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Grape Juice made with a steam juicer

I love my Lee Valley Steam Juicer made in Sweden.. it was and is worth every penny..  Its far more then just a juicer.. the bottom pot is used to make soups, syrups, jellies or jams.. the steamer basket is … Continue reading

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Homesteader Pea’s

So these are homesteader pea’s or so I was sold heritage homesteader pea’s and in some ways they are bang on.. 68 to 70 days from planted to harvesting, able to grow in cooler soil and withstand heat and still … Continue reading

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Spring Pea Harvest- On the poor side

94 94 Days of rain this spring and early summer..  Its a new record for our area since they started keeping records for the most amount of days of rain in this season. Lets look at that again.. out of … Continue reading

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Brussel Sprouts 2015 and Roasted Recipe

I am 5, 10 and as you can see even falling over a bit, those are some nice looking brussel sprout plants growing up around the Bean Teepee for 2015, I also put some in a different bed (but the … Continue reading

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Fix’ins for supper..

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