Squash or Climbing tunnels

This lovely photo/drawing is not mine, its from the site I bought mine from..  While I still would like to use Cattle Panels at some point in the future, they are proving harder to get and far more costly then I am comfortable with.. I have for years gone.. ya that would be great and then it just never happened.. 

However as a big goal for 2022 in the kitchen garden, the food forests and so on.. we are at the point that while we need to prune, mow paths and so on, things are planted and growing well, we have interplanting to do ( I am not sure that will ever really stop lol) but the “garden” area’s are well set up, so this year, its all about adding in vertical growth into a number of places within the already made gardens..  

I love these because they can be easily set up and taken down for storage, which means that I set them up in areas that have space now but that once things are grown in will not in a number of years to come, also I have some spots I have given much though to have a arch over and this allows me to do it and see if I do in fact like it there before its built and put into place.. a trail and test as they say.. 

We have 4 of these coming to the farm and into use this garden season and there will be photos and overviews given on them and how they worked for us.. 

Do you have a Squash tunnel? Do you have a cattle gate tunnel? A old trampline frame tunnel (I keep watching for one of these lol) or ?

I know that these are crazy popular in the garden box craze.. I swear its like there is a whole market that is working hard to make folks believe that they can’t just plant directly into the soil..  (Yes, I know boxes can make sense in certain times and places) and this is very sad to me because most of the time, we can directly plant and for those on a budget, the costs between the two is massive! 

I am not planning on only planting squash in these, I want to try different things on each one and see how it goes.. what would you grow on yours if you had one?

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4 Responses to Squash or Climbing tunnels

  1. valbjerke says:

    Those work well, I’ve used similar in the past. My only issue with them was the time it takes to ‘clean them up’ at the end of the season, pull the dead plant matter off and untangle it. I ended up switching to willow. We have a ton of swamp willow here that I cut branches off and fashion my own climbing apparatus. Then in the fall, the whole issue goes into the compost. Works well for peas, dry beans etc. I envy you can grow squash. I wish. Our season is simply too short, and too frost ridden. I’ve tried covering, green housing, transplants…makes me crazy. I would love to have a cool room full of squash in the winter.

    • I know how much work it is to do just that every year on the big bean teepee and like you I have lots of small willow or stick teepee’s or climbers etc.. they can last a single season or two. I did alot more when I had the two massive willow trees on the farm and I am growing replacement willows but it will be a while yet before I will have enough to work it in the gardens like I used to when I had the grandfather black willow trees.. I am grateful that I can grow squash, melons and pumpkins for sure.. I still struggle to get full seed production on certain kinds, often I will crack open a perfect looking one that I am excited about saving seed from only to find that the seeds are not developed fully.. the smaller ones tend to have enough time but its not a good thing to select the smaller over the years.. I am going to plant out more squash this year then usual as I am going to try to cut some feed costs for the fowl flock by growing and putting up and feeding out squash/pumpkins, fingers crossed for a good growing year!

  2. Silver says:

    We only have a little garden, which I landscaped last year. But if we’d dedicated the whole space to growing something I think this would definitely fit in there. I think I’d try squash or beans for something like this.

    • Hi Silver, for yeild return, I would for sure go beans, fresh eating for months if you get ones that just keep growing and flowering and picking, will give you much more bang for your buck then squash will, well one or two zuccinhi can also really produce and do well on climbers when grown and pruned that way

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