Growing Turkeys- CSA style- Reserve yours today

I am planning on growing out a small flock of turkeys this year, I was thinking six to eight for ourselves, I had a good look at my planned pen, and my outside grow out areas and went hmmm.

I am taking reservations on a max grow out of ten, five mini-classics, white compacts butterballs, they average 9 to 14 pounds for the hens and 12 to 18 pounds give or take for the toms, a perfect fit for todays more modern family, then the huge! 45 pond toms I have raised here for us on the farm in years past.

The MiniCLASSIC may be small in stature, but big in everything that counts.  This special bird has been bred to develop and mature like natural bred turkeys of the past, and this little meatball is sure to impress. For the farmer, this means that the Toms don’t grow as big and can be harvested more efficiently. This bird can be harvested early without sacrificing meat quantity or quality. It is a perfect complement to any specialized or free-range operation, and thrives under those conditions. For the consumer who wants a small, organic, locally-grown bird for a special occassion, they won’t find anything that compares to the MiniCLASSIC.

Then I will be taking reservations on a max of five artisan Gold


The Artisan Gold is a rare breed that is smaller in size and slow growing. It has black feathers, unique colouring in the face and feet, long black legs, and a pronounced beak. It has natural tendencies such as roaming and roosting, and offers a robust, gamey taste that is exotically different from traditional turkeys

My research shows this to be a older French breed with some very traits indeed, if the hens are as goo of sitters and mothers as wrote about, I might pick the cream of the crop and see if I can have them hatch their own in 2016.

I have looked locally and it would appear 5 dollars a pound is the local rate based on what I am offering.  They will not be organic but they will be as close as I can make them, they will not be quote pasture free ranged.

But what they will have is a large floor space inside and a large fresh air space outside, they will get watched over walk about time, time in my movable chicken tractor, daily greens brought to them, sprouted grains. fresh herbs and fruit and veggie bits.

What you will get is a well photographed journey from poult to feathering, to weights to butcher day, to the cleanest, healthiest meat I can raise for both myself an few folks.

They will be butchered at a provincially approved butcher. I need to do research on where yet.

I put the offer up on facebook a few hours ago, and I am pleased to say that I have a total of four booked. Two of each kinds, so have a total of six CSA turkey spots available for 2015.

A ten dollar deposit per bird will be required. if you have any questions, or would like to reserve a turkey or two, please reply to me in the comments


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2 Responses to Growing Turkeys- CSA style- Reserve yours today

  1. cecilia says:

    Hi darling.. this is good info as my american family LOVES turkey, but it is a very small family.. I am thinking I might raise a few .. which would be best down here do you think? The mini classic?.. I need to buy eggs though.. how many weeks does it take you?.. c

    On Fri, Feb 6, 2015 at 8:02 PM, Just another Day on the Farm wrote:

    > Just another day on the farm posted: “I am planning on growing out a > small flock of turkeys this year, I was thinking six to eight for > ourselves, I had a good look at my planned pen, and my outside grow out > areas and went hmmm. I am taking reservations on a max grow out of ten, > five mini-c”

    • o, if you can access any kind, I adore the royal palms, they are so hard to find locally for me but truly they are my favorite of all. I also like the midget, very sweet birds and lovely builds on them. I am a very bad grower, because I normally sel-butcher I grow them all sping and summer and do them in the fall with no real set amount of timing.. They are ready when I am.. this year will need to be different, I will talk with the folks ordering them on average size per weeks and figure things out from there, first month I can order them is march.. I will let you know

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