Its a good thing! Flannel for winter, cotton for summer

So I have a small chuckle when I read over on Canadian Doomers site that she had picked out Flannel and had the most pretty and warm flannel day dress, I wish I could find someone that would in fact make me a colored flannel dress’s or that I had the personal skills to do so.. (something to put on that to do list, but way, way at the bottom).

It was no surprise that this cold morning say me throwing on my big old flannel nightgrown (daydress) over top of my long underwear and outer wear to head to the barn, those old time ladies were on to something with their long just floor length dress’s in regards to keeping warm..

My mom ordered this “nightgown” I think four or five years ago and when it arrived, it was far to big for her and in truth I don’t think she would have worn it anyway as its heavy and she can’t stand anything heavy on her these days, the matching light summer wear in the most wonderful cotton day dress made its way to me as well as it has large gaps on the sides (daring to show off a little side boob, shocking I know) While my momma would not wear something that would do this, she figured it would just fine on the farm.

After hundred’s of washings my heavy flannel day gown has needed one button repaired, and a patch job on the dress after I got a rip by barbwire, its still holding up very well its just that the materail is thinning and despite the cost, I think that I might have to break down and get a second gown this winter.. As a added bonus this is a canadian company, and they do offer other choices as if you want a long lasting warm roomy and O so comfy canadian made night or house day wear, give these guys a try, while I have only had one order from them to date, I have been most impressed with the cloths, and I would raither spend a little more and get something that will last for many years to come.

I think I am going to also order both of us the flannel night cap, right now I have the softest wool cap that I often wear to bed till I warm up or pop on first thing in the morning while I get moving to keep the heat from leaving my head.. but it would be nice to having something that works just as well but is easier to wash..

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5 Responses to Its a good thing! Flannel for winter, cotton for summer

  1. Brenda J. Elliott says:

    Your flannel gown sounds like my all-time favorite denim house dress/gown. I think it originated in India and was once decorated with tiny “mirrors” of a silvery plastic material. It wore thin and then began to loosen at the seams.

    However, I kept it safe as I want to create (or have someone create) the perfect pattern from it for me. It sounds like you might want to keep your flannel gown to do the same.

    Our ancestors were their own pattern makers this way and we may find ourselves in the same situation some day. Keep those favorites that fit so well. They may come in handy.

    BTW butcher paper and paper bags will come in handy, too.

    • Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

      Lee Valley Tools uses full-sized paper (like the kind for kid’s “drawing boards”) for packing their parcels and works great for pattern making of any type: woodworking, sewing, crafting…

  2. Daisy says:

    Oh, I’ve seen that company!! I think they used to sell at the Fergus market. Awesome stuff, lucky you.

  3. K.B. says:

    Daisy, I think you are right, because I know I bought an adult sleeper from them when I lived in Guelph – LOVED it. Such good quality! I’m not a dress person, but I might have to think about getting a new robes from them when my old one finally wears out.

  4. Glad to see that others like this company and their products just as much as me, I like the idea of the making a pattern from the one I have already, that’s a great idea, I sure would love to have a few in different patterns and colors for around the farm in winter..

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