Are you planning on doing some landrace seed growing?

What is a landrace you ask?

A landrace is a domesticated, locally adapted, traditional variety of a species of animal or plant that has developed over time, through adaptation to its natural and cultural environment of agriculture

hmmm.. I think I like this way of explaining it better

A “landrace” is not a standardized variety, but rather a diverse population with similar characteristics. The term is generally used to describe localized populations developed through traditional farming, which means through on-farm selection by farmers.

Why is landrace seed so important?

Many old landraces are under threat of extinction or have already disappeared. The loss of landraces is a huge threat to the food supply, because not only do landraces provide critical genetic diversity for future crop improvement, but also their diversity makes them incredibly resilient in the face of the extreme weather and explosion of pests brought about by climate change. Per Landrace org

So I have been working on a number of landrace style breeding plans on a few different things over the years.. Mainly Butternut squash, sweet potato’s and beans and failing regular on melon’s and some forms of winter squash..

I have had great growing years but also failure to produce seed.. time enough for the eating part to mature but not enough time on the vines to give me seed for the next year..  This is a real problem.. and with my loss of days on a few of the past garden years.. its got my eye on it big time.

We are all going to start having our seed catalogs coming in the next two months, the seed house’s are starting their new 2019 stock in November and that is when the biggest selection will be available..

So I ask you.. what will you be landrace growing out this coming garden year for 2019?

I have a little challenge for all of you, it can be broken down into two parts depending on what you have for garden space?

Part One

Support the work that has been done before you!

Consider buying land race seed for your garden, even if its just one thing.

Landraces and Breeding Stock

  • I do NOT get anything back for recommending them..

It does not matter how small, every single packet sold matter to these folks in a way that it does not to the local Canadian tire store.

Do you know of a seed house that offers landrace seeds? if so, please put their contact info in the comment section and I will add them here in the post for others to find them..

Part Two

Start working on your own local adapt calorie heavy landrace

Hey, you can pick whatever you want in regards grow.. the only request I am going to make is that ideally is calorie heavy crop.. Something that get put up, something that helps feed your family in the dead of winter..

While I do want YOU to have a crazy amount of calorie heavy winter carry over crops for your own family and loved ones.

The truth is I am also looking at the wider view.. the more we can all right now collect seeds from different sources while we have the internet connecting us, while most of us can afford to spend that 1 to 4 dollar a seed package.. we need to do it!

We all need to help keep the widest possible genes that we can.. we need to work towards breeding stock that thrives in our own neck of the woods and if we all do it, then if something bad happens, we will be able to reach out and collect seed that grows “food” under different conditions.

You want to know how to prepare for the current and coming climate issues in regards to producing food..  We need to save every gene from the plants that can and do produce under harsh conditions.

Yes, its nice when we have a good year..  and we want them as well

But what we really need.. seeds from plants that made it .. Despite…

To wet of spring

To wet of season

to dry of season

to hot.. way.. way to hot..

wet fall

held up to a light frost and kept on going

Pushed hard to set seed when fall pushed in faster then normal (some plants will do better then others at stopping producing flowers, or smaller fruit and focus on getting that one or two to across the finish line)

And then there is the big NEXT.. it still has to taste good and hold well..

I will be talking about my own landrace grow outs over the winter and then update on them in the garden season of 2020..

Will you join me? Will you be the one to set a spot in the garden for landrace based seeds? I hope so.. I really do.. we need to widen our gene pools, not narrow them!



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