl was going to be a easy keeper of a family milk cow or not, and of course I still don’t have a real answer on that till she freshen’s and starts milking. Having said … Continue reading

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Doing the snoopy dance! – Girl didn’t cycle this month!

I’m so excited, I’m so excited!! LOL Well, Girl was cycling perfectly, then she got breed, and this month, nothing.. I have been checking her daily and nothing, Marty agree’s with me.. no heat this month.. which means that the … Continue reading

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The next part of my Family Milk Cow Journey with Girl

Girl will be two years old in July, and I am so very excited to annouce that yesterday, she was bred, we will of course have to wait a full month to see if she took? or if she comes … Continue reading

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Building a stone boat for Girl..

Well, I have not given up on the idea of a proper cart for girl, I am putting away the funds for her proper gear and wow, I don’t think I ever really understood the money involved with in regards to … Continue reading

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Digging for my lunch! I’m having Burdock and Dandelion root with a dessert of nettle…

Well, I had Girl tied out for grazing in the main yard and she was within reach of a old compost pile that grows stinging nettle, dandelion and Burdock root for me as a kind of spring wild kitchen garden … Continue reading

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Composting for the Feb Challange

This month on the sustainable eats Urban farm Handbook year long gardening challange, it was soil buiding.. Ok, so the photo does not look like much but when we got that amazing spring snap of weather at the first part … Continue reading

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