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Lets talk turkey.. Turkey Raising Plans for 2019

I have raised a lot of rare heritage breed turkeys over the years, trying this breed and that breed.. Royal palms are my personally favorites.. However they are very hard to come by, no hatchery locally carries them and their … Continue reading

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Growing Turkeys- CSA style- Reserve yours today

I am planning on growing out a small flock of turkeys this year, I was thinking six to eight for ourselves, I had a good look at my planned pen, and my outside grow out areas and went hmmm. I am … Continue reading

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The last lamb due has joined the flock

Sheep Update, This past week saw that birth of the last due ewe on the farm, and we were fooled that she was ready a few days before the birth, she sure bagged up early but when the little one … Continue reading

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It sure is quiet at this time of the year..

Interesting little follow up in regards to the annual bird count was on the local radio, they said that we are having a low bird count year, now I could have told you that this was the case on the farm, … Continue reading

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Turkey Talk

Well, I went to town a on the weekend, and one of the stops was at the human food store, I was standing going up around the outside of the store, no requirement for any bad food side trips.. in … Continue reading

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