Making Candy Cane Bark for Holidays

Making different kinds of Chocolate bark is so easy for the holidays, good for snack tray or a small bag made up for a stocking stuffer, or as part of a host gift. or you can make a favorite and leave it bar form for the kids to break apart in the bag themselves!

White chocolate melting chips were gotten at the bulk barn, one of the best places to get all your kinds of melting chocolate chips from as well as a huge selection of choices to make your bark with. in this case crushed candy cane.

It seemed fitting to make a dried Cherry and Almond bark next, this one is very popular, also can use cranberries instead of cherry to cut the cost some.

Simple and easy to make, can even send your guest home with a little gift bag of a mix of white, milk and dark chocolate barks.

I used a serving tray with different sizes, I made the candy cane one long and thin bark and I made the other two loaded with dried cherries and almonds and made it twice as thick. Pick your tray be it a loaf pan, a pie pan or if push come shove, just make a mold out of your tin foil as long as it’s on a pick up board, plate.

The joy of making your own bark is you pick the kind of chocolate, you pick the filling, and you pick the thickness of the end product.. it’s all about what you like..

Melt your chocolate in a pot, bowl over top a pot of water or if you microwave, slow short bursts of heat and then stir till it’s all melted..  Please remember to get melting chocolate for this type of project, it just makes your life so much easier.

Pour over top.. shake your tin to settle the chocolate and then put in the freezer or fridge, in my case I put it out into a snow bank on one of my lawn chairs to freeze up.. Once its cooled and hardened back up, it will peel off the edges and be ready to just turn over.. Then you can cut it.. I like to cut it in half or thirds and then into triangles, it will break off uneven but give your nice looking pieces.

This is a great kids project as they can help pick out the type of chocolate an what goes in it 🙂


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Farmgal’s Christmas Journal December 2018

Dec 4th

Woke up to a sunny day. It was a cold one with a nasty wind if you were out in it.. but in the house, the warm sunlight poured in the windows. The horse’s parked themselves on the non-wind sun side of the barn and basked in the warmth.

Paris was down right frisky today, she seemed to love the sun big time! For such a little package she sure can express herself!

The mail lady pulled in and gave me a box which when opened was from Big Brother and Family in our house to house gift swaps. The girls are enjoying their Jelly Bean Advent gift but I have been told that they are not doing well on the sharing of them. Its my understanding that they helped pick out the gifts, which is so sweet and I am excited to see what we got when we open the gift box.

Worked on my soup, its one of those two day soups.. make the bone broth/slow simmer the smoke hock for hours and soak and then simmer the navy beans.. I will cool and remove a good amount of the fat from the soup before starting on part 2 tomorrow.

Baked a upside down Chocolate Pear Cake to give hubby something to take to work and snack on.

I keep looking at my fish tank and wondering if I could throw a few plants on the top of that water and grow some food.. lol I have seeds sprouting, I have trays of greens and more growing. If nothing else, when I do the water changes, I can use the fish water to feed the plants to give them a boost that way.

Today was 12 days after surgery for Miss Sofie so we took her stitches out.. she was good girl and purred while hubby petted her and I had it done in under a min or less. She is healing nicely, I know she will be very excited to get to come and go outside more.  It was sure easier then the trip to and back from the vets. I am so glad that my vet trusts me to do some of these little things.

Dec 5th

Good morning, Its lightly snowing again, its not to cold but the wind is bitter today. I got busy on the house stuff, did bundle up and did extra dog run/training for the farm hounds.

Needed to make dog cookies today, running low.. Pumpkin was my choice.

Made a loaf of bread with enough extra to do something with it.. just not sure what I am going to make with it yet. More snow and move shoveling.. did a practise video or 4 trying to work on my speaking on camera. Practised some self care and gave my hair a egg yolk treatment after some outside work did the dishes I had saved so I could heat up my hands in the warm soapy water 🙂 You know winter has arrived when you get excited about doing the dishes lol

I am on day three of five of a “free” mini course challenge and so far I hate it.. well maybe hate is to strong of word.. While I am sure the lady doing the challenge is  nice in real life, she rubs me wrong like a cat being pet backwards LOL  Honestly if she talked in real life in the same way, I honestly would not be able to be more then a smile, nod and run like heck.

Now that does not mean that I am slacking.. I am doing the work, I am writing it out, I am working it, I am listening to her talking, giving up a crazy amount of my very limited data to listen to her prattle on in most cases. Its a lot of fluff and not nearly much grit..

However I will admit that the every now and again, I jot something down on my paperwork that I do think could be useful in the future. Given her goal is to make me want to hire her and pay a good amount of money, she has already failed with me.. I would never hire her.. but I will work the last two days and see what else I can glean.. No quitting now!

Dec 6th

Snow baby Snow.. Shovel Farmgal Shovel lol

I got my soup finished and canned up. Needed to put a new ring in the canner but the old one certainly earned its way. I worked on the farm, got a delivery from Canada Post, my new kitchen wallpaper border arrived as did the new kitchen door handles. Sometimes a  bit of new paint, a new border and handles is just what you need to update the look. We had done a lot of new stuff in the kitchen but the last time I painted the cupboards was four years ago and they needed a fresh coat and I decided there was to much brown.. so I added a big pop of color..

Sorry, you are going to have to wait till its done 🙂

Got two coats of paint on some and only one on others and I will need three to finish the job.

Dec 7th

What a grand day, got busy in the morning on regular chores and such.. I had headed to bed early and hubby had left the eggs for me.. Look what was waiting for me. Two new little wee pullet hens are starting to lay.. one is a green and one is light brown..

I had company arrive for lunch, I had made a lovely pork stew with dumplings and she arrived with fresh bread and yummy homemade bread crumbs. We had one of those awesome power girl days, where the idea’s flowed.

Picked up my new glasses, I will grab a photo in daylight for you soon. Had to drive all the way into the city to get to a shop that has a bathing suit in my size, cuz I am having a spa day soon! I have never been to a spa like this and I am quite excited to be honest!

WOW have the costs of bathing suits gone up.. I had to pay full price because the store removed the sales racks until after boxing day week! You could have knocked me over with a feather, all the sale items are boxed up and in the back.. they will have NO SALES RACKS for the Christmas season sales.

I have never seen a store do that and you can bet your bottom dollar that I will be writing them. So I did get a cute suit and I will find ways to wear the heck out it over the next couple years at that cost!

So excited despite the -2o plus weather we finally have clear sky’s tonight and we are having our first viewing on hubby’s new telescope. I hope that the view is worth the freeze LOL






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Friday Rambles around the kitchen table


So come on in and grab hot coffee.. it’s a loaded campfire coffee this morning, that means very strong coffee with lots of sugar and milk in it.  The cold came back last night and burr out there today and even colder tonight.

The news has certainly given me way to much to ramble about this, but how to choose between them.. I swear today you could throw a dart blindfolded and hit something that makes you go WHAT?

Lets go with a hot topic this week! Baby its Cold outside!

So this song was written in a very different time then we live in, it was a time when a good girl could not stay even if she wanted to..  It was written by a husband and wife team who sang it back and forth at parties.

This week it was banned from the airwaves by all three major media networks in Canada, effectively removing it from the Canadian radio. The reason for this ban, it’s not longer a song that can be on air due to the Metoo movement.

Now the big issue that I keep hearing about is What’s in this Drink and No, No, No

What’s in this drink?  At that time in history, saying what’s in this drink was NOT asking if they put something in the drink! it meant.. Whoo.. this drink is hitting me now..

it was a common saying at the time in 40’s that meaning has changed in our times. If you listen to the song, she says to him.. well, just another half drink and he says put on the music babe.

Compare that to where we now!

Having girls getting plastic slips over their drinks to protect them from someone slipping something in.  Date rape is not something to be causal about! I think like most of us who are women, if we are being honest. Almost all of us have had a hand where we didn’t want it, a come on that was to pushy, and for a lot of us, at least one time or two times where things got ugly.

I get it, I do.. I read the song with fresh 2018 Me too eyes and I am not going to hide it.. I expect it would be fair to say that there could be trigger’s there for some.

If we took out everyone’s triggers, when it comes to the arts in all forms it would be a sad world we live in. I was reading one of my favorite authors new book and the scene where she takes out her wee babies box and hold’s her little shoes and tells the new loves of her life about the loss of her daughter triggered me so hard, I was a wreck..

I finally had to go get my own box’s out and hold cloths, shoes, look at little hands and feet pressed in plaster and cry it out..

Triggers are nasty, messy things and they can just be waiting to pop up and turn us on our heads. So I say again, I respect that this song COULD be an issue for some.

The slippery slope comes in when the powers that be “protect” us from choice.. after 40 years, nope, we will ban that song from the radio waves to protect you..

Wait!! WTF

That’s not protecting us!

That’s taking away our choice, that is taking away our voice to choose.. I have songs I will not listen to..(have you heard some of the things in rap, metal or even some of the new country songs these days) I can turn the radio off, I can choose to not own or play that CD, I can choose to change the channel.

When you remove it, you are removing my ability to choose!

This is a music example of a book banning!

O don’t worry folks, it’s still available, it’s just banned from the public space!  I remember fighting AGAINST this in the 80’s.. when they banned this book or that book from the school, from the public library. Its available but not in a public space.. sounds way to close to me!

Here is what I say.. STOP IT!

They wonder why we are up in arms over this choice, they wonder why we are fighting back, they wonder why we are making a big deal out of it..


I will continue to listen to this song on my Christmas CD’s I counted and I have ten of them that have this song on it.. It’s a catchy song when listen to with half an ear, I still think it’s of a romance song going back and forth between two willing people who want to be together where its only what “outside” people thoughts or gossip is the only thing that stops them from coming right out and just having a fun night. (it was the 40’s folks.. a good girl did NOT spend the night with her boyfriend alone)

I worry that this is only the tip of the iceberg, what will be the next painting, book, movie or song that will be “white washed/removed/blocked/banned” to protect us from our history.

Our History books show time and again, that this type of thing is a VERY slippery slope and it tends to lead to far more issues than it cures.

So I am going to keep an open mind here, I promise to really think about anyone answers, do you think that items that are considered part of the “arts” should be hidden if they no longer match our “current” views?





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How often do you need to change your pressure canner rings?

So according to the company you should change your rings out yearly..  They are easy enough to get, just order them in for your size, they come with a new pressure plug as well. Most home hardware stores will order them in for you. Canadian Tire will locally for me and of course you can get them direct from the company itself off amazon.

Farmgal Tip of the Day  

Keep as many extra’s as you have canners in storage. This way in the middle of canning season you will not be caught short waiting for something to arrive when you need it NOW!

Ok so I have to give a warning on this.. the canning police are going to hate me for what I am about to tell you..

This is my 8 Year old pressure canning ring and its just getting changed out for the first time since I got this pressure canner.

I am a big waste not, want not kind of gal, why should I change out something that is working perfectly fine. I use a weight on my pressure canners, I know they are holding pressure, I know that the food it safely canned

On my last canning with this canner, I noticed it didn’t come up to pressure quite as fast as normal, I pretty much have this down, so I did wonder if the stove was acting up but it came up to pressure and I locked it in.. it rocked but not perfectly.. or I should say, it rocked but not perfectly for what I KNOW and so I was really now giving it the eye and I started checking and sure enough.. there on the one spot was a tiny droplet of water coming out and down the side..

Now I have to admit that I was worried about it, but the pressure was holding and I was doing a fast 25 min canning load, so I let it run its course.  However I knew it was time to order in new rings because 2 is 1 and 1 is none!

I had someone once says to me, you must not do much canning if your rings last a long time, haha.. I can about 1200 to 1500 jars a year and at least half of them are pressure canned, with the rest being water bathed.  Even if you want to round that up to 600 jars, that’s around 33 loads a year. I think most folks will agree that is putting my pressure canner a good run for the money each year. That means on average.. this ring has done around 264 loads over its 8 year run!

I do have a few things I always do, I do add a tiny bit of vinegar to the water (I use it to help with minerals in the water) but just as important in case of fat, it cuts it as well, this is very important in terms of gumming things up.

I always check this by holding it up to see the light though it and if I think there is anything at all, I will run a toothpick though it a few times and then blow though it and check it again.

I take the ring out and wash it, and I wash the lid but then I always put the ring back into the lid, if its longer term storage, it can get a light oiling but most of the time I use it enough that I don’t do anything other then give it a good wash/rinse (I always rinse this) and air dry it and in it goes.

If your canner will not hold pressure, clearly at that point you need to stop, let it finish coming down and then put in your new one and redo your batch.  I was lucky that my ring gave me a warning that it was done but it didn’t fail per say.

So tell me, do you change yours yearly? Do you keep a spare or two? Do you keep using yours until it needs to be replaced and if so, what was the longest you got out of a ring?

or are you one of those lucky ones that spent the extra money and got the all American and rings are not a issue for you 🙂


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Farmgal’s Chit-Chat Vlogs “Test”

Dang its hard to figure out a new name that ideally will stick around for a awhile. One of my new projects for the coming year is to do short once a week vlogs..

I can see that this will take some practice and planning to get better at but hey that part of the fun right!

On with the show, let me know how I did on my first test one, I know I need to do better on lighting and not having the fan go round. its harder then you think to do a straight no edit 3 to 5 minute talk. I can see why it will be important to edit at times but I also like the truth in a single take.


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How to make Pumpkin Dog Cookie Treats

Easy Pumpkin Dog Cookies

Now this will not work if you have your dogs on grain free diet but if they can eat grains without issues.. this is a simple 3 ingredient homemade dog cookie that my guys all love to get as a treat.

  • One cup of pure pumpkin (not spiced)
  • One and half cup whole wheat flour
  • One large egg

That’s it folks.. Blend it together until if forms a ball, I split it into two to work on the roll out and cutting the cookies.  you will need more flour to dust your cutting board and your dough while you roll it out..

Use a small cookie cutter of your choice or if you want squares, use a pizza cutter to make lines

Place on a ungreased cookie tray. Bake for 15 to 18 minutes at 350. For a softer Dog cookie, remove from oven and cool on wire racks, for harder dog treats, allow to cool in the oven and let them set for at least a couple hours.

These are fresh cookies and they will not hold for that long in a cupboard, my dogs eat them pretty fast, but they will last 7 to 10 days in the fridge easily.. I run out of them before I have kept them to long.

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World Soil Day Dec 5th 2018

Today is officially World Soil Day! Its only the fourth such day, I find that amazing that it was only in 2014 that we as a collective around the world decided that soil was important enough that it needed its own UN program, countries to sign on during the paris accord and to get it own “day”

I find this both amusing and SAD, I can assure you that soil has been important for thousands of years.. and that we as humans have been able to grasp that for as long as we have been connected to our food growing systems.

That of course is the very issue right there! While most 3rd world countries are still far more connected directly to their food supply.. most of us in first world countries that is sadly not the case.

Even those that buy directly from farms in CSA baskets, or those that shop at the local farmers market, or those that buy organic good food boxes are all still missing this critical piece of the puzzle..

Soil is life.. and life in many ways is soil *1

Most people understand the loss of top soil, they can grasp this easily enough, drive by an empty turned farmers field when the wind is blowing and you can SEE the top soil moving.

Look at water movement and you can see the top soil being moved, shifted and washed away.  Peaple sweep their sideways or other hard surfaces and they understand that the soil they are sweeping is top soil.

What is harder for people to grasp is that soil can die.  It’s such a strange thing to say but soil can in fact die, it can be poisoned, it can be soured, it can be salted and it can be reduced to inorganic matter. *2

All of them mean the same thing, it means that time in space it is in effect died to the point that it does not produce even on a micro level in a way that supports life.

I hope that you take a moment to really think about that.. in war at one time in history, they would salt the ground to prevent them from being able to grow crops as they knew that without live active soil.. they could destroy the people who lived in that area.

We treat soil today very poorly indeed.  So this step up that countries are signing on and starting to understand that it’s not just the cash crops that have value but point in fact the soil and its health matter as well.

Of course it appears to have taken the science proven on the fact that done properly that soil can be a carbon capture in regards to helping deal with climate change before they were willing to make this change.

Just writing that statement makes me want to shake my head and fist to the sky and moan..

Sadly I must admit that not all soil can be saved quickly, not all soil’s can just be fixed in our lifetimes but at least we can all take comfort in the fact that the odds are that time will be able to do what we can not.. soil will live on long after we have crossed over.

So lets flip this around a bit shall we.. While nature will when given a chance create new top soil. If you want it to happen a lot faster.. it’s on us!

You know that we can in fact grow soil, that we can in fact make soil come alive again, that we are taking compost that is thriving and teeming with life and move it over to restart poorly treated soil.

A friend of mine and I were talking one day about something to do with soil/adding compost and we talked about grabbing shovels of good soil to intermix into the new bed to give it a boost to its start.

So how do we go about fixing our soil? Well that is a lot more in-depth knowledge needed then this post is going to go into but it has got me thinking.. I am starting a whole new area in my yard and I will be doing a lot of different things to make that area ready.

Without seeing this world soil day and then doing a bit of reading on it, I would have done it without even thinking about share those needed but “plain” steps.  This day and writing this post has made me decide that I should in fact share it in far more detail.

I am not sure how many single posts/video’s it will lead to overall. I will figure out a way to create a collector post that brings them back all together.

*1 Yes, I am aware that you can grow using hydroponic processes.

*2  While “dirt” is made up of many things, not all of it is living or organic which is why I wanted to point out that we can in fact have mass while not having life.

I am not sure what I want to ask as my question on todays post, so lets just go simple, have you heard of world soil day? What does it mean to you?



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Farmgal’s Christmas Journal December 2018

Thank you for the feedback dear readers, I heard you loud and clear. Folks are liking my little day to day journal. While the days posted will flex, I am aiming for two a week posting of the journal updates, so on average every 3 to 4 days.

So there might be double posting on the same day at times. 🙂

Dec 1st

How did that happen, one more month till the end of the year! wow.. time just flying by.

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas, well outside at least, Saturday, we had friends over for the day, they arrived mid morning and we were doing chores after 8 quite late, but we had planned for that and give out extra on the morning chore time. I went to the only butcher that I will buy from and got a smoked pork hock.. we are going to be making a hearty dish indeed and pressure canning up loads of extras

Dec 2nd

Ah, it was a freezing rain day, a hunker down, sleep in with warm fur critters and then a slow stretch up in the morning, it was a bacon, eggs and fresh pastry brunch with eggnog on the side..

Bittersweet memory filled my facebook feed. I miss my Brandy Girl, I know it was the right thing to help her cross over.

She took such good care of my hubby! I have so many good times with my girl before her pain changed her..

We headed to town as we had made a deal for a load of canning jars.. boxes and boxes and more boxes were loaded into the car. We also went to the fish store and came home with more plants and fish for the tank.. Blue Bruce seems to like the company.

There is one “bully” fish in the new ones, I will give it a chance to settle but its on limited time, I do not allow meanness in the sheep flock or the chickens or mean rabbits and I will not allow a mean one in my tank either.

Got Paris a new little winter coat for when she goes out.. she looks right smart in her pink camo.. she is a wee farm girl now!

Dec 3rd

The alarm went off an the day started and then hubby came back to bed and went nope, staying home today to work from home, that changed my days plans, I went from now music up loud, Bread making day to quiet writing day.

It was a cold wet, snowy day with a bitter winds that cut though you, just nasty for everyone, so of course it was a great day to have a new litter of rabbit kits.. momma had pulled a massive nest of fluffy fur and her bigger sleep box was filled with fresh hay, a no look feel only check allowed my fingers to feel a pile of warm kits with full bellies. Looks like pudge should be a good mom, she was bred with brownie.

I have been on the hunt for my present, I am getting a new camera, I love my phone its awesome, and I have a gone thought many smaller farm digital camera over the years and expect that will still happen.

However this is a meet in the middle between the crazy amazing non digital high-end that my dad gifted me years ago that take outstanding photos and my small point and shoot. I want to challenge myself in 2019 to take more photos, on the farm, on my trips and really push myself in regards to at least some of my food photos.

Hubby told me I could match him for his present but I was able to find what I wanted for a lot less and I god I got it at 38% off and free shipping of course. I read and watched a number of overviews and it would appear this is used by lots of bloggers and folks that make YouTube video’s. I want to show you more of the farm in video.. one of the big selling is that this camera will work in very low lighting, so I am hoping to get a lamb being born or a chick hatching or bees in flowers.

I am very excited at the zoom on this camera and also on its ability to be moved to a wide angle for overview photos.. it will be fun to learn how to work it, I have never had this brand before. I am normally a Nikon girl, but they just didn’t have what I wanted at the price point and they were just not going on sale!





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Why you should keeping a Garden Journal

Why you should keep a garden journal from year to year.  Its so important to your garden and your knowledge on what you planted, what you got in return.

Now if you want to go with a fancy app that lets you plan your garden by slotting in this or that, and getting updates on when you should be changing your plantings! Go for it.. I have had ladies sit down with me and whip out the I=pad and show me their pretty gardens to be.

If you want to google free garden planter and lots of garden/homestead blogs will pop up for you and offer you a free one if you join their mailing list and more!

If you want to head to amazon, you can find garden journals for sale, they will have the most amazing detailed pages that you just fill out, if you want that structure, its there for you!

I am going to make a different recommendation..

Get a journal, cheap is fine as long as it’s a hard covered and ideally has a built in page holder. It should not be to big, the hard cover should not be so thick that you can not get a pen to clip on it.

When you work your soil, write it down.. slip in notes on weather, write down what seeds you used (if you have a stapler, just clip the package to the page) if you used it all.. this works great for when you use new kinds. Write down issues with it.  Do as many pages for as many plots as you need, make a single page for one thing.

The second thing you ideally need for your farm journal is your camera, if you have one, be it on your phone or be it a digital one.. snap photos every two weeks, weekly is even better and once a month is min.

So remember to grab your garden book and your camera for your coming garden season of 2019. Its going to be a fun year in the gardens. We are going to have weather challenges that will push us but if you feed the soil, if you are willing to learn how to work with some of these challenges, if you are willing to try new plants and adjust your meals plans..

2019 could be our best year yet in on the land!

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November No Buy Finish up.

Nov 28th

It was a busy day here on the farm, the morning was spent doing the normal weds things, I did some banking, I did some cleaning and so forth. This lovely photo came up on the Facebook memory’s. It was a reminder once again that winter has arrived very early this year. Normally we do not even have snow on the ground yet.. just cold crispy foggy mornings.

The afternoon was taken up going to get our eyes checked and new glasses picked out, it had been two years since we had done so. Both of us needed new glasses, which in truth we both knew and were proven right. Thankfully a large portion of the cost is covered by work insurance but of course you must pay upfront and then wait for the money to come back to you!

And with this we finished! the second saving challenge for our belt-tightening for Nov! I was able to save enough that the percent of both the test and glasses and the taxes which are not covered were saved and paid out in full!

We also picked up a secret Santa for seniors living in retirement homes in our local community. The folks said that most of the people where picking to buy for the ladies so we picked an elderly gentleman to gift to. He asked for a warm quilt for his twin bed, so I thought I would be smart and go to the local store, pick it out, get it into its big open Christmas gift bag with tissue and right back to them.. nope.. only two twin’s at the store and both flowers and very much for ladies.

Nov 29th

It was a horse related morning, I was up bright and early to get things ready for the farrier to arrive. Got a message that he was running late so the horse’s got some extra hay and stand nicely at your post tied training. Then they got their feet done. They are both heading into winter in good weight but not heavy, and their feet are looking good. I am happy as its always hard when we have our “wet” time. I struggle to not have their feet soften to much when we are in mud season. They do have dry area’s in the barn of course but they are both very much, we will stand out here in the weather then go in unless they have to.

Got the news on the truck and its not good.. the truck is done.. it can be a parts truck or a bush truck but its off the road.. sigh!

The afternoon was spent doing a working consult over the phone with a couple folks and a great visit with a friend as well.. the rest of the day was just normal farm stuff!

Nov 30th


I love my photos of my grandfather in his garden!  This was their backyard after they moved to town and grandpa had retired.. I have many fond memories of visiting with him in the raspberry patch. I think almost all of us Grandchildren do 🙂

I was excited to get my first seed order in the mail today! It was loaded with lots of steady as you go seeds and a number of new ones to me that had been carefully picked to work out some of the climate issues we have been having over the past couple years and I expect will become the norm.. more on things that will be done coming in future posts.

I got my chore’s done and then a dear friend came, she arrived with a still warm lovely baked treat and we have a girl day visit/lunch and it was so nice to get to see her.

We had company for Saturday as well both for lunch and supper.. it was nice to see them

I have to admit that it was lovely to get to go shopping for grocery’s on Saturday morning for my company. I added in some fresh items for the planned dishes.

The month was a success in the sense of saving money on not shopping for groceries, not doing little extras that all add up quickly to a larger amount then most of us expect.

However it was not a true no spend month, I did some sale shopping. I call it a success even if I didn’t get really hard-nosed about it.

I do have a question for you folks. I have had great readership on my posts that have tracked my little daily reports.. is this something folks would like to see me continue.. between once or twice a week, share the farm journal?



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