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3 Tons of Grain

A ton of Barley Wheat and Oats have arrived on the farm this week.. beautiful local non-gmo grains grown locally by a wonderful farming family about 15 min up the road. Now that is close and that is local and … Continue reading

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Wood Shaving Shortage

if you have not already put up a order of wood shaving for bedding, might want to get that order in sooner then later.. there is up and coming wood shaving shortage coming across Canada this winter.. The slowed production … Continue reading

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Local Grass-fed Beef Order

I was thrilled to pick up my quarter beef of local (up the road about ten min) of grass fed beef. I have a lot of chicken, turkey, duck, goat, pork and will have a good amount of lamb.. so … Continue reading

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Baby’s Hatching.. New little Wee ones join the farm

Look what hatched by the pond! New baby turtles joined our farm and our new front pond! How exciting! Now we have laying and hatching native turtles in both our back pond and in our front yard pond.. Hubby had … Continue reading

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No Spring Kittens for us!

Little Baby LeeLoo was growing up fast and turned six months old.. With the longer days and the warm sunlight it was only a matter of time before she was going to go into her first heat and we all … Continue reading

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Treating Mild Hypothermia in Ducks

Its bone chilling cold, we have been sitting between -35 to -38 for close to 24 hours, and we had a solid dump of snow of around a foot at the “warmest haha” part of the afternoon in full deep … Continue reading

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Do you want your Lambs or Kids to be birthed in daytime hours?

Would you like to know how a simple change can help increase your flock or herd’s day time lambing rates? Do you dislike cold winter all night baby watch, checks and 1 to 4 am birthing times. How you ask? … Continue reading

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How to Keep your Chickens Laying in Winter!

How keep a a steady supply of winter eggs on the homestead? I have gotten a few questions from local newer folks that are asking, how do I get my hens to keep or start laying eggs. This is a … Continue reading

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Skunked! How to remove the smell from your dogs!?

The house has a whiff of skunk..  I have company coming next weekend and so I have a week LOL to try to air out/clean the house. On Friday Night the hounds headed out the door to do evening chores … Continue reading

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Happy National Cat Day

Our Current Purr Pride of farm cats send a big old hello to all of you 🙂 Sunny Cat is now our old man, approx. age 8 or older now.. unknown age so its just a best guess. He is … Continue reading

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