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Fried Banana Peel Recipe

Fully admit it, I say a clip on Facebook on this one and went.. huh?? They called it mock bacon, and its not mock bacon to me at all.  Pick your Banana, with the reading I did on this on … Continue reading

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Homegrown Peanuts -Zone 5

Late last winter or very early spring depending on how you look at it, Dear Hubby said I would like to grow peanuts again this year..  we have grown them before with moderate success.. its very tricky to give them … Continue reading

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Making Salt Cured Green Olives

You can imagine my excitement when a girifriend of mine found boxes of fresh raw green olives, yes they came from the states..  Needless to say two boxes were gotten.. one for her, one for me.. a bit of time … Continue reading

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Are you planning on doing some landrace seed growing?

What is a landrace you ask? A landrace is a domesticated, locally adapted, traditional variety of a species of animal or plant that has developed over time, through adaptation to its natural and cultural environment of agriculture hmmm.. I think … Continue reading

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Put your Mushrooms in the Sunlight Vit D

Forgot about keeping your mushrooms final moments in the dark.. put them in the sun and reap the Vit D.  As a Canadian and all of us that live in the northern climates, we are told to take Vit D … Continue reading

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Fall Related Garden Livestock Fodder

As the pastures close down for the fall and we turn to feeding out hay to the pasture animals, while the birds can still peek away for a good while.. the truth is that if you have a large garden … Continue reading

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Butchering out..

Hello Folks.. So I am down to just 6 of my meat chickens left to butcher and they have been outstanding! in returns.. I bought 50, raised 48..  (thanks for the advice to change their feed over) and I can’t … Continue reading

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Strawberry Raised Bed

    Creating a Cinder Block Raised Strawberry Bed Last spring we knew that we had to do some work on taking down and doing some major reno work, this meant that it was very good odds that we would … Continue reading

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Help a farmgal out? Share your Best Beet Salad with me.. please

Now I love beets, pickled beets, roasted beets and Baked Beets in a Cream Sauce is a huge treat!  Of course we all love our Beet soup.. hmmm Where I am struggling is more how to successfully use beets in … Continue reading

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Creamy Crab Pasta with Horseradish Greens

Creamy sauce, Seafood and pasta is a mixed delight.. add in the wonderful flavours of Horseradish greens and bit of good parmesan cheese.. It just steps it up a notch! This is a bit of a loose recipe in the … Continue reading

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