Hello Lockdown.. Brace for Impact 2022

Well the powers that be.. that run our province of ontario just informed us!

“BRACE FOR IMPACT” media report..  point in fact, that was one of the most honest reports of what we had now and what could be coming while admitting and point out different models.. 

So we are coming into another round of slow downs, lowered limited and in many cases lockdowns..  I just went and did a much more detailed reading.. this is not a moderate shuffle.. this takes us back to the March lockdown rules of 2021.. 

While the experts and so on is talking about 21 days, if you listened live.. the leader himself said.. this is going to be a very hard push for the next 3 to 4 months..  (again.. he tends to be more honest then he should at times) 

He flat out said, we can expect 20 to 30 percent of the workforce to be out sick in waves for the next 4 to 8 weeks at a min and that’s with the shift they did to take it from 10 days to 5 days

Now lets break that down for what it means for us..  very little to be honest at this point.. and I am not at all sure it will mean much for the next weeks to months, we had already figure this out and planned for it.. 

What it means for our community.. its massive, its heartbreaking for some, I know just how many peaple were holding on by their finger nails.. yesterday on the 1st day of the new year the pandemic rental freeze came off and across this big old province, all the landlords have sent notices of rent increases. With the lock downs, its fair to say that K recovery is in full forces, all the work from home will just keep on getting those paychecks.. 

HOWEVER the supports put in place in 2020, extended in 2021 are not there and what is there is designed to be not enough..  you see they figured out what the qoute “middle class makes” and they gave out the funds and danged if it turned out that for the lower income households 2000 per person, per month is more, in many cases, MUCH more then what many peaple make, plus they had massive savings while getting those funds, the kiddo’s came home,  no more daycare costs, no more before and after school costs no more extra school costs, no more commute costs, no more eating out, time to make meals, time to plan things out.. s

o many folks suddenly had the CHOICE and the results were seen on both sides.. some were able to get teeth fixed, new glasses and more.. bottom line, if you are used to living on 1200 a month with two working jobs and maybe a under the table side gig that makes a extra couple hundred, and you suddenly have a extra 1600 a month plus more under the table work (and don’t kid yourself, the amount of GREY grew hugely!) why would you go to work until you are forced to do so. 

I would like to tell you that they learned that a small basic income would go a long way to creating a more eqaul country helping all the peaple in lower income brackets but nope.. they are throwing the lower class to the wolves.. need to get them back to work, work with bad pay, work with bad hours, work with health risks, work that typically lead to physical issues..  Crack, Crack.. GET TO WORK.. the machine must chew on.. 

But its also not that simple.. o if it was only that simple..  no, no.. 180,000 small Business with the average of 1 to 50 staff have closed in the past 20 months and this! THIS will push that number in a massive way..  and they do not need loans, they need cash grants.. I am not at all sure they are going to get them..  the current 25% income loss to get even the smallest amount of staff or rental help from the feds and the red tape is massive.. 

We are not living a vacoom and this is not happening just here.. this is happening all over, even if we get lucky(ha NOT, its going to SUCK!) with just 3 months, the ripe effects are going to be felt in many ways for the rest of 2022.. 

All I can end this post with is..

if you had the ability, I hope you prepped,

if you can do so now, put up some extra,

if you can get side jobs lined up, take them, 

if you have the ability to do so in a safe way and you can offer small/med side jobs to those in the community, do so

if you can grow any of your own food, do it

if you can help those in need without creating hardship within your own household, do it..  

When possable give a hand up, not a hand out..  

Stay safe out there! 



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2 Responses to Hello Lockdown.. Brace for Impact 2022

  1. Silver says:

    The housing and rental market is just nuts over here. Properties for sale or rent are being snapped up like that, so people are posting in our local Facebook group asking if anyone knows of any houses for sale or rent before they are even listed on the market. We know the girls who lived at the houses down the path from us were forced to move out, as the landlord set the rent up beyond what they could afford. I understand that being a landlord is not a charity, but still, really? ><

    • We do have laws on how much they can raise it only so much per year over the next 4 years, still if you do reno’s on the units you can raise it even more so and once you get a longer term renter to move out, you can then reprice the unit.. Our housing market is crazy.. I mean Crazy.. our farm increased “vaiue on paper by 350,000 in the past two years” that is crazy and will effect our taxes.. but the city is worse.. everything is up.. the biggest issue is that you used to be able to find much more reasonable rental rates in the rural smaller towns but they are as high now as many places in the city..

      It could be worse but it still going to add up to extra rent for a lot of peaple..


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