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Scarelet Runner Bean with Winter Melon Soup Recipe

This is to be considered a lighter soup as its a broth based, it also only got four things in it, not including broth and spices. Which are Winter Melon, Scarlet Runner Green beans (nice young ones) Garlic and Potato. … Continue reading

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Old Fashion Chunky Tomato Veggie Soup..

This one is the meal in a bowl type soup.. well not quite but very close.. and its a true veggie soup, no meat, no rice, no grains, no beans.. nothing but veggies and lots and lots of them.. (well … Continue reading

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Fall Garden Tomato Based Lamb Stew Recipe

Tomato Based Lamb Fall Stew.. 1 pds of well trimmed lamb stew meat 20 to 25 roma style tomato’s fresh from the garden- Washed, cored and roughly diced, skins on 2 large onions- peeled and diced 2 cloves of garlic … Continue reading

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March Challange Report -2nd

So the answer to am I going to go fix my mistake of not getting my last food buying is no, In the past if farm work, or weather meant that the you didn’t get to town, then they would … Continue reading

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Friday’s Food Storage 2/12/2012

What a week its been for food storage, I can see signs of springĀ on the farm, the snow has melted around the big tree’s, the chickens are busy under the rabbit hutches and in the compost piles, I watched one … Continue reading

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Old Fashion Onion Soup

So both last week and this week I was able to pick up a 3 pd bag of white onions forĀ 88 cents for one and a dollar for the other, this means I have lots of onions in the house … Continue reading

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Lamb Heart Stirfry with Coucous

This is a lovely way to serve heart, this is quick fry thinly sliced prepped heart Lamb Heart Stirfry Lamb Heart- 1 Whole Trimmed and sliced heart (or about 6 to 8 Chicken Hearts or 1/4th of a beef heart) … Continue reading

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German Based Lung Soup Recipe -Part Two

Can I ever leave a recipe alone? (the answer is No) DH didn’t care for the sour near as much as I did on the duck blood soup, I really liked it, it was a like a mild version of … Continue reading

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Hungarian Duck Blood Soup Recipe

So the base of this soup came from a Eastern Cookbook I have and is called Duck Blood Soup, I messed with it a bit, mainly because I didn’t have any heavy cream in the house, and I didn’t want … Continue reading

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Fall Garden Stew-Canning

Lots and Lots of Tomato’s Ready-Check Boatload of green peppers ready-Check Yellow and Green Beans by the bowlful-Check Potato’s died down and ready to harvest-Check Carrots-small but o so sweet-Check Turnips-Love the flavor to this-Check Butternut Squash or any other … Continue reading

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