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Lets talk about the farm’s Sugar use in 2016

So in 2016, we used a grand total of 126 pounds of sugar for coffee, tea, baking, canning and so forth.. My records show that approx. 76 pounds went into canning or curing items. Now it gets really trick at … Continue reading

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No Buy Feb Update-Week 1

What a challenging start to No Buy Feb, It seems like every time I turn around, I am having to say no..  it got to the point that even my dear hubby had a bit of a bad day over … Continue reading

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No Buy Feb 2017 – My Sixth Year..

Its amazing to me that we have been doing No Buy Feb for Six years now.. What is No Buy Feb? It all started years ago as a way for folks to reach two main goals a) do a home and … Continue reading

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Overdone.. Waste Not

This was the sauce.. half a cup of mustard, 1/4th cup of marmalade,  1 soy sauce, half a tsp of keen hot dry mustard and half a tsp of black pepper.  So yummy..  it was put over a mix of … Continue reading

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Sept-Harvest Challenge 2016- Sunflower Seeds

Now I should have had a killer sunflower harvest, we planted out four rows of around 40 seeds each, so I should be harvesting around 120 heads for storage, some for our own use for lovely homemade eating..  but a … Continue reading

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Golden Needles Harvesting

or in common terms, picking and drying lots and lots! of unopenned Day Lily flowers. Ah, the common, humble daylily that most of us call, tigerlily’s or Ditch Lily’s are so wonderful to have in the kitchen, the little root … Continue reading

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Farm Sale..

Well, my best buy was this full bedroom set.. the full sized dresser, matching mirror, two end tables and full bed set.. also picked up a sweet little white five drawers dresser as well as a awesome Food Warming box … Continue reading

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Beef Barley veggie soup.. Canning

Mom never used a pressure canner, in truth I still prefer waterbath canning myself but when it comes to safely making soups that hubby takes a pint to work and heats up barely, the pressure canner is the only safe … Continue reading

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Second Hand Score.

Just love this new to me second hand hutch I picked up for 15 at the local second hand store, that was one of there higher priced items, I have seen over the years but so worth it. it fits … Continue reading

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Old vs new

Where does frugal cross the line from saving to costing us more When the 21 year old dryer that came with our farm broke weeks ago, I just moved everything to the line drying.. which is used a lot but … Continue reading

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