Turkey Soup Stock – Waste Not Want Not!

Today we butchered out another 4 of the big turkeys. The breast’s were saved for different dishes and were carefully packaged and frozen.. the big legs/thigh (the largest amount of brown meat) will be used for Make Turkey Sausage’s or Turkey Pot Pie or  Turkey Stew.

The rest will go into the BIG pot and will at a low slow heat be simmered with black pepper corns, bay leaf and a splash of vinegar till the meat is fall off the bone tender..  At that point it will be cooled, and the meat pulled off and chopped up for Canning up Turkey Soups for the pantry.

The bones and veggie scrapes/herbs will go back in the stock pot and be simmers for more hours till reduced by about half.. This amazing stock will be canned up for the start of future soups and stews.

There is so much meat beyond what is the main parts when its done this way!

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1 Response to Turkey Soup Stock – Waste Not Want Not!

  1. bluestempond says:

    You’re making me hungry! Can you come over to my house with all that?

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