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Introducing Henry

Henry is a seven year old fixed male farm raised barn boy kitty that was looking for a new home. He is used to other kitties, lived with two farm dogs, chickens and goats.  He is one of those lovely … Continue reading

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5 Things you are looking for in a Broody Hen

  Yesterday May 9th 2018 our first broody hen hatched out a lovely clutch of healthy looking little fluffy butts. This is a proven broody hen and she made both my hubby and I laugh so hard as she lead … Continue reading

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The Flock and Scrub Spruce

We took down three Scrub Spruce that had grown up in the wrong place and needed to be removed. They were cut down and hauled down to the big barn to be thrown in the pens for the goats and … Continue reading

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Friday off.. sort of

Well, I was off the farm lots today, I had one of those days that homesteaders and farmers rarely talk about on the blog.. those days were we run all over the country it seems trying to get all kinds … Continue reading

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Fire’s and Farm Sales..

After chores where done yesterday. It was time for a fire and a wee drink of some fine sherry after it was done we switched to coffee for the rest of the evening. It was truly a fall evening. It … Continue reading

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Rendering Lard- Pasture Raised Heritage Pork Fat

My computer binged and it was a friend of mine.. would you like a couple bags of Freshly done but now frozen of Pasture raised heritage organic pork fat. I was like ok, two bags, maybe three? Well her one … Continue reading

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Just Ducky..

Yesterday was so busy that I never got a post up..  and this morning and day is already up and going.. so its a picture heavy post for you.. We spent around two hours yesterday doing just a intent yard … Continue reading

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Spring Cleaning.. April Mini Challange

My hands are softer and well worked at the same time.. its spring cleaning time.. Ah, Spring cleaning.. so much to in the coming month.. so much cleaning to do.. I honestly think that most folks who dream of the … Continue reading

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Introducing Jayda, A lovely little Doeling.

Juno has a big long legged and very strong lovely brown little female waiting for me, all dry and full in the belly when I went to do a late afternoon check.. she is just a touch on the cooler … Continue reading

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Freezing Sheep Colostrum

Below is a really great post on Freezing Colostrum but first a update.. I missed the post yesterday, what a day.. I was up before the sun, showered and ready to head off the farm for Eco-farm day about an … Continue reading

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