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Garden Planning 2021

I am going to be planting a ton of flowers this coming year..  We need some pretty and I want to increase the ability to have flower full of vases. It has been very interesting to work on our garden … Continue reading

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Kitchen Garden 2021 (Jan)

On the first day of Jan 2021, it started to snow.. and this morning on the 2nd we woke up finally to a good winter snow cover.. I am crossing my fingers that the snow is here to stay, these … Continue reading

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Fruit Tree’s Nut Bushes and Pond Edging

Good Morning Folks.. I hope you had a great weekend! We had good weather for the whole weekend, I mean it was spring, moving between to cool, cold with wind and then hot with sun..  Having said that.. we were … Continue reading

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Wire Wormings in New Garden Area’s

Copied from the  U of Sask..  Its just to good information not to share! Potato wireworm in new garden beds Are you digging a new vegetable garden this year? Most of us love to plant root crops like potatoes in … Continue reading

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The Gal in the Garden Series 2019

This is the weekly overview of the gardens. I will still do detailed posts lots of different garden related subjects. I will bring them back and show cases them here on the weekly round-up. Happy first day of spring! 2019 … Continue reading

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A new Layered Food Hedge Row

Hubby and I worked together today to put the next two layers into this new coming hedge row. We have been working on this 40 foot by approx. three foot bed for a while this spring.. first we have to … Continue reading

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Sun Shining.. Bitter Winds.. Change in the air!

The heater in the living room has been turned off now, the sunlight pouring in the big windows heats it nicely during the day and while it does cool off during the evening, we are not the room at that … Continue reading

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CHC Canada 150 Food Blog Challange -Spring Green’s Burger Recipe

When the Challenge this month for the CHC Canada 150 Food Blog Challenge 2017 was the fresh foods of spring.  I knew that other folks minds would go to asparagus or rhubarb as those are the first foods of spring … Continue reading

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Keeping it real on the farm 2016

This was our lovely New Years Day Dinner, the works.. turkey, stuffing, mashed, green beans and gravy.. it was so good.. it was also a reminder that I only got 1 turkey baby on the farm.. one.. that’s it.. It … Continue reading

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Seeds order to date 2016 – Updated Version

Well, I think I am pretty much done shopping for new seeds, I will be attending a local to me seed swap, so that might bring more few but more likely I will be after locally produced seed for things … Continue reading

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