Dark Day’s Meal- Bacon Wrapped Duck Breast with Winter veggies

This meal was lovely, but it was a good reflect of winter eating, if i want fresh meat, my choices are duck, chicken, turkey or rabbit, my available winter veggies are mainly root or sqaush, I did spurge on this meal, using up some of my very CRAZY in cost locally grown and ground flour (a dollar a cup of whole grains before grinding) because I wanted my bun to be dark days, it was made with sheep cheese whey, Ontario Salt, my wild caught grape started sourdought starter and the flour only, it tastes excellent fresh. The bacon was from my butcher (25 km), and he assured me that my pig that it came from was in fact just down the road from me, giving me the road name and yup, raisied within 7 miles from my own farm.

I certainly made qoute of at least 50% on farm.. What are you being able to find in regards to fresh meat for your winter dark day meals, or are you getting your meat from the freezer or the pantry?

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7 Responses to Dark Day’s Meal- Bacon Wrapped Duck Breast with Winter veggies

  1. Our meat’s been from the stuff I jarred, with the exception of those pork legs. If I wanted local meat, the farmer next to L has rabbits and lamb (both way too expensive), chickens, duck and goose.

    But this week, it’s mostly been pork. 🙂 I put up 18 pints fresh, brined another 2 small legs (they’re cooking now) and froze 2 legs.

  2. calliek says:

    I have a smoked duck leg in the fridge (from one of our market farms) that I’ve been planning to make into potstickers or something similar for this week’s challenge but haven’t figure out if I can make my own dumpling wrappers. The rest of the meat on hand is frozen, from unknown ( grocery store) sources. I meant to pick up some grass fed beef from the market yesterday but was laid low by yet another cold- this is possibly my worst cold year ever!

  3. Nancy Norton says:

    Most of our meat is coming from the freezer (lamb, beef, chicken) or the pantry (canned chicken or chili con carne) but we also have a wonderful local source for fresh pork, and that is our splurge meat when we want to treat ourselves particularly well.

    I love the root vegetables. Our CSA is providing us with great dark winter hardy greens too. I didn’t grow up eating them, so it is a little more challenging to remember to cook them, but I always enjoy them when I do.

    I’ve successfully grown winter hardy lettuce in cold frames this fall and the last time I checked it was still holding nicely, so I have hopes of even enjoying lettuce through the winter.

    • Hi Nancy, Went to your stie, wow do you live in a lovely area! Very interesting about being able to get your fresh pork locally, sounds like you have a very good CSA and that you are doing well on your winter four season gardening.. I won’t be able to really start harvesting again out of mine till end of feb/early march.

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