Rolled Stuffed Beef Roast.. Flashback Thursday

2013-01-01 1326 (600x450)

The finished dish is above and it was delightful, the flavour combo’s was perfect, its the way to take a poor cut of meat and turn it into something outstanding! This was a simple cut of a rump roast, I sliced it into a butterfly cut

2013-01-01 1321 (600x450)

Then I covered it with wrap and took the roller to it till it was flatten by about half and even out.., sprinkled with salt..

2013-01-01 1322 (600x450)

Then overlapped four slices of Bacon, trying to leave the edges free..

2013-01-01 1323 (600x450)

I then thinly sliced half a med size onion and layed them out, half of a med size red pepper, and then I sliced pieces of soft sheep cheese (but cream cheese would work) in slices and layed them down.

2013-01-01 1324 (600x450)

Salt, Pepper, Dried Nettles and Dried Horseradish greens, Once it was rolled and tucked into its pan, I covered the top of the roast with montreal steak spice, it was baked with cover on for 45 min at 350, then uncovered for 15 min, then wrapped and allow to rest for ten before slicing and serving.

Update: I would love to make this, I want to make this but alas I am waiting for a sheep to give birth, I have no fresh milk in the house, I do have cheese, one large block of aged chedder an one of pizza mozza in the freezer but they need to be carefully rationed because until I have fresh milk, they are all I have for both feb and march..

on one end I am thinking of adding in some of my home canned hot peppers or maybe some black olive bits, maybe I can do a version with bacon and herbed stuffing..

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