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The Baby Fowl April Update 2019

The call was placed to the feed store and the Chicks and Turkey Pullets are now ordered and will arrive on the farm the first week of May. We ordered in 12 dual purpose large brown egg layers. I love … Continue reading

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Lets talk turkey.. Turkey Raising Plans for 2019

I have raised a lot of rare heritage breed turkeys over the years, trying this breed and that breed.. Royal palms are my personally favorites.. However they are very hard to come by, no hatchery locally carries them and their … Continue reading

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Moving Birds Around..

We did chores, worked in the yard, moved the birds from winter digs to summer, moving and splitting into breeding pens.. I am thrilled that this week, I was able to feed fodder and greens to the rabbits daily from … Continue reading

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Growing Turkeys- CSA style- Reserve yours today

I am planning on growing out a small flock of turkeys this year, I was thinking six to eight for ourselves, I had a good look at my planned pen, and my outside grow out areas and went hmmm. I am … Continue reading

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Fluff and Feathers..

A new clutch of ducklings, with a second hen still sitting on her nest.. total little fluffy tikes.. Remember these little guys.. Guess who just turned one month old and are ready for their move into the little barn Here … Continue reading

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Local Bird Sales

I got alot of public and private comments when I talked about heading out to my local farm sales.. So today we are going to go to the local Bird Sale or depending on the sale, Bird an Small Animals. So … Continue reading

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Turkey Talk

Well, I went to town a on the weekend, and one of the stops was at the human food store, I was standing going up around the outside of the store, no requirement for any bad food side trips.. in … Continue reading

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