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Can’t see the forest though the tree’s

Yesterday on CBC news they announced that Tim’s (our national Coffee and donut shop) who with great fanfare announced that they were jumping on the “no meat band wagon and serving up the ultra-processed plant based proteins mock burgers/sausages in july

Had poor enough sales that they were cancelling this in all province’s other then B.C and Ontario.  There is are lots of other fast food that will continue to carry this certain type of veggie burger..

I put up what I considered to be the most polite two sentence comment in the peanut gallery..

I said.. How wonderful, hopefully in the future it be all of Canada.

Now I honestly think if I had just added the little detail that I don’t think ultraprocessed food is a good thing.. that I think you should be able to read what is on your food list as at least a hundred others did.. I would have maybe got one to four comments or clicks..

However I didn’t..

O my Gosh..  so when the first couple very negative comments came in, snarling at me that I was bad for wanting this amazing “meat replacement” gone across Canada.. I blinked and when huh..

I almost answered but I didn’t get a chance before another 10 plus comments came in and they were very unhappy that I could think it wonderful..

I got..mind my own business.. Why should I be allowed to have a say.. if I didn’t like it, don’t order it..

Then it took the first really odd turn.. other people started defending me.. and they were totally on the other side.. eat meat.. (which has nothing to do with my own reason.. I have friends that choose to not eat meat.. its fine.. and if you are going to eat meat, if possible I hope if you can afford to do so… that you buy outside the commercial production and support farmgate local farmers wherever you live)

So they started in-fighting and I walked away to do some work in the kitchen.. when I came back.. it was to another 20 plus comments..

I got called a “snowflake” which made me laugh.. I have never been called that.. It made me chuckle because I am so NOT a snowflake..  However at this point.. it took another turn..

Someone went to my facebook photo and they had moved from the above to deciding to fat shame me.. I should not be allowed a burger of any kind.. this lead to another whole round of both those that decided it was fine to call me fat, my personal favorite was the guy who told me.. mind your own business, you fat cow..

At this point, I was staring at my screen in with a look of WHAT the BLEEP!

Then to give credit where credit is due.. a number of the women and one man who had written and was very angry at me over what they thought was my choice against plant based protein.. jumped back in to DEFEND me. in this angle.. that fat shaming in public was no more ok then not liking a meatless burger..

This lead to a number of them “checking” out my facebook profile and public posts in more detail..

Which lead to the next round.. moving from fat shaming me to .. wait for it..

Me needing to charged because I ride my horse.. my massive 1600 pound horse at my weight..  and that exploded.. I could have explained that I own a horse the size I do so I can ride, that I follow carefully the recommended well studied weight limits, that I have my vet check for chiro issues to make sure they are NOT being hurt when I ride..

It would not have mattered.. so I did not..

At that point.. I had to block, remove and stop the comments that were then flying on my public profile photos so that the nasty things they were writing on it..

Then of course they followed though and hit the blog.. thankfully.. its moderated.. so none of their nonsense made it on here..

At this point, I had over 80 infighting comments..  On my facebook, I think my personal favorite was the one that attacked my art skills.. Wow.. Just wow..

I did not write back.. I did not engage.. I hit delete.. I was sadly the top post, which meant that as they all continued to infight, each new comment meant it was pushed back to the top again.. and again..

I am a blogger, I have a pretty thick skin.. but I was amazed to watch this happen in real time in a mear matter of minutes..  How it went from being happy that a ultra processed food is no longer being sold to intense personal attacks in under 10 min..

The mob..  The mob is alive and well.. it is thriving on the internet!


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The Call..

I am sad that I missed getting my post up yesterday.. it was a good day but I seemed to do chores and then be out and doing things and or on the phone on other things..

The call..  Like that sunflower above.. the call itself is the simple enough right.. your phone rings.. and you either answer or not..

The meat of the call is like the sunflower seeds.. hidden, deeper and the meat sometimes needs a cracking to get to..

When your parents get older and their health starts having issues..  the phone ringing takes on a new meaning at times..  Some calls are waited for.. waiting, waiting for information..

Other calls are much harder to deal with.. worry and concern and frustration.  All fair and normal considering what is happening but none the less its tricky..

Information must move from place to place and to the day.. hearing a voice, hearing the words themselves is a good thing even if the news is tricky itself.

Jason’s mom is back in the hospital again.. the fourth time in a matter of weeks.. and we are waiting for the call on the latest news on results..

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The last round of the Tomato’s

That’s it Folks.. on sunday we picked and choose and hauled in another 15 pounds give or take of the best tomato’s and the rest when to the birds, the bad went to the compost pile where next year dozens of babies will no doubt sprout up.

The year has been a surprise.. its been outstanding.. I had a very limited number of plants.. they were in a new bed with new soil.. and they rocked it..

In part because they were massive starts that I had custom grown for me..

In part because they were in the perfect full sun/heat sink grow area in the new kitchen garden..

In part because I did a lot of compost watering’s

They got a bunny poo manure tea feeding

They got a nettle tea green plant  tea feeding

They got a comfrey green plant tea feeding

And in the worst part of the drought.. I did a sheep poo/aged horse and nettle/comfrey blend that they loved..

The plants have all been pulled out, the extra weeding in KG plot 1 done and now it sits ready for me to add a thick heavy but well screened compost..

This plot was double dug and took close to a ton and half of top soil to back fill..  I will have it ready to go in the early spring for early greens and then its going into the root veggie plot.. carrots, parsnips, summer turnips and green onions..

I could not be more pleased with our return yields on this plot and those 12 plants.. they have allowed me to fresh eat and cook for months, put up 72 quarts of different kinds of pasta sauces..

I have enough left over to do salsa and green tomato relish..  and we are still harvesting and enjoy the sweetest yummiest cherry tomato’s that are now well over 8 feet and climbing still..  I will hold them till frost..

The custom start meant my slow start to the garden was moot.. the plants put down the roots big time and so they handled the drought with grace.. they were tight enough planted and we planted ground cover radish’s and onions and other fast growers between then to keep that soil covered..

We did water them when we could and when they were pulled up those root systems were massive.. just as they should be!

Hope you got some good tomato returns in your garden this year..

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Cold Coffee Intro

Ok, I admit it, I love tim’s Ice Cap and I adore MD’s Cold Coffee.. there I said it.. what I don’t like the price.. and I really don’t like the cups and straws..

However, I have been so bad at allowing this to be “town treat” I will just get a small one or I will only get one when I already had a trip planned.. like its something to be proud of that I don’t drive to town when I REALLY want a massive Ice Cap.. (for none Canadian, its a coffee slushie, creamy cold, milky and coffee.. its sweet)

I have over the years made coffee, cooled it and put it in the fridge and its close.. not really close enough.. Yes it was cold.. but it was not “cold coffee from town”

Haha.. I went to town for some needed supplies yesterday and hubby said.. Tim’s and I was like.. nope.. I will make myself a cold coffee when I get home!

Turns out that missing “something” is that GOOD cold coffee is brewed cold.. ok, maybe you all knew this.. but I did not.. I thought cold coffee was hot brewed and then made cold..

Nope..  Nope..

Not the good stuff..

Tupperware came out with a cold coffee carafe brew system and I got on sample pricing.. and I love this thing..  I can get a number of my friends who know me in person to back me on this..

  • I did not get my item for free for posting this, I paid my own hard earned cash to buy it and my review is mine and mine alone.. However if you click on the link above and choose to buy anything from my link.. then yes, I will earn a small commission from you doing so.. per the legal notice required on these things..

I tend to load my coffee because I don’t like the bitterness of coffee.. so I need a crazy amount of sugar to get it to that.. this is amazing stage..

However cold brew coffee does not have that acid bite to it.. and so I have been able to cut my sugar down a lot.. this is a good thing.. I think it would take me a bit to go no sugar, even when mixed with the whole milk, which of course have natural sugar in it.

Add in some of the good flavours you can add to these and who needs town..  I have to limit how many a day I drink and I for sure have to limit how late in the day, as cold brew coffee is TWICE the caffeine.. which is awesome in the morning and So NO after about 5 pm..

I love serving this up to friends and getting the look of Cold Fancy Coffee drinks until they have that first sip or two and then Bam.. they are hooked!  lol

I have plans to figure out how much it costs to make a average coffee and report back.. but I know its so much cheaper then in town.. but I need to do some research on different prices on what different ones offer.

There are some fun recipes both to make in the coffee itself an for making homemade creamers.. I will share a few fun fall ones, as I plan on trying some different ones.

Do you like Cold Brew Coffee? Where is your favorite place to get that coffee treat? Do you make it at home to keep costs down? I was so pleased and surprised to say no thanks to my costly in town treat.. knowing that I could make something as good if not better at home..



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The Fire Runs on..

I am having a bit of a off day.. tired.. headache.. just a mental fog to a point..

So here is my latest painting so that I am keeping up on my post a day..  I hope to feel better after a nap.. perhaps I will post again then..

Ps.. hubby is out picking all our plums.. they are so ready.. perfectly balance of sweet with a hit of tart.. lip smacking good…

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Ferrier – Saddle and such..

It was the Ferrier Day yesterday, I headed out the door 30 min early to give a little extra work time with Bojangles.. he has been fussy on his one back leg since I got him.. I can pick it but he has never liked it messed with..

Warming him up and stretches does help in this regards.. I have had him vet checked.. and I have certain ways to help him limber up on this..  if he was in heavy work (which he will never be here) then I would need to consider getting him chiro once a month if he was going steady and showing signs of needing it..

I have had my vet check him a couple times when she is here as it was noted on his “first” check up and so we track it..

Their feet are all done up for the fall and I am hoping to do a mix of ground work, and some riding..  I loved smelling like horse.. I need to spend time with them.. and they need and want to spend time with their people..


Speaking of riding, I had hubby haul out my good leather saddle.. it had been placed in storage.. and I am both happy and NOT about how it came out of storage..  It needs a good scrub with saddle soap and a good oiling/leather treatment..

This area does not allow cats in it, I did not want to risk the cats being able to mark the leather or sit on it even with the cover.. but that meant that it turns out that I have a tip of a strap that clearly had mice nibbling..  at least it not the main saddle.. its the part that was hanging done that would have had some nice salt on that leather..

I need to crawl up into my saddle and go for a ride with my boy! It does not need in anyway to be long or fancy..

I just want to feel that sway.. that movement, to see the world from horseback..  I am craving it..   I need to trim out the bridle paths, the boys have been pasture puffs other then some pony rides this year..

winter lead to injury which lead to timbit.. all of which meant.. No riding! I don’t regret the choice of no riding.. It was very much the right call.. and of course there is a part of me that just starts crying that I am still not banned from it.. but those tears come and go all the time, day and night.. I just let them flow, I stop and cry, I try and let myself have that moment, that minute to greave and feel… then I breath! and start again..

The farm, the world just keeps on going forward.. always forward..  sometimes with me pushing forward.. focus forward.. other times dragging me kicking and screaming..  just depends on the moment..

There goes those tears again…


However this fall.. I am hoping to change that..  still I am not sure I can lift my saddle.. I will need to do reps with it.. I am so weak in many ways..  but I am allowed to start my physio in a more intense way again now.

My fitbit is on and I am starting to work hard at taking the pounds that went on over the past five months back off!

And with that.. I am going back at it.. take care and talk soon my friends..

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A little winter challange..

I adore my landscapes and trees..

and working on color..

but i have given myself two challanges..

paint my backyard birds..

and learn to paint my purrpts and hounds..

these are my starting photo.. if i paint one a week.. hopefully by spring i will have some lovely ones..

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Its ok to turtle..

It’s ok to pull in..

It’s ok to get quiet..

It’s ok to seek calmness..

It’s ok to withdraw…

It’s ok to take time answering..

It’s ok to unplug when you want to do so..

It’s ok to turtle..

to have a shell

to have a place to retreat to

to go slow

to peer

to pause

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Enjoy every moment..

It was always a huge gamble and risk in regards to little timbit.. The odds were never in favor of us getting our donut..  This was the last photo I have while expecting.. and I like it very much.. It will be a bitter-sweet photo for many years to come for me..

Thank you to everyone who has prayed and sent best wishes..  I am grateful beyond words for all your support..

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Zucchini Fruit with Pinnapple

I love this, for full recipes please read this page on making mock pinnapple..

Otherwise, enjoy the photo of the process! so so good, the extra juice was made into a amazing jelly!

2013-01-01 fall 2013 001 (600x449)2013-01-01 fall 2013 002 (600x450)2013-01-01 fall 2013 003 (600x450)2013-01-01 fall 2013 004 (600x450)2013-01-01 fall 2013 007 (600x450)2013-01-01 fall 2013 008 (600x450)2013-01-01 fall 2013 009 (600x450)

Peeling, chopping, cooking and then getting to have the last bit as a amazing treat! Love, Love this recipe that use’s up those nice big Zucchini and turns it into amazing canned winter fruit of the highest quality!

While I still adore this tradional way of making this fruit, I have since come across two fun ways to use it..

One : add a package of your favorite flavoured jello.. and turn the fruit into a different flavour.. raspberry or cherry or blueberry.. you get the idea!

Two: take the flavoured colored fruit out and dry it down into zucchini gummy’s..  so good.. adults and kids alike love it!

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