No Buy Feb 2023 Week One

Its crazy to me that I am already on my first one week overview already. The first short week of Feb has flown by and then some.


We have been eating well, really well!  I really liked this duck breast Stir-fry, I took the basics from reading three or four beef and broccoli recipes and used them as the guide for flavor and sauce, I sliced two skinless duck hen breasts in place of the beef.  Normally you can switch our Muscovy duck breast meat for beef with no issues at all.

This way of making it let that fine ducky flavor come out more. You knew you were eating duck, mild and tasty but with a deeper flavour and more chew then normal for beef in this recipe. I also added in some celery and onion which worked for me, as Broccoli is quite costly right now an this allowed me to cut the overall cost of this dish down by doing so.

We have lots of salad greens/reasonable amount of fresh veggies and a ton of oranges and some banana’s at this point. Fresh eggs are coming in daily from the hens, I am taking in right around a gallon a week of raw milk, so not huge amounts but certainly enough for our household needs.  The rest of the meals are rounded out from the freezers, dry and canning pantry’s.

We had company this weekend, I had family who needed a photography session done for their teen and it went very well.  Which is your favorite look/style.


The Sweet Girl Next Door


Perhaps the 80’s style


perhaps the long LONG lean art look


Otherwise its been a quiet steady week and overall went very well.

No Buy Spending Report Week One

  • Farm Related -$23 Remmi broke his heavy duty break away collar and it had to be replaced.
  • Household Related-0
  • Reno Related-0
  • Fresh fruit/veggies/salad greens- $87

Monthly spend report total to date $110

How has your spending been this past week? Did you find anything to fix? or mend? Did you do anything to bring in a little extra income?  Did you have something break that had to be replaced?

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2 Responses to No Buy Feb 2023 Week One

  1. Debbie says:

    Second and last picture are my favorite, lovely girl

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