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The danger of a food glut-Pantry Woes

It does not matter if you buy in bulk at the farmers market, buy in bulk from your local farmer or be a homesteader, old or new at the living off the land, one of the big challenges is food … Continue reading

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Ducklings are growing up.. Duck Breeding plans 2015

Well, I have two more hens sitting on their nests, so I am hopeful that I will have another crop of ducklings born in july.. but this lovely momma sat faithfully, and only hatched out two Two very cute ones, … Continue reading

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Apple is in the final week of sitting.. new baby ducklings coming up!

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Snow, Blood and more meat for the house..

Well, I had hoped that the weather forcast for today in regards to the snow would mean that it would in fact be a bit warmer then yesterday but alas it was not meant to be, Jack Frost had a … Continue reading

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Homemade Mounting Block

Dh built me a two step moveable (but barely) new mounting block for getting on and off my Brandy Girl, I don’t understand it really but she seems to prefer this then the big cement steps and the good thing … Continue reading

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Farmgal’s Duck Liver with apple/green tomato recipe

I was admiring this lovely post from Edible harmony and decided that I also wanted a good feed of Liver and onions, but mine turned out a bit different then her’s, so tradional and I do love tradional but I … Continue reading

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Duck Eggs-So Good for you!

I was thrilled to find still warm fresh duck eggs waiting for me this morning, with so many of my chickens sitting on eggs, we have not been getting that many in the house each day so it was pleasure … Continue reading

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My Taste buds are in revolt but the feet are finally better!

I have gotten used to the way the water tastes and I am adjusting to the taste or in some cases the lack of taste in my fruits/veggies and some things are even good, like the locally grown mushrooms (excellent) … Continue reading

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Potted Rabbit..

As most folks who have been reading for a while know, I am on a steady, never ending learning curve on old ways to use and perserve all kinds of food that the farm produces. I got a new cookbook … Continue reading

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Confiting- perserving meat with a fat covering

I have to admit that I still have a bit of trouble with this one, not for short terms perserving but the idea that confit will last three to four months. Confit appears to have come from France as a … Continue reading

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