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Wild Parsnip -We are finally gaining ground

Finally in our province, this nasty plant the Wild Parsnip was added to our invasive plant lists, both a very good thing (because in some area’s it had gotten so bad that you could not take walks in local nature area’s, … Continue reading

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Bean Teepee Spring Planting is done.

For those that are newer readers, the Bean Teepee is coming into its 3rd year on the farm.. its outstanding and I will have at least a few more of them on the farm in the future. Today we cleaned … Continue reading

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Jerusalem Artichoke Pickles -Food in Jar’s Challange April

The Food in Jar’ Challenge for April was quick Pickles, I made Jerusalem Artichoke Pickles.  As you know you can pretty much quick Pickle almost anything.. but the issue is that its April on the farm. Lets just say that … Continue reading

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Sunday Garden Walk Around..

There are some spots that are melting out.. they are few and far between but they are there.. The front gardens are melting first as always.. The main garden is still under a goodly amount of snow cover that for … Continue reading

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Spring Cleaning.. April Mini Challange

My hands are softer and well worked at the same time.. its spring cleaning time.. Ah, Spring cleaning.. so much to in the coming month.. so much cleaning to do.. I honestly think that most folks who dream of the … Continue reading

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Garden Plans for 2017-Spring Garden

  Well, it’s the first day of spring.. and my garden’s are covered in feet of snow with sharp hard ice coverings and the ground is frozen under that..  but I know that spring is coming and I am giving … Continue reading

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Grow something in Feb -Seeds

Hi Folks, in my area its to soon to be starting anything, I mean even the onion package says closer to me last frost spring date.. so while I will be starting other things towards the end of the month. … Continue reading

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True Potato Seed

I had gone to bed very early last night, leaving a hot supper in the oven for my hubby and he said, there is a very thin padded package for you in the mail..  I said.. well, it’s either this … Continue reading

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Ginger Raspberry Jam Recipe

Ginger Raspberry Jam   3/4th cup of fresh peeled, finely cut ginger 4 cups of mashed raspberry (these were frozen from our farm) 7 cups of sugar 2 TBSP of lemon juice Pinch of salt 1 package of pectin   … Continue reading

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Garden-Budget Plans 2017

Normally, I have a thousand dollar yearly budget for my garden-farm, this budget includes, seeds, tubers, plants, bushes, tree’s, tools and garden related training classes, seminars Most years I am under budget by a hundred to several hundred but not … Continue reading

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