Tracks in the snow..

Perfect tracking snow this morning.. and I am out doing chore’s and I am just doing.. the doggy tracks are so common that I don’t Blink. as I take a certain path I think.. huh.. in a area, something has turned the snow, and soil and bits of plant stuff is showing.. odd.. then I look at the one set of tracks and go.. those are big.. those led to the rabbit hutches and I stop..

and now I am awake, I have only put the hounds out into the fenced in dog side yard so far this morning, we have fresh clean snow.. those are not dog tracks.. They are Coy-wolf trays, they are more coyote then like then wolf..


And they checked out every thing.. all the pens.. Look someone dug a tiny bit by the goat pen.. and then stopped when they hit the buried railroad tie..

All critters are safe and sound.. but what about that mussed and dug up area.. took me a bit, but I finally figured it out.. its where I butchered birds and while there was not a single feather or bone or anything left there, its where I let the blood go back to feed the soil..

They were following their nose and where trying to see if there was anything else.. they came out of the local woods, right up my driveway, all over my front yard, little barn and back out across the big pasture..

Glad my sheep and all were locked up for the night, they are out today but I will lock them in again tonight when it gets dark.

I will see if I can get any clean prints to take photos of, but I didn’t think to take any this morning..

Hopefully they will not be back tonight..



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Foggy Morning Rolls in..


It was a foggy Morning, it was awesomely thick, with a stunning sun filling up the sky at the same time..

dscn0510I love the distance photo, I snapped it from my front step with my longest zoom.. it was everything I hoped it would be..

I had to go around and crack water in barrels and buckets, it was a good thick layer in some cases at least two inches thick..

We got snow, I shoveled steps and path’s, on the tarps, it was just over another six inches, I was surprised to find that it was able to hit the tops of my hiking boots in drifted areas..

With Hubby currently traveling, I am both in hunker down mode and have good friends also coming for visits and checking in daily🙂

Hoping and planning to do more of my Christmas baking that will go into the freezer to be used in baskets or trays, today I have a laundry basket full of thawed out meat that will be trimmed and then canned up, there will be happy hounds as they chew on meaty bones today..


Do you have snow yet? if so how much?

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Honey Toffee with Spruce an Almonds

Grand Fir Dark Nougat: A Touch of Solstice Magic

The above site was the read that got me working on this, I am not sure I made it right, but its so good my way, I am just not worried about it..

  • 1 cup Pumpkin Flower Honey
  • 1.4th cup of my best blue spruce with under notes of lemon
  • 2 cups whole almonds

One buttered dish..


This mix loved  to foam up at the start for at least ten min.. so deep sided pan and don’t leave it!

Add all your honey, your bruised spruce needles and the nuts together, bring to boil an then reduce heat till at steady easy boil


It need lots of stirring, the color will change from creamy to darker and darker.. now I tasted the sauce and thought needs salt, then I thought hmm.. before changing anything, try it together an I had sauce, nut and spruce bit, o my goodness the flavour combo is knock your socks off good.. boil till you get full soft ball stage in your cup of cold water.. pour into your buttered pan, put more fresh spruce on top.. let cool, slice, wrap in wax paper and treat out.


As I made this with a friend, had to try before really ready..  it didn’t matter.. it was awesome..

I am sure I failed at the nouget part lol


but I nailed the spruce almond soft Honey Toffee! those that get these in their xmas presents will be in for a treat for sure

I am going to make this spruce honey toffee again, dropping it on freshly toasted walnuts, drop of chocolate with salted tops, I will share but I think it will be amazing!


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Potato Hash Recipe

Now I love my fried grated potato’s, we have talked about rinsing them till the water runs clear for those perfect crunchy ones, we have talked about my families version of germen potato’s where they are crunchy and brown on the outside and creamy an soft on the inside with eggs, flour and spices served with sour cream, cheese or bacon bits.


I am calling this one a Potato Hash, its a full meal and its thick stick to your ribs, this was large portions for two people, but we were hungry, double for a 4 person or serve with some thing else with these split into four portions


  • six medium potato, I took out the bits needed, washed and grated them with skins on
  • 1 large onion, peeled and grated
  • 1 large carrot or one small sweet potato, your choice peeled and grated
  • 2 cups of fresh sprouts (this would be equal to one of the little trays from the store) or any other sweet green, not a strong green.. you want the health punch without the green being able to take out the sweetness of the carrot or the sweet potato.
  • 2 large eggs,  love the color of my farm eggs, the hens are nibbling on the hay
  • 1 tsp of seasoning salt, 2 tbsp. of a basic herb-garlic mix
  • 1 tsp of ground pepper, less if you want less heat


Mix this very well, you want those sprouts evening spread though it.. no clumps of any one things, heat your biggest cast iron and put in some lard or olive oil and when its heated, put in your mix and press it level and then cook 8 to 10 min on each side with a lid on but cracked to the side on med-high heat..  when you go to flip, score them into four and flip each section.. with this much its just a touch to thick to do a full pan flip..

We didn’t add anything else to it.. you could put a bit of cheese on, you could serve with sour cream and green onion but we devoured it as it was and loved it!

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Winter arrived overnight!

The DH had taken Friday off so we had a three days weekend on the farm and we got busy..  you have seen some of the photos over the weekend..

Rabbit hutches got a re-work, new wire floors for some, new roofs for others, all got the big clean, and the winter stuffing of bedding on the big inside box’s, the rabbits were wormed the week before, so we are heading into winter with Big Girl (white with brown eyes) Breed to Black Buck

Blackie (Black Doe breed to a Black Buck that has since been sent to butcher camp.

Moon (Black Doe) who was breed to Brown Boy who also went to butcher camp, leaving me with Snowman for my main Buck for the winter.. a huge! Buck with pink eyes.. This means that if I choose to keep back any does from these litters, they can all be bred back to Snowman.


So then we moved on to the goats, we did another pen cleanout which was fast and easy as it was less then a week of build up to clean out, and then we re-bedded down their goat house, and then I gave them a raised outdoor pallet with bedding in a sheltered spot but with full sun for when they want to sit in the sun.. We also did them a makeshift but effective Hay feeder, I expect that I will cut a few of the wires carefully and make two of the feeding holes bigger so that they can get it all from bottom. We took one of the older rabbit roof’s and make a solid floor for them stand on, as its all raised off on the pallet.


The goats got taped, wormed and Jack’s one foot got a bit of more of a trim..

Checkout how happy the ducks look with their new hut..  I am greatly amused that the big Drake is hiding in the hut and that all three females are out in the snow.. but mostly I am just glad that they are using it when it gets dark out and are warm and dry when they choose to be.


We needed to do repair work both in the little barn but it was all minor but time consuming at the same time, cleaning a bit, new straw bales put out, and new hinges on doors and this and that.. everything takes time🙂


Our faithful farm cats trailed us all over the farm, even today with all the snow, they still needed to come with us while we did morning chores

Then came the big barn.. it needed more repairs, we had a fair amount of work needed to be done in one of the bigger stalls, Brandy was not a happy girl when she got put in her stall this summer and kicked the wall doing a goodly amount of damage, it got a patch job which was not bad but then we put Caleb in and he decided that the patch job was a funny haha, and broke out.. needless to say we needed a big repair job before winter hit, and so we rebuilt that whole half way, re-done, as well as re-enforced, new window frame and all the summer windows were all set with their winter frames and their double plastic, the rest of the old barn was looked though and a few other small things repaired.

We got our huge healthy and growing Calf Bull-winkle moved from the big sheep pen to Caleb’s big winter stall for the moment and we filled the big hay feeder and called the sheep in for the big storm coming in..


I can move the calf to a smaller stall if I need to but as Caleb much prefers to have 24 indoor and outdoor access, we touched up his big lean to area and put out more bedding for him, didn’t need much as we had just done it in the past weeks, we prepped his hay feeder so that if a bad storm is coming in, I can just slid some of the hay we moved into the big barn and put it in the back for him.. he has a winter coat in but not quite as much or as thick as I would like yet and he is not a easy horse to blanket.. only in the very coldest part of winter will he even consider blanket or stall. He came on the trot for his apples despite the weather🙂

Last night, I got a call from a friend on the road not far from the farm, to give me the heads up that a huge stunning coy-wolf female trailing her yearling pups behind her was coming my way.. love friends that would think to let me know.. It was all good, everyone was locked up tight -safe and sounds, the barn cats were snug in their straw area in the little barn, we did a head count and blocked the kitty door for the night, the farm cats were called and into the house the rest came, the locks were checked on gates and pens, the big barn door was chained shut and we took the hounds out for a good night marking of the farm..


Good to remind them that this land is taken and move on by!  Then it was time for a hearty supper.


Recipe post coming right after this one.. Potato Hash..


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Your just messing with me :)

I am trying to push myself this coming year in regards to my photos.. try new things, try new angles, textures and more.. Caleb was my model today.. what a good sport! I thought the tootoo would go…

Source: Your just messing with me🙂

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Presents .. Prespective..


The door to the truck was open, to this wonderful hound, this was a huge present..  sitting in the seat, waiting to see where we were going..  ( I had to drive him to the running road and back.. cuz.. can we say sweet!)

For my momma, I have sent her 25 cards with a lovely handwritten note inside with photos from the past year..  Each day we talk on the phone as she opens them and read them aloud together.. this to me is a gift that gives back.. I like the feeling of being closer to my mom.

I did wrap up the gifts that are flying out with hubby on his trip..


There is a wee stocking gift, and then a funny little gift and then the one bigger gift.. all color coded per person🙂

and then there are gifts that come in each day..


I am up to four or five fresh eggs a day at the moment, and its increasing by the week, which is great as I have nine hens, the 5 young hens are just starting to lay and they will go all winter long.

I hope that in this season, that you will all remember that there are little gifts all around and most of them do not come from a store🙂




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Pink Himalayan Salt Rock

So I was at the feed store, getting Caleb his wormer and the gentleman said, have you seen these hanging Pink Himalayan Salt Rock for the horses..  Now this block of salt costs more then the big sa…

Source: Pink Himalayan Salt Rock

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Great Morning on the farm..

So the rabbit hutches got their winter upgrades, two of them got their floors rewired (more on that later this week) and two got full new roofs for them..  Blackie is already showing her tummy is getting bigger by the day.. new kits soon.. I can’t wait to see what she had colorwise


Blue had to come along and give a helping hand in all ways including jumping up and into the rabbit hutches.. silly boy..

The goats are doing well.. Juno was breed the first week of sept by Jack and has not come back into heat since, so that means she is three months already this week, that is a amazing to me as I still have sheep being bred this week for spring lambs. Granted I also have a few ewes that are three months along as well.


Her son Crème is a sweetheart of a altered boy, I am in the strange part of the process where I am connected and adore him and also working on trying to disconnect as he is to got to freezer camp soon..  or maybe I will keep him as a buddy for Jack.. we will see..

dscn0281The Seb geese trio are settled in so well now.. they are moved to their winter digs, they have their nice big new straw bale winter house and they didn’t even wait for the roof, they just went right in and settled down for a nap..


They are truly the sweetest, calmest most gentle geese I have ever meet.. As both are proven mothers, I am looking forward to getting each its own hut in the spring and for nice big batches of goslings.

Well, my coffee is done, fresh dark eggs , the hens are nibbling on the goats hay and so the eggs are so dark, with some chipped canned pork with grated spuds as a very hearty omlet for lunch..  time to get back at it..

Man it gets dark early these days!

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Photo Friday -Purrpots


This is Freckles.. she is one lovely Ragdoll.. She had these two stunning babies with Sunny Cat this year before he was altered..


This big hunk of love is her son Patrick, he was fixed at six months and is one of the most gentle loving boys on the farm in the house and a total hunter outside just like his dad..  On a interesting twist, its their father Sunny that taught them to hunt, their mother showed them the kibble bowl lol


This massive fluffy and solid stunning calico is her daughter Faith, she is already 3 pounds heavier then her petite mom and has lots of growing to do yet..


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