German Based Lung Soup Recipe -Part Two

Can I ever leave a recipe alone? (the answer is No) DH didn’t care for the sour near as much as I did on the duck blood soup, I really liked it, it was a like a mild version of Sweet and Sour soup that you would find at your local Chinese, so I wanted to mess a little with that for him, the second thing wa the call for sugar in the soup, I can honestly say, I never put sugar in a soup and I was not really in the mood to do the third extra step on the drain, make a rue and then make a cream soup.. I went with the fact that they serve a big fat fluffy dumpling with this soup tradionally and jumped on it..

So here is the soup I did make, I followed the directions on the lungs prep, which include 3 changes of fresh salted water, cutting out the tubeways, peeling the rough skin, and dicing into cubes, it recommend that you do the heart at the same time, simmering them and skimming the top before using in the soup itself, I can see that I don’t think this is that needed for fowl lung but it was still a good learning process for when I butcher out a lamb etc.

Sour Lung Soup Recipe with Dumpling

I found the start of the soup very french in that it called for onion, garlic, carrot, celery and potato, (how can you go wrong on a soup that starts with that!), I made half fresh and half with dried that had been soaked, I also added in pre-cooked and dried butternut sqaush as my added sweetness in replacement of the sugar.. I added Salt, pepper, basil, Horseradish greens, Dried Spinach, and a good pinch of Keens dried mustard, the diced heart and the diced lung all simmered together for about 40 min till the veggies were well done, at that point, I made a very basic dumpling, flour, sheep yogurt, salt, and into the top of the soup it went, and as dumplings will, it made that magic happen, and when they were ready to come off, I had a thicken stew left..

It got a solid 3 baa’s out of 5 from Dh and a full 5 out of 5 from Farmgal, the lung would VERY easily pass for a mushroom in mouth feel, and for firm diced tofu in texture, as Dh said, if you didn’t tell them, they would never know it had lung in it, the dumpling went with it wonderfully..

This is part of the homestead Preparedness Challange

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2 Responses to German Based Lung Soup Recipe -Part Two

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Oh hey, now that’s a stew. And it just looks SO good… ‘specially the dumpling part: fluffy, moist and yummy! (My absolute favourite kind of comfort food: )
    Hmmm, now where am I going to find some nice, fresh lung around here?

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