Purrpot Pride of 2016

Its going to be a two post kinda of day.. but this morning.. it’s all about the pretty, pretty kittens.. they are growing so much now.. they are pre-teens.. so different in looks and temperaments.. Blue kitten is now altered, so now all the boys are done..

We have two short hair, two long hair, we have total in your face (blue) totally Laid back and going to be huge! (Patrick), Fluffy and Sweet, I am so pretty (Faith) and little tiny I am so a CAT, pet me, four on the floor (marble)





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Wordless Thursday- Photos








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My Newest Tattoo Design

Thanks to the help of a great friend.. Miss N here is my newest Tattoo Design, its a memory piece for my beloved Hounds and Purrpots that have crossed over, gone but Never! forgotten.

14707988_10210003161648151_6885809200599129755_oThere are so many little details to this that all have meaning to me.. the pawprints in kitty, small hound and big old Lily paws, the connection to the north (Raven Feather) to the Bell’s for my beloved Bell  To the Celtic tie in, to the never ending circle of life (something that I will now have in three tattoo’s) to the Goddess Freyja’s Symbol to the tree of life, to the tear, water, always moving, always flowing.. to the antlers that represent the Stag, the male energy..

How my friend was able to take the jumble and collection of this and that I pulled and wanted and turn it into this beautiful to my eye and heart piece , I will never know but I lift my glass to you. It will be a honor to have it grace my shoulder for hopefully many years to come.

It’s been a rough two years with the loss of many of my elder pets, I know that they all lived a long time and that it was well within normal old age or even well beyond the average but their loss is felt daily

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Bulls Blood Beets

We were cleaning out the Bean Teepee on the weekend and there they were.. stunning amazing Bull’s Blood Beets, that pop of color.. outstanding.. So sorry, I didn’t have the camera and it was all done before I could say.. wait..


Here is a bit more info for you on this amazing beet.. photo from the web, it’s from West Coast Seeds amazing site!

Bulls Blood’ is an heirloom Garden Beet Group cultivar that was developed around 1840. It grows to 2’ tall in the garden. It is grown not only for enjoyment of its tasty beets but also for its flavorful purplish-red leaves which make excellent additions to salads. Regardless of culinary value, ‘Bull’s Blood’ is also grown today in beds, borders and containers solely for the ornamental value of its attractive dark purplish-red foliage which provides excellent contrast with other garden plants. When cut in cross-section, the flesh of this beet is bright red with showy pink rings. In Sweden, red food coloring may be legally produced only from this cultivar.


This beet got overrun in the area it was planted, so only a few made it to full size, I will need to plant it in a different area next year for sure. I thought about just roasting it but I decided that instead I want to make borscht

  • 1 Onion-Peel and Diced
  • 4 med to larger fall beets- just cooked, skins slipped and diced
  • 2 med potato’s -peeled and diced
  • 1 cup of chucky diced cabbage -red or green your choice
  • Salt, Pepper and a bay leaf
  • White or Veggie Stock to cover

I put a tiny bit of lard in the bottom of the pan and added the diced onion, cooked till clear, then added the stock and the rest of the list, cooked with potato’s, cabbage and beets are tender (about 20 to 25 min) and checked and added more salt, removed the bay leaf and can be served with sour cream with green onions on top..


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October Unprocessed Week 3 for Cost Data.

Oct 9th

  • omelets loaded veggies and cheese  with drinks 6.99X2
  • Missed lunch as we were working outside and went riding
  • Pork Stew with veggies 5 x2  Biscuits x 6 at 1 each for 6

Total :29

Farmgal Total 11 dollars (yes I rounded it out for cents)

Savings 18 dollars

Oct 10th-

  • Apple, Peanut Butter, Tea Apple, Cheese, Coffee  3 dollars
  • Missed, we got busy working outside and skipped it
  • Early supper.. Potato, ham, cheese casserole  – 10 dollars

Total Cost 13 dollars

Farmgal Total 4.5

Farmgal Savings – 8.5

Oct 11th

  • Oatmeal, Tea 1  Apple, peanut butter and raisins with Coffee 2
  • Vension stew X2 8.99 per portion DH and 1 for FG and 1 For company 8.99 X 4
  • Hubby had Hamburger and Mashed Potato’s 7 dollars and I had tea (I was not wanting to eat supper)

Total: 46

Farmgal Total :11

Farmgal Savings 36

Oct 12th

  • 2 egg omelet and biscuit 8  FG with coffee, 2 biscuit and Peanut butter and tea for hubby 3
  • DH-Chicken finger-fries-coke, Bag of Chips (Dh was traveling) 8.99 Val, Egg Drop Sweet and sour Soup 5
  • Meatball stew (dh)* gifted and FG had Tuna casserole with a tiny bit of cheese 2 * 10 dollars for the whole dish, so 2 per portion (one portion)

Total Costs : 27

Farmgal Costs :15.25

Farmgal Savings 11.75

Oct 13th

  • Toast with peanut butter and marmalade on one DH (Gifted), FG, Apple, Cheese and Biscuit with coffee 2.5
  • Mix of small sandwiches and square at a gathering (DH) (gifted) and Tuna Casserole FG 2
  • Meatball Stew (gifted) and Tuna Casserole with coffee 2.50

Total Costs 7 dollars

Farmgal Costs 3 dollars

Farmgal Savings 4 dollars

Oct 14th

  • Toast with Peanut butter and Marmalade on one DH (gifted) FG- 2 heads of oven roasted broccoli with a touch of butter and salt with coffee 2.99
  • Burger with cheese DH(4) and Skirret Pastry with Tea for FG 2
  • Beef-Burger and Mashed DH 5 and I had the last piece of Tuna Casserole for supper 2

Total Costs-16

Farmgal Costs- 6.75

Farmgal Savings 9.25

Oct 15th

  • Brown Bread with Peanut butter DH 3 and Brown Bread with cheese FG 2 Tea and Coffee
  • Apple and Tea a Coffee for lunch, it was very light as we were quite busy on the farm and garden and hikes and photo shoot. 3
  • Huge Green Garden Salad, tea a coffee 6

Total Costs : 14

Farmgal Costs : 8

Farmgal Savings 8

DH aunt passed away and he made the trip up to the Huntsville area for three days this past week.. some of the meals were on the road and clearly did NOT meet the rules for oct unprocessed but I am including them to keep the data true, other thing will be hard to figure out cost wise as they were “gifted” during the trip.

Yes, I know.. I know.. I should not have made the big old tuna casserole but DH does not like Tuna and I did not think about the fact that I would be eating it for many meals to get though it, and we had hubby home for the rest of the week and so we got busy a lot and that meant we also missed some meals.

Total for the week 152

Farmgal total for the week.  59.50

Farmgal Savings for the week 92.50 or 61 percent savings.


Totals Week 1 (remember was only 2 days long)

Total Cost 62.02

Farmgal Total Cost :26.65

Savings for the week- 35.37 or .57% savings

Total for the Week 2 is 211.07  averages out to 5.02 per meal including snack-drinks

Farmgal Total of the Week is 66.79 Averages out to 1.59 per meal including snack-drinks

Total Savings for the week is 144.28 or 68% by being on the farm.

Total for the week 3 – 152 Averages out to 3.62 per meal including snacks and drinks

Farmgal total for the week.  59.50

Farmgal Savings for the week 92.50 or 61% savings

Total to date – 452.09

Farmgal Costs to date-152.94

Total Savings to date- 299.15 with a 66% average savings

So this past week as all over the place, travel, eating out, missed meals and more.. welcome to real life.. 🙂

Still averaging out at 66% savings for farmgal costs.. interesting to see what the back two weeks of the month will bring.. we have company and birthdays






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New Book Jacket Photo for DH

Just a quick boo.. second post on oct unprocessed coming yet today

So some of you may remember that DH who works full-time off the farm and part-time on the farm (evening and weekends) also is a published author. Here the book that he was last published in for 2016

Superhero Universe Tesseracts 19

He is often asked to provide a photo to go with his bio for the writings and I decided today to head out and do a wee fall photo shoot for a new one to give for promo work


I am very pleased with how it turned out..

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Green Tomato’s Harvest 2016 with Recipes


we have had three hard frosts now and that means that the last of the tomatoes needed to come in, we did lose some that needed to go to the compost pile but 37 gallons came into the house


of course you can not leave them in the buckets, they need to be put out into the tray single layer, this allows me to keep a close eye on them as they start to ripen

Now most of these will be allowed to ripen and will be made into sauce but some will be used as a green tomato


Fried Green tomato’s.. washed, sliced thick, dipped, breaded an fried till golden.. so easy, so yum!

Farmgal’s Duck Liver with Apple-Green Tomato -As I was the only one going to eat these, it was made as a single serving, feel free to adjust the recipe for two or more.. 1 duck liver per person.

1 Large Duck Liver- I soaked this liver, and then sliced it into 1 inch thick pieces think stir fry stripes salt and pepper sprinkled on them
1 med apple
1 med onion
1 med green tomato
1 tbsp of butter
A pinch of basil
A tiny splash of a good sweet dessert wine
Salt, Pepper to taste

Ok, so in a cast iron fry pan, add your thinly sliced apple, onion and green tomato, along with your butter, med-low heat, you don’t want to burn anything, you want to soften and cook, with min stirring so that it melds but does not mush, then add you pinch of basil, your salt/pepper and your wine, allow to simmer for just a bit till heated and meld together, then mound onto the plate, which you will put the just cooked liver on top of, I served it with a side of baby boiled garden fresh potato’s

My Green Pepper Pasta Sauce

  • 10 pds of Green peppers
  • 3 pds of  Green roma tomatos
  • 3 pds of white onions
  • 1 whole garlic or about 8 big cloves
  • 1 or 2 hot peppers, seeded out depending on the heat you like, add more or less.
  • 2 cups of white or apple vinager
  • 3 cups of white or brown sugar
  • 3 tbsp of  canning salt and fresh cracked black pepper

Put them though the blender, and then simmer for at least 4o to 60 min till thicken to your tastes, then can, while most books say that peppers need to be pressure canned, between the vinager, sugar, I have always waterbathed canned this sauce.

Here is this sauce in use.. Green-pepper-Green Tomato Sauce over cabbage rows


What is your favorite way to use your green tomato’s?


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Skirret, Apple, Cheese Tart Recipe

I only had a little bit of skirret left after we devoured it out of the pan, hot from the oven LOL. I decided to make a Roast Skirret, Apple and Cheese Huge Tart


I made a small batch of a butter pie Pastry and I added chopped up roasted Skirrit but it cooks so quickly that I expect it could go in raw and work just fine that way, diced fall sweet apple and a awesome gouda white cheese.. A tiny bit of salt on top.


and I baked it till golden brown, I served it hot but it was really good cold as well.. It was a great blend of flavours.. I feel like it could use a tiny tiny amount of cooked onion in there but I could be wrong, I wanted to allow that delightful but very light skirret flavour to come though..


The apple was still just a bit firm, the cheese was melted and the skirret melted into the dish with all off-setting the pastry..

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Why did you eat that? – The Hounds Version

Well it all started with me cleaning out the fridge, the pasta had gone bad, I tossed it into the garbage bag instead of wanting to compost it..  (I did this because almost everything on the farm likes to check the compost to see if I was crazy enough to throw out something that is perfectly good in their view

and I got busy in a different part of the house and when I came back and I had a tipped, big snapped lid off and someone had gotten into the pasta, now the good thing was they only eat a bit of the pasta, most of it was still clearly there and I thought.. ok.. so they were foolish but at least they stopped..

Did not matter.. the vomiting started and it was a good batch to say the least..  If you live with a hound or hounds in your life, you know that at some point, they will get into something they should not and they will get its all coming up mom..

Well, that’s what I had last night.. no point at all in not letting them get it out of the system, so I first made sure they had lots of fresh water and we went outside( go ahead, laugh, I had hopes that I might get them to do it outside) but they just did what dogs do when they want to continue getting sick, they eat more things to make it go faster..

Anyway, they did not want to stay outside and so I spent a great deal of time cleaning up in the house.. Ah. hounds, its like having a three-year old in the house, smart enough to know that they don’t feel good and that you are the fixer, but can’t understand that you can’t make it all better..

Finally the tummies where empty and we were down to just that lovely yellowish foamy bile..  Now in-between, I patted, cuddle and wiped chins and faces, but finally we got to the point that I could do my first giving a helping hand.

I made a very strong batch of mint tea with a bit of raw honey added in at the end, with a pinch of salt and they all enjoyed a drink and very soon after started to relax and settle. I also put out some spearmint oil on my clay dish..

this morning, they were looking for breakfast, I had not planned on giving it to them, I had planned a resting period with a nice bone broth for support but as they where not sick on the rear, I changed my mind, they got instead a very light breakfast of baked sweet potato


As long as they hold it down with no issues, then tonight, I will make them a nice bone broth-Barley supper to help make them feel full but again a nice slow food that will give them a calm down on the tummy.. On top of each bowl of just warmed supper will be a full dose of powdered probiotics, which they will get for three days running.

They are bright-eyed and perky and full of themselves, so I am not overall worried but each little thing needs to be watched. This morning, I am simmering Apples and Cloves, the house smells great!

What is your personal favorite way to deal with an upset tummy on your beloved hound or hounds?  Do you let them just deal with it? Do you provide support for them?

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Wednesday Flash back..


Fall Shoulder Lamb Chop Stew

the above was the post on the blog 5 years ago, the this an that post was four years ago..

2010-04-21 2010-04-21 001 011 (500x375)

Lets see what was happening three years ago!

Northern B.C an Alberta Road trip.. travel time with mom, visiting time with family..

DSCN0746 (800x736)Two years ago a in depth look at our potato harvest results, including yield results in ground an in straw


and last year.. what were we up to that day!  Butternut squash is the winner, the land race! hope you enjoyed this flashback weds an that one or more of the above posts might interest you.. its amazing that in Nov the blog will be six years old.



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