Popcorn Garden Plans 2015


Strawberry popcorn or Tom Thumb Popcorn, or hmmmmm

tom thumb popcorn

O yes dear readers, I am on the hunt for the best home grown popcorn, Zone 5, average frost free days 124, yup that is not really that much time and it flex of course from year to year.


We do not buy a lot of store made treats but I do love my popcorn! Flavored, plain, with butter or spiced or poppycocked.. it does not matter.. its all awesome goodness!

Its something else that we here on our little farm can take over growing and producing, I am going to be checking everywhere on both seedy Saturdays to see if there are other kinds available.

I have strawberry popcorn seeds here at the house, and I have ordered the tom thumb, I would be happy to take suggestions on what you have grown and has done very well. Also its my understanding that the heritage popcorns can have different textures and flavours, I would be very much interested in feedback on this

popcorn blls

Did your mom used to make you popcorn balls, of course there are different kinds of them, and they are all good.










































































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1 Response to Popcorn Garden Plans 2015

  1. Sheri says:

    Some years ago I remember seeing whole “Popcorn Cobs” being sold in a specialty shop. They were packed in Large Mason jars. I guess you stuck it in a bag and microwaved it.

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