Friday’s Food Storage 2/12/2012

What a week its been for food storage, I can see signs of spring on the farm, the snow has melted around the big tree’s, the chickens are busy under the rabbit hutches and in the compost piles, I watched one of the half grown baby roosters do his manly duty yesterday, he was clawing though a bit of sheepy compost and must have found a tender bit as he called the hen next to him to see, and then carefully feed it to her and then they had a little beak grooming and then she let him be a big boy if you get my drift 😉

All this longer light means that my older girls are stepping up their egg laying and that my new girls are just starting, a few weeks early to boot..

So far this month, we have had 4 spend days out of  possable of 17. On sunday I got my weekly ten dollars of fresh food for the house, and I have to own up, I was over by about 60 cents, and that was taking in the extra I had from last week and giving it to me this week.. sigh… 

I was able to get 8pds of oranges, 8pds of apples, 10pds of onions and 5pds of carrots for my ten dollars this week.

Heading into this week, for fresh stuff, I currently have about 6pds of apples left, 10pds of onions, 1/2 head of cabbage, 1/4 turnip left.

Thank goodness for storage and the few farm fresh things I am getting at this point in winter.. Given that I still have lots of potatos in the celler, I have been leaning on them up to a point.. I have had a limited amount of fresh but that does not mean that I am repeating meals or flavours to much.. but perhaps I have been a little heavy on the soups an stews.. here is a sample of what we have been having this week.

A nice spicy green soup with homegrown diced chicken breast in it.. a light fish/seafood based veggie soup

Homemade bacon, mushroom and potato soup with dumpling on top, should have added in a jar of my home canned corn in it but didn’t think of it in time..

Let’s not forget desserts, we have had oatmeal cookies, a lovely white cake with fresh fruit on top, Canned Peachs, Pears, Pumpkin,  popcorn and for a bite of fresh summer out of a jar.. I loved my sour cherry’s with almonds on fresh yogurt!

So how was your week in regards to food storage girls? How was your spending? Are you happy with some of the sales you have seen? if you are being ultra careful on your choices?

Are you finding yourself digging in and though what you have to come up with some creative meals so that you are not repeating yourself to much in meals?  Have you cracked open a jar of fruit this week and been simply delighted in the burst of color an flavours in your bowl?

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12 Responses to Friday’s Food Storage 2/12/2012

  1. queen of string says:

    Pretty good on the storing things for me, no where near you as usual ;-). Now I am no longer afraid of the pressure canner, I have been enjoying getting to grips with it. There are now a dozen jars of beans and chickpeas and half a dozen of meatballs that weren’t there at the beginning of the week. I am particulalry pleased about the meatballs and bought meatballs have been our go to food when we dont really have time to cook. Being able to grab home canned ones instead means one of the last prepared things I buy crossed off the shopping list with no loss in convenient meals. In other news, my early indoor lettuce are up and moving. Hoping to eat some as tiny leaves and maybe there will still be some left for early transplants. I have also, finally got some seeds to sprout with, so should have yummy green sprouts by the end of the week :-). Your soups look lovely, especially the green one. No soup here this week, just a big chickpea curry from a jar that didnt seal :-).

    • Glad to hear that you have started using your pressure canner, its not that hard but it sure takes more work then a water bath does.. It gives me a chuckle every time I see C.D. post that water bath is messy and pressure not, as I feel the opposite, I find no matter how many times I use the pressure canner the pressure up and down has me snapping my fingers and pacing a bit, I like that you take them out of the water bath and the next batch is in one min later.

      Still its great to have the meatballs all done up and I have a jar of canned up Chickpea’s just waiting for me to crack into and make up some garlic hummus, as soon as I get my rear in gear and make up a batch of fresh pita.

      Ah pita, one of the few breads that I just can’t get right, I can get it to taste right but never been able to get those pockets to puff correctly..

  2. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Wow, that’s one fantastic looking dumpling and the flavour combo sounds delicious!
    Your cherries are a treat for the eyes (and my flavour glands are clenching up just thinking about the taste of them; )
    Made a(nother) big batch of Chili and Teriyaki Chicken this week, as lean ground beef and chicken drums were on sale.

    • Those cherry’s would have given your taste buds a workout, they are just slightly sweet with the light syrup they are in but they still have that puck to them, but they make the best cherry pie!

      hmmm Teriyaki chicken, boy does that sound good.. the dumplings were to good, I went back for a second, with just enough soup to mop up with.

  3. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    You’ve mentioned using dried herbs/greens in recipes before and I think I can see some here… When you’re drying greens for winter do you hang them in bundles to air dry or use a dehydrator?

  4. We’re really working to eat everything that we have at home first, before we go shopping again. 🙂 Which reminds me, I need to get one of the organic chickens out of the freezer and throw it in the slow-cooker tomorrow. Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather 😉

  5. Daisy says:

    I am hoping to do a catch-up post as I missed doing it last week, but I think I lost my mind when I signed up for $10/week. lol BUT, I am learning a great deal about what I need/use and that’s what I wanted. I am embarassed to admit that I broke down and bought a frozen lasagna this week, I’ve been dealing with a sinus and now an ear infection and I thought I would be being nice to the guys. Turns out they don’t like salty mystery meat lasagna any more than I do.
    On a different note, I would like to order about 10 gallons of that bacon mushroom soup, just looking at the picture makes me want to swim around in the bowl.

    • Well, sick gives leave for a helping hand for sure, and it might have been more fair to say 5 per person as you are feeding a bigger family then myself in that way..

      I will watch for your catch up post, I did want to comment on your wonderful post on german pasta and a trip out, I just could not get the computer to work with me today, the photos kept timing it out, so forgive me saying it here but I hope you will read it.. I am so going to try that recipe with my fresh pullet eggs.

      The soup was very good, hubby loved it, but I was way into the dumpling persoanlly..

      About a year or so ago, DH came home with a lasagna and when we had a peice, he just looked at me and said, what do you do with the homemade different, by the time I got half way done explaining it, he was stop, ok so they may be called the same thing but they are really not.. he has not gotten another one since.

      • Daisy says:

        $15 would have been way more reasonable, for sure, especially since half of my budget comes right off the top just for milk. Oh well, part of the learning process. I’m so happy you are going to give the spatzle a go! One of my ultimate comfort foods, for sure. The batter can be a bit messy but I’m sure you’ll figure it out. 🙂 I am still thinking about that soup of yours, so I think a big pot of potato, bacon and leek will be on the menu this weekend. With dumplings. Oh yes, there will be dumplings.

  6. You should post a recipe for the bacon, potato and mushroom soup! 🙂

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