Fried Banana Peel Recipe

Fully admit it, I say a clip on Facebook on this one and went.. huh?? They called it mock bacon, and its not mock bacon to me at all.  Pick your Banana, with the reading I did on this on the internet, it says that the full pure clean yellow peel is more starchy/with little to no sweetness, where the more ripe the banana, the more sweetness the skin will have.

As you can see below, I choose a med-ripe banana peel, lots of small brown spots, no black yet, I trimmed both ends off and I went with two large sides, lots of folks would have split these into two and made four “stripes” with this same amount of peel.  I put a scant 1tsp of oil in the pan at med heat (number 6 on my stove) fried banana peel

The ways its like bacon, its crispy and crunchy, with a great chew on it, just like bacon does. its got a nice fat mouth feel to it, and it can be picked up and eaten like a bacon slice can be.

Its important! to take a spoon and remove the white pith from the inside of the peel to get a nice flat smooth peel, I missed a tiny spot that I didn’t get clean and I didn’t like it at all..

fried banana peel2

Its also does not (at least to me) taste banana either, its a blank canvas, I did one mine with West Coast Lemon Salt. and one with Maple Bacon seasoning salt. I like the Lemon Salt one better personally.


Cook 3 to 4 minute’s each side till crisp brown as above, drain on paper towel and let cool for 30 seconds to a min to set up that crunch.  You want that bottom ones look, I didn’t quite get the top one cleaned enough and it effected its overall crisp/crunch plus I like the plain salted better.

These can be eaten directly on your plate or I expect they could be cut up into stripes and used in salads or anywhere else you wanted a crunch added it.

The bonus on this is that if you eat banana at breakfast, this is a amazing way to get a low cost (very low cost price wise) of mock “bacon”.  I mean lets face it, I had never heard of eating the Banana Skin till two days ago, where my reading says that lots of vegans already know this and have a host of recipes using it for mock bacon or in stews and so on.

Now the hmmm/warning for me is this. Banana’s are sprayed alot! So I would eat regular Banana Peels as a treat once an awhile, and if possable use Organic banana peel, its not like (or most of us) in my neck of the woods can grow them fresh and no spray.

The little video I watched showed them putting the peels in 3 tsp of soy sauce, 2 tsp maple syrup, some garlic powder and Paprika powder and then soaking the peels in that for 10 min before frying.   If you want to try it flavoured, do try it this way.

So would you try it? Have you eaten it before? If you try it, come back and tell me what you think?

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  1. I have not tried this but I am intrigued. We will see if I ever get brave enough to try this myself.

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