Starting the garden planning for 2019

It might seem early for it but I am starting to garden plan for 2019..

Normally my first thing I do is seeds.. I love seeds, I love buying heritage seeds, I love buying from little company’s and I adore trying old or odd types of plants and trying new things each year.

However this year I am having to start differently, the first thing I need to figure out is what gardens am I going to have, which ones am I working and which ones are going to fallow for the year.

Fallow : (of farmland) plowed and harrowed but left unsown for a period in order to restore its fertility as part of a crop rotation or to avoid surplus production.

That is the true meaning of fallow but I covered my fallow areas with green growth but did keep it mowed a number of times and I had dug out things I did not want growing in there.. still I did fallow a number of my gardens in 2018.

So let’s get to what I do know..

What gardens will be used in 2019

  • Bean Teepee Garden -Annual
  • Permaculture garden/mixed row -Perm/Annual Mix
  • Strawberry Bed Garden- Perm/Annual Mix
  • Horse Trough Garden-annual
  • Raspberry Garden-Perm
  • Hedgerow Gardens-Perm
  • Gate Garden-annual
  • Comfrey Garden-Perm
  • Rhubarb Garden-Perm
  • Front Garden -Perm/Annual Mix

Those I know are going to be used period and so I can plan the planting in them, at least half are come again gardens and other than a bit of interplanting they are just trim, weed and produce gardens.

Now comes the MUCH harder part how many of my gardens that have been allowed to sit fallow this year will be able to be worked and how next year..

If they are going to be fallow next year, I am going to use electric fence to run the sheep in them to keep it grazed down and to add to the land in terms of richness.  I will also consider running chickens in a tractor to really give some of the land a big time clean up and turn over.  All of the land is cleaned enough that I do not need to use a pig in this work at all.

So lets look at what we have that could be used

  • Main Garden Front
  • Main Garden Wire climber area
  • Main garden double dug root garden
  • Front Garden rows
  • Side Garden Square
  • Side Garden Rows
  • Side Garden Climber
  • Hugelculture bed- Small one
  • Hugelculture Bed -Large one
  • Hugelculture Round Garden
  • Round Bale Garden

And then there is the new area that got cleared this year that must be all planted and worked.. I don’t have a name for it yet..

Yard X = gardens????

Storm Garden to finish

and then Storm Garden Permaculture gardens raised beds will be done..

Plus I need to rework and replant the small front yard by deck..

Hubby has asked that I not extend us to much from what we did this year but I really want to have at least one extended flat land garden for three season growing including root veggies and I really want a squash garden back.

By next year all the squash in my storage and canning will be used up and need replacing. and if I can do it, I would really like at least a small corn patch for both fresh eating and for putting up for the year!

I am thinking that I will need to bring back the Front yard Rows and then a mix of the side yard gardens.. I think we will still be in a clean up and cover cropping in the main garden for next year.. I think the work that the main garden would normally get must go into working/planting and keeping the Yard X done to get it going.

I will take any thoughts anyone has? Would you keep to this years gardens only and just work the new yard in the coming year? Would you just work the front small square garden and use it for the three season an do tight interplanted garden and just REALLY interplant in the other gardens?

or would you push just a bit harder and try and make a few more work for you this coming year so that you can have less food costs, increased chances of extra to put up and hedge your bets in regards to weather/storm damage?

What are you planning to do in 2019? are you growing your garden? taking more under cover or into greenhouses? Planning on working around the weather by starting early? starting late?  Are you going to aim for shorter season seeds to crop rotate, or are you going to do a short and long season combo to try and get the best of both worlds?

Are you looking at doing more determinate producers of certain crops to try and increase your storage of staple or are you looking at doing more indeterminate in order to hope that you will get results on the edges of the season’s where they will produce till frost?

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Christmas Jelly Bean Advent Gift Box

A dear friend of mine who has spent a great deal of time overseas does the most amazing cutest little advent gift giving calendar for her little ones.

I took up a cute little dollar store 24 gift advent gift giving for hubby and myself, a way to spread out the gift giving, some of them were to eat and some where little useable gifts and others were gag gifts.

Some of the rest of my family really liked the idea but they raised the price point on the gifts in a way that I was not as happy about 🙂   This year however I was able to have a comfortable chat and dialed the cost back down.

I am excited to see how my custom made Jelly Bean (24 different kinds) gift box goes over with them getting their bigger gift on Christmas Day itself.

It was a pleasure to work with Sugar Mountain store in Orleans, they were awesome to help us get this idea off and running! The key was to figure out the right amount of jelly beans.. 12 to 15 was what the mom of the girls said when I asked her what she thought for amounts.

It takes a bit of time to count out 48 bags of beans LOL

The box’s have been sent as they need to arrive out west by the end of Nov to start on Dec 1st. I hope they get there on time as we have a rolling strike happening with our post office and they say they are a million plus parcels behind for processing.. here is hoping these treat tins are not sitting waiting.. hopefully they are finding their way though the system.

I used to be able to ship these by bus, it was much cheaper and fast but we lost our Greyhound bus’s running across our country. So this year we and so many other had to use the post office.

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No Buy November Week 2 -Part 1

Nov 9th

Good Morning, Rough night but my ears are draining today and I do feel better than I have for the last two days if only my balance was not being effected. The ears pop and my balance Wobblies.  I am sticking to the house today to be on the safe side.

Oatmeal Cookies were made last night so hubby would have something to take to work today with his canned soups/fruits. Never am I more grateful for the pantry then when I do not feel well.  I love that hubby can just head to the shelves and pick his meals out when I am not cooking bigger meals with a leftover lunch to go.

Which is fine, I have lots to do in the house that can be done in smaller bits of time.. Time is such a funny thing.. we always think we don’t have enough time, but really it’s what we give our time to.. what we focus on that moves forward.  Today, I am cleaning the house to help keep the cold out, I am washing the main floor bedding. I am simmering Vinegar and Cloves buds to help clean the air.. Using my steamer for my throat and lungs and my hot salt sock for my ears.

Very pleased with the work I am getting done in the house, got bread made, got buns made, have a big old roast in a brine waiting for baking tomorrow, got the base of a Sour cream Chocolate cake make to make a fancy cake for company tomorrow.. If I get my muffins made, I will have everything checked off my list.

Got four loads of laundry done, groomed the kitten, she is learning to be combed or brushed daily, with that long hair, she needs to learn early that she gets cuddles, groomed and cookies for being a good girl. Its starting to snow now.. they say that it will snow for the next 24 hours or more..  They say a messy drive home, hopefully hubby will be out on time tonight.

Nov 10th

Leeloo turned 7 Weekns and her eye color is changing, The hanging on cold is still making my life hard but I am up, we are expecting company. A lovely couple we meet years ago at local event that we have kept in touch with over the years.

The day’s visit was great, I had one of those nice make it ahead meals that you put in the oven and have very little to do to serve it up, I made a layered cake, sour cream Chocolate cake with high bush cranberry jelly and butter cream icing.. not a single photo of this was taken.. sorry but it was enjoyed.

The hounds loved the company and spent their time glued to them lol..  I was happy but tired when they left..

Nov 11th

As the wind howls around the eaves on this foul weathered day, my thoughts are with all those lost in the howling torrent of war. Those who gave or risked their lives so that we can live the life that we do. On a day like today we should not judge the reasons, simply remember and pay our deepest respects.
Painted in Corel Painter on Armistace Day 2010.

Woke up to a cold bitter wind day on Nov 11th and sicker then can be..  I got my regular yearly post of Dear Hubbies Story up and I just got sicker all day long as it went..

Hubby finally started calling and found a drug store that was open and gave me a choice.. meds or emerg.. I said meds.. I was at that point needing my inhalers after I was having my coughing fits. He headed out and got over the counter meds to give me a leg up as my home made stuff while I KNOW was helping was just not quite enough.

Nov 12th

Was not even on the computer this day other then for five min max. It was a sick day for me.. and a caretaker day for hubby, I did nothing but sleep, cough, take meds and sleep..  Little wee Paris is the best sick bed buddy you could ask for.. the hounds went with dad, they spent most of the afternoon out with him.. He was able to out in several hours on a outside project in the just above freezing weather and get one of the last bigger project that we have been working on for winter prep finished!

I thought for sure I would need to get out of bed and give him a hand for least a few min but he figured out how to make work with just one person and got it done..  I slept though the whole thing. Heck I also slept right though my weekly get together with my friends.

Heck I didn’t even check in on my sick momma, I had hubby call her..  I made myself get up and walk around a couple times in my bedroom, just to make sure I was on my feet but it was like watching a lurching zombie LOL but Its always a good thing to get your lung upright and your body moving when you are resting that much.

Nov 13th

I woke up late after hubby left for work and while my ribs and chest area is very sore from coughing, its a ring of pain  that flairs when I cough, I am alive an I am on the mend.  So much better then yesterday and it was better then the day before..

Now I just need to take care and kick the rest of the this to the curb!

What lovely view out my kitchen window this morning now that I made it to the main floor of the house, we got snow overnight and its still snowing.. its sticky and fluffy! I am going to do a few little things today but I am certainly not going to push anything..

I know that this bug has been passing though Jason’s office and its in our local community and that its nasty and long lasting but that its viral and that must run its course.. hubby has co-workers that have been sick for a month now.. I am hoping that will not be the case for myself. I certainly want to have this under control better well before that but we will see.

So hubby spent 60 dollars on meds, orange juice, ginger ale and soda crackers.










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Never Forget ” The monument” by Dear Hubby

11 November 1908: North of Manaus, Amazonas del Sur

“Passing through?”, the homesteader asked, his rifle resting in his arms.

”Yes”, the traveller replied, his rifle dangling off his right shoulder on a strap. “I was told there was a veteran building a monument around these parts. I thought I’d go see it.”

“You’d be talking about Oscar”, the homesteader confirmed, his stance relaxing somewhat.

“I don’t know his name – just that he’s around here somewhere. I’d appreciate directions if you can provide them”, the traveller replied.

“I can do that”, the homesteader replied, kicking an uprooted sapling towards a brush pile.

“You a vet?”
“Yes. You?”

“Yeah”, the homesteader confirmed. “Oscar’s about three miles that way. You can’t miss his dogs.”

“Everybody’s got dogs”, the traveller observed.

“Everybody’s dogs aren’t the same as Oscar’s dogs”, the homesteader replied. “Just keep in mind that Oscar’s still in the jungle.”

The traveller nodded. He’d heard the expression a fair bit in the past two weeks. Vets scarred or broken by the experience of fighting skilled fanatics amidst the humid heat of the towering, predatory rain forest were still in the jungle, even if the trees around them had been felled by settlers carving out fields for crops or grazing. “I appreciate the advice. Have yourself a good day.”

The homesteader nodded back. “Safe travels.”

The traveller continued on his way, rifle dangling, revolver in unclipped holster, knife in unclipped sheath. The Anahuac had been vanquished, but not wholly exterminated, after their defeat three years earlier. Every few months, it seemed, a pack of them erupted out of the greenery to slaughter whomever they could find before the local militia tracked them down. Any traveller with a hint of common sense went armed, if only to assure himself the quick, painless death that the Anahuac would deny him.

The trail was two yards wide, nothing more than flattened grasses and saplings broken by the wheels of carts and the hooves of horses and oxen. The traveller assumed, correctly, that it was one of the old trails broken by the army in order to move supplies up to the frontlines. Nowadays, settlers and homesteaders used it as a highway of sorts. He’d already passed several fortified villages along the way, and knew of two or three more further on, and had indeed passed a few wary locals along the way.

Perhaps two hours passed before Oscar’s dogs revealed themselves. The traveller had assumed from the homesteader’s remarks that Oscar’s dogs were larger and more formidable than most. They were, in fact, six or seven tiny moppets that raised an irritating, high-pitched racket as soon as they heard his footfalls. “Okay, yes, I see him”, a man’s voice called out from a stand of brush. The yipping continued. “Yes, I see him. Thank you. That’s good.” The mongrels, perhaps half the size of a house cat, continued their assault on the ears. “God in Heaven, enough!”

In the ensuing silence, their owner appeared, wiping his forehead with a filthy rag. “Hello. Can I help you?”

“I hope so. I’m looking for Oscar”, the traveller replied.

“That’s me”, Oscar confirmed. “What can I do for you?” He was, like so many in these parts, polite and respectful, but wary – logical behaviour given that virtually everybody carried at least one gun on them at all times.

“I heard you’re building a monument. I was hoping I could visit it.”

“Well, it’s not really a monument”, Oscar replied, as the tiny dogs pranced around his feet.

“But you’re welcome to have a look. Don’t mind these little buggers. They’ll jump all over your knees, but they’re all bark and no bite.”

“I believe it”, the traveller stated with a slight smile.

“Come on, it’s back there”, Oscar said, beckoning past a log shack and adjacent shed. “You must be a vet. Civvies don’t come out here to see me.”

“I was based in Manaus during the war”, the traveller replied, falling into stride beside his host. “Didn’t get out of it often.”

“I’ll try not to hold that against you”, Oscar replied humorlessly. “I marched through it once and never saw it again.”


“No interest.”

“How about San Sylvestre?”, the traveller asked.

“El Dorado, you mean. It’ll always be El Dorado. No way am I going back there again.”
“Fair enough”, the traveller replied. “Can’t say I really want to either.”

A cross came into sight: two rusty wagon axles, chained at right angles. “Didn’t have any trees around after we burned the bush”, Oscar commented. “We had to improvise.”

Noting a small glass jar filled with metal tags at the base of the cross, the traveller asked,

“How many are here?”

”Seventy-three of my mates. Out of a hundred and six that started out.” The traveller swore quietly. Oscar grunted in response. “Yeah, it was a rough week. Word came down from Brigade that the savages had established a strong point on a small rock ridge out here – which is funny, if you think about it, there’s not a lot of rock around here. Just red clay.

Anyway, the Eye was using it to run raids on our supply train, and it was really cocking things up. So the old man told our captain to clear the place out.

“We tried to burn them out. Set fires when the wind was right. It worked, at first – they bugged out when things got too hot around the ridge. Soon as we had a route that weren’t burning, we went over and took the ridge. About two hours later, they started dropping arty on us. Guess they’d zeroed in the ridge as a precaution. There was no cover, and we couldn’t dig in at all, so we pulled out.”

The traveller noted that, by the standards of the Amazon, the trees were relatively small around here, not more than three or four years old.

“We went back the next day, but the bastards were back on the ridge already, with a machine gun. Waited until we were out in a skirmish line in the burn before they opened up. Those of us weren’t cut down by the rounds just dropped where we were – which didn’t help so much considering we’d burnt most of the cover the previous day. I spent the whole damn day curled up behind a stump, making sure my head and my ass weren’t sticking out.”

Oscar pointed out a streak of white hair along his left temple. “Didn’t quite manage that. Still, I scampered back to our start line come nightfall, which was damned lucky, as they went out and caught two of our boys that had stayed put too long. Had ’em screaming all night and into the next morning.”

The traveller winced knowingly. It had been established very early in the war that it was better to die fighting than to be captured, considering what would come afterward. The traveller had issued the order himself more than once.

“We worked through the brush to the north two days later; they had an ambush waiting for us. We fought through it, but it cost us the day and the captain.”

Oscar’s little pack of toy dogs scampered past them, heading down the trail at what was, for them, break-neck speed. “Not your typical Amazon dogs”, the traveller ventured.

“I found the bitch and the stud while we were going house-to-house in El Dorado. I reckon a French ex-pat must’ve brought them in. Can’t imagine how they managed not to get eaten”, Oscar replied. “They’ve had two litters since; four pups have made it

“So, I was saying, we regrouped that day while senior platoon commander took over the the company, trading fire here and there with any Anahuac that would show themselves.

We’d lost a lot of guys, and the CO was concerned about the company routing. He collapsed us down to two platoons, since there was just one other lieutenant left, and we pushed on. It was like basic training all over again – advance a few feet, take cover, provide cover for your mate while he did the same.

“The Anahuac figured out that we were split in two, and raided the other platoon that night. We joined in on the melee soon as we could. Total pandemonium. Spearpoint to bayonet in total darkness – stabbing at smells, sounds, movements of air. I jabbed somebody, somebody else nicked me. Eventually, our CO just shouted for us all to stay still, shut the hell up, and kill anything that moved.”

They’d arrived at the ridge, Oscar and the traveller. About eighty feet long, twelve or so feet high, it was a pitted grey, covered in fungus.

“Come dawn, we found that there were still thirty or so us left. We were over there, to the north, about one hundred feet away. We didn’t see anybody over here, and there were enough of them lying around to believe we’d gotten them all, but I think we were all too damned scared to confirm it. Wasn’t until mid-afternoon that Corporal Rodriguez got impatient and made his way over. He found one wounded Anahuac, shot him dead, poked around a while, and called the rest of us over.”

“So you took the ridge”, the traveller said.

“Yeah. And a few days later, the Anahuac pulled back to another line of defence anyway. We went back to the rear and got merged with another company that had been cut up. Kept fighting.”


“I took up the cantonment offer soon as I heard of it”, Oscar said. The army had come up with the initiative to encourage settlement – self-defending settlement – of the central Amazon post-war; several thousand veterans had accepted it.

“Wandered a bit, and found myself back here. Cleaned around the grave, repaired the cross, and decided to built this.”

Before them, at the foot of the ridge, was a small pile of rocks, perhaps two feet high.

”I’ve got a little book in a tin can in the foot of the pile. Any time a vet stops by, I invite him to sign it. Would you like to?”, Oscar asked.

”I would”,

the traveller replied. Oscar dropped to his knees, popped the lid off a rusty biscuit tin, and pulled out a small notepad and pencil. He reached up to hand them to the traveller, who flipped the notepad open. Sixteen names were listed on the first page. The traveller grunted, put pencil to paper, and wrote:

Geolog, Santos Soublette; Commanding Officer; Army of the Amazon

He closed the notepad and handed it and the pencil back to Oscar, who secured them in the tin. “Thanks.”

“Thank you”, Geolog, the traveller, responded.

Oscar shrugged, got back to his feet. “I know it’s not much yet”, he explained, “But I’m adding to it everytime I find another rock on the property. I’ve got lots of time, and I’m not going anywhere. Join me for some eggs?”

“I’d be honored”, Geolog said.

Two hours later, Geolog spied the homesteader, leaning on a shovel while the brushpile smouldered and streamed white smoke into the thick jungle air. He waved; the homesteader nodded back. “Back so soon?”, he called out.

“Yes. You were right about the dogs.”

“Like I said, no missing them”, the homesteader remarked. “How was the monument?”

“I’ve never seen anything like it.”

“Really? It was just a little pile of rocks when I was there.”

In his mind, Geolog could see Oscar tending to his friends’ grave and cross, could hear him telling a perfect stranger about the most horrifying week of his life.

After a moment, he replied, “My friend, if you just saw the rock pile, you didn’t see the monument.

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Soft Chewy Oatmeal Cookies

These are soft chewy oatmeal cookies loaded with Raison’s.

  • 3/4th cup of butter
  • 1 cup of sugar
  • 2 large eggs
  • 2 tbsp. of fancy molasses
  • 1 tbsp. of vanilla extract
  • 1 cup of fast cook oatmeal flakes
  • 1 1/2 cups flour
  • 1 cup of Golden Raison’s
  • 1 tbsp. of Baking Powder
  • 1 tsp Salt

This is an easy one bowl cookie recipe, Cream your room temp butter/sugar together, then add your eggs and fancy Molasses cream together then add your vanilla and give it one more stir in..

Add your oats/flour on top, sprinkled with your raison’s, baking powder and salt over your wet and stir it together, it will come together into a shaggy soft ball..

Use two teaspoons for smaller cookies on an ungreased cookie sheet or use Tablespoon for larger cookies like seen in the photo, I did two tray’s, one large, one small.  Bake in a preheated over at 350.

For large cookies 14 to 16 minutes, bottom and edges will be golden brown, cookie will be a touch puffy when it comes out.. let it cool a few minutes then transfer to a wire cooling rack.

For Small Cookies 8 to 10 minutes will have them golden brown and ready to come out, same as above 🙂

Allow them to cool fully before putting them away in your cookie tin..

Enjoy with a lovely cuppa tea..  Packs well for lunches.


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Going Old School Using a Warm Salt Sock

When I have sore ears I love to bring out this old school trick.. hot (warm) salt in a thick sock..

Is it just the warmth that soothes, is it the warmth that help the blood flow better to allow the area to heal, does it help it drains?

I googled and got lots of folks making unproven claims and lots of people saying this does not work..

I always heat the salt (canning salt) in a frying pan, you want to stir the salt with a wooden spoon to help the heat be spread out evenly, you want your salt hot but not burning. The key to being able to use this while the salt is quite warm is the sock you choose.. You ideally want a big thick soft sock.. no thin material, my mom used wool but I use the more modern hot socks.. they hold the heat well and they are thick and comfy to lean on.

I have read that some folks heat the salt in the microwave, I do not own a microwave so I do not know if this would work or not. I put the sock in a wide mouth quart jar and use my wide mouth canning funnel to move the salt into the sock.. once it in, I take the sock out of the jar and tie off the end..

Ideally at least five minutes each ear.. I hope it will work as well for you as it does for me.. keep the salt and reuse as often as needed. .

Here is what I say.. I do not know why it works beyond the warmth feeling good, but I know that after a treatment my own pain is reduced, my swelling is reduced.  I have tried it with other heating bags with rice, buckwheat and it has never worked the same as salt does.


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Caramelised Sugar Apple and Sultana Pie filling..

It arrived in my mail box and I went.. ohh. the I read her post and went.. o this must be shared..

Pop on over to read jamsanpans post on her version of Carmelised Suger Apple and Sultana Pie Filling to can up and use for yummy pies and tarts.. it looks so good!

via Caramelised Sugar Apple and Sultana Pie filling..

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No Buy November -Week 1-Part 2

Nov 5th

Monday, its a new day (its raining again LOL). Woke up to yet another grey day and yet my mood was uplifted! The radio was lively with way to much information, I listened and then I put on some music to lift up my voice and spirit as I danced my way though a number of chores..

When I say that that I am slogging mud, I am not kidding, its sink your boots in six inches deep..

We have moved from the wheel barrel to the winter sled as we can not push it though the mud, some year, I swear I will get that a whole load of gravel dumped and spread in that area! We have to move the hay though and to a clean area on the pasture for eating and re-seeding the pastures

The day itself was smooth and the muffins turned out very nicely! Blueberry muffins are one of hubbies favorites.. the fact that I added oatmeal/bran/ginger and cut back on the sugar made me happy 🙂

Monday evening was spent as most are, with a group of dear friends, we used to meet in person but babies/farms mean that we meet on skype and do our live board game playing from the comfort of our homes 🙂 Sometimes modern tec is so useful.

Nov 6th

Will it surprise you to find out that its raining lol.. but we have a storm warning, with possible very heavy rain and wind coming.. they are warning about possible power outages, so we are making preps just in case of a power outage. (that would be our 7th in 2018 if it happens)

I had promised you a better photo of River kitten on my cat pride post for national cat day and here it is.. she loves to follow us about on the farm during chores and she loves her Dez.  She has grown up and filled out so much since her spay this spring.. She also caught a big old rat and gifted it to us.. ah.. thanks?

Spent some time outside this afternoon and the wind is bad! Not nearly as bad as other areas of the province is getting but still it is battering the farm.. Amazing Sunset!

The rest of the day just flew by, hubby was working late again, so I held supper and then went to bed early, watched a new movie to me called Hold the Dark.. It was very different and I think I should read the book, as it left me many unanswered questions. I  can not buy the book till after Nov so I put it on my wish list and will pick it up later and see if I can figure out a few of the missing pieces in the movie that way..

Nov 7th

Woke up with a very sore throat and ears this morning.. to much wind yesterday I guess.. within a short matter of being up, the headache started.. Not fun.. I am taking my elderberry x4, I am salt water gargling x 4 and I even did my sinus’s a clean out as they have a lot of pressure in them..

I am having a quiet day, hubby is home and being the darling he is, has taken over the morning chores so I can hide from the winds this morning, despite our preps, the winds got strong enough that they blew off tarps last night and had to be put back up this morning. .

Had a nice visit with my mom, she is still sick with her cold.. hopefully she will feel better soon. After lunch bundled up tight with my strapped down ear flaps and gave hubby a helping hand for an hour on an outside project, came in.just in time to beat the hail that was coming, we timed the break in the weather perfectly!

Made a batch of dill crackers and then was whooped.. went to bed!

Hubby woke me up for dinner, nose started running as soon as I stood up, bad fever so thankful for showers and extra clean sheets and I know we do not say it enough but sure a blessing to have washer and dryer in the house. I have lived without them and I never take them for granted.

Hubby is making little wee stairs for paris, so she can get on and off the bed lol on her own, I guess I will need to do some sanding and painting soon 🙂 He has been saving strap bits of wood from different projects

Nov 8th

Sick most of the night, woke up with full blown cold in effect.. yuck.. I can not seem to shake this falls colds, they are running though work at hubbies and though town. Still I would like to see the end of it soon.

Bless my hubby he got up earlier then normal and did all my outside morning chores so I didn’t need to go out in the winds. Such a sweetheart!  The sun is shining this morning! Its so nice to see it and everyone in the living room that is four legged is napping in sun warmed spots 🙂

The sprout trays are doing well, looking forward to having the mung beans and the sprouts in the house. I want to get back to eating one tray of fresh sprouts daily.  You really do notice when you move over to all pantry/freezer foods and there is a huge reduce in fresh foods in your diet

Need to water all the plants in the house today, putter on dishes and laundry, keep the house critters loved and looked after and otherwise, I expect I am having a PJ day and a sick day..

Tomorrow starts a new day for week 2..  We have kept to our week well..



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Buttery Crispy Dill Crackers

Baked Buttery Crispy Dill Crackers are so easy to make at home.

I had a craving for crackers and when I went to the pantry quickly figured out that other then soup crackers I did not have any in the house. Time to get baking!

This is a small batch it made me about 18 to 24 crackers

Dill Crackers

  • 1/4 cup of butter
  • 1 1/2 cup flour
  • 1/2 tsp of salt
  • 1/4th cup of dill
  • Up to 1/4th a cup of cold water

Preheat your oven at 375. In a bowl cut your cold butter into your flour/salt/dill, once its fully blended in, add half of your water and mix it together, add more water one tablespoon at a time.. you want the dough to come together but not be wet in any way.

Split your dough in half and roll it out thin on a well floured board, you want it thin so that when it bakes it will puff up and create layers in the cracker.  So it should be thin on the board but “just” thick enough that it can be picked up with your lifter to move it to a ungreased cookie tray.  Repeat with the your second ball until all the crackers are cut out and moved over.

Bake 10 min on one side, flip over and bake another 4 to 6 minutes, should be golden brown edged and on the bottoms.  Cool on a wire tray and enjoy..

They are lightly dill flavoured but mainly buttery and crispy.



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How to make Venison Stew

How to make an amazing Fall Style Venison Stew

This stew is full of healthy fall veggies with a lovely tomato base and the key is slow simmer it.  You could make it in a crock pot, in the oven or like I did in a lovely cast iron pot on the stove. This makes a large pot of stew.  It made 12 big bowl servings

  • 2 pounds of cubed Venison
  • 2 large onions, peeled, diced
  • 4 cloves of garlic peeled and diced
  • 12 cups of beef broth
  • 2 cups of corn kernels
  • 3 large carrots, peeled and diced
  • 3 large potato, peeled and diced
  • 1 small turnip (winter) peeled and diced
  • 3 cups of diced tomato (1 quart or large can)
  • 4 oz of tomato paste
  • Salt, Pepper to taste 2 bay leaves
  • 1 tbsp. of Montreal Steak Spice.

Now I love Venison but some folks can find its fuller flavour a challenge, This stew was served for company and seconds were requested all round.

Its not a fast dish, so make it on a day that you have the time to do so.. it will be worth it!

Put a touch of oil in your pan and cook your onion, garlic till clear with brown edges, then add your meat and brown it on both sides, add stock and bay leaves and simmer at low-med heat for at least a hour.

Then add everything else on the list and slower the heat and let it simmer together for an hour but two is even better..  Mine took a total of four hours of slow simmer before it was served with fluffy Baking Powder Biscuits.



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