Grape Juice made with a steam juicer

I love my Lee Valley Steam Juicer made in Sweden.. it was and is worth every penny..  Its far more then just a juicer.. the bottom pot is used to make soups, syrups, jellies or jams.. the steamer basket is perfect for blanching or steam cooking veggies in bulk. 

This past week hubby headed out to the gardens and like magic appeared back in the house with my big 52 cup purple bowl filled with grape bunches and happily announced to me that this was tip of the grape harvest and that there was at least 5x more still out there that needed a little more time.. 

Other peaple on my local garden groups are always talking about how the wild birds are taking their grapes, and anything in reach of our chickens or ducks is snapped up like candy, however we never seen to have any real noticeable losses to the wild birds which flutter about everywhere on the farm.. 

Now normally I make all our grapes into Sweetened Grape Juice for winter use.. however this year I have been canning ALL my juices unsweetened and just pressure canning them for safety and storage, this allows me to use sugar, honey or even maple syrup at will for myself and for hubby to use his Stevia sweetener for his.. 

Not that he really drinks much juice in full.. but he does like a little bit added to his waters to give them a different flavour choice at times. 

However, we have grape juice left in the cellar pantry from last year and I have already put up another dozen more and each quart makes 3 quarts so that is a lot, given its not our only juice either.. 

I am thinking I am going to take the next big bowl and make it into homemade wine vinegar, now I have made apple vinegar and it turned out quite nice, I have made garlic flower vinegar and other herbal vinegar and so on but because I use it so little I have not made a batch of wine vinegar

Having said that, I have all the tools, and I intend to use the natural yeast on the grapes and I have cases of the bottles needed to rack it off.. so its will be a bit of a adventure and at the same time I have cross over skills that will help in this. 

Have you made wine vinegar, any advice? Helpful Hints..  recommend that I add wine yeast? instead of going all natural for flavour control? The main use that I tend to use wine vinegar is in salad dressings and stir fry sauce.. 

What is your favorite way to use it?

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