They are early! New Pullets First Eggs..

Remember this little tikes from late last fall, a nice mix of slower growing laying hens for my coming flock for 2012? Well they were to start laying in March.. but look what was in the nest box’s. Our first two little pullet eggs, can you say, homemade pasta time!

One of my extra large brown eggs is equal to both pullet eggs, but given them time and they will be laying nice large and extra eggs for me as well. Think I will give them a big handful of fresh worms and a tray of fresh sprouted wheat as their chicken reward.

Now just to let the other 13 of those young hens to start and I will so be looking forward to getting another dozen in each day into the house, I am tired of the winter rationing of eggs around here, I’m ready for the spring flood of eggs, big eggs, little eggs, green eggs, blue eggs, big brown ones and my egg baskets will overflow!


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3 Responses to They are early! New Pullets First Eggs..

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Congratulations! That sounds like a lot of omelettes, mayonnaise, meringue… Yummy! Or do you hope some hens get broody? Or do you do farm gate sales? Or a little of each?
    But no big surprise that they’re laying early. (Guess we’re not going to have any winter after all.):

  2. Okay, that photo of the little chickie babies is so CA-UTE…it’s a cuteness overload 🙂 🙂 Fresh eggs sounds really good, too 🙂 🙂 Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather 🙂

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