3 Tons of Grain

122331368_656785541701083_1895759599883326995_nA ton of Barley Wheat and Oats have arrived on the farm this week.. beautiful local non-gmo grains grown locally by a wonderful farming family about 15 min up the road.

Now that is close and that is local and that is community support.. buy local when you can and the prices were fair and on target for the whole grains on the market. I wish we had a area that we could just have the big bags driven into and placed but at this time we do not.. so they arrived and where placed on new clean dry pallets and tarped down in a fresh new heavy duty silver tarp and we will spend hours (many hours moving then into the croft and into the grain storage area.

Moving 6000 pounds by hand is a steady job for sure.. the trade off between paying for equipment vs hard manual labour..

Its going to be hard honest work and it give us enough grain for all my livestock needs for the next 310 days, not quite a years worth and there is a bit of flex on those days depending on how many lambs born, ewes in milk for the house, how hard the horse’s are worked and how many ducklings and chicks are hatched out.

The barley will be used in part for sprouting, and the oats will in part be used as a garden green cover and the oats and wheat will both be used as seed out for any areas that need extra coverage in the spring from winter wear.

I already have my pasture seed for the next three years to use for snow spring seeding, as well as have a order in for planting for higher intense pasture grazing.


We are planning on getting a ATV next year and with it I can use a number of my horse drawn equipment as well some extra things like a trailer and a few other things we will see..

I know its not nice to say but by next year there is going to be a flood of peaple that will be looking to sell “extras” for cash in hand,, it will have hit the “just a few more weeks, just a few more months” peaple that it is in fact going to be at a min a 3 to 5 year event and a 5 to 10 year global recession.

However at least here in canada, we are very much at the moment and I think for the forsee able future in a K..  the whole country will BE EFFECTED but that back half of the K is huge for how each area and each family will feel it..  those with steady work from home jobs, those with steady in need front line jobs, those who meet the need of keeping things going.. will be on that upper heading up arm of the K and they will be doing a mix of great.. never had more money in the bank..  not eating out, not needing to buy the suit or the dress of the party, not paying for the kids in sports and so on..  then there will be the others that are doing well, but feeling the effect of the pushes and pulls in so many ways..

And then there is those that will be on that downward part of the K.. and they are going to struggle.. they will be selling off toys and extra’s..  right now in my neck of the woods, on the market place we can see this already just not in the way we will next year..

Top big ticket items folks are trying to move.. Pool tables, huge dining room sets, full spare bedroom sets, hot tubs, smaller second hand commute cars, and of course the moterhomes and extra fridges (but a freezer is hard to find, they move by word of mouth at this time)

By next year we will start to see the ATV’s, the motor boats, the canoes, the smaller moterhomes and vans (anything that really takes the gas) Ski-doo’s and more..

While we have always done things by hand and we will continue to do so in many many ways, we are both 48 and we are giving the farm the long hard look at what needs to be repaired, replaced and what would be the best way forward to age out on the farm in the best way possable..

I know its asking a lot but we want the best of both worlds.. planning and using some of the modern things so many take for granted but having the full in use backups in place and still be worked.. a prime example is that we are planning to drill a new well and that well will be on power grid and will be used to put in drip lines, keep the pond full and put in auto water for all year long for the livestock making things so much easier in so many ways..


But we are keeping the back big barn drilled well and getting the repair work needed done and moving from the smaller hand pump to the old fashioned huge big pump on it..   Making our life easier but keeping the hands on no power ability of the farm alive and well..

So back to our ATV and my planned uses.. one of which is to continue to improve pasture but also to flatten, seed out and plant out fodder stripes in the front pasture in rows that will be done with hot lines within a new food forest type layout.. but I am going to use as much of my land as I can as things are planted and grow in layers..  more on that at a later point..

So did you bring in larger amounts of grain if you are small holder or homesteader..  are you buying monthly from the feed store or did you bring in skids..  What are you seeing for sale already in your neck of the woods on your local for sale sites?

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5 Responses to 3 Tons of Grain

  1. valbjerke says:

    Lord I’ve lost count on how many buckets of grain we’ve moved by hand 😖. Years ago we purchased a used auger – but the thing is such a pain in the arse to set up we never use it anymore.
    Our friends in Alberta where we purchase our grain have sold and retired – so we made the trip early and purchased enough for the next two years. Even with the coat of fuel – it’s still a fraction of the price we would have to spend in B.C. by the time we’re through it I hope to have another source.
    I hear you on the ‘ageing out on farm’ decisions. We’re both 58, and for a few years now we have made changes to allow that to happen. The will is still there, but the want and the ability – not so much. I refuse to feel guilty I now have a propane stove to cook on in the summer (as opposed to outside on the fire), hubby purchased me a large commercial stand mixer so I can give my wrists a break when I make bread. Even the little things add up when you’re thinking longevity.
    Off grid/on grid – we can do both, and yes it’s really nice to have that option, heated livestock waterers are so nice to have!
    You’re right about people selling things off – even here there is a glut of anything and everything for sale – but good luck with that. Don’t know how many people are in the market for behemoth dining room sets….😊

    • I am glad that you are saving your wrists and that you can use the propane in the summer.. Making those small choices can mean the difference between staying and keeping our health vs either pushing ourselves to hard and or having to make the hard choice to downshift.. I am glad you got the extra grain.. its a good time to have that extra supply.. I agree totally on and off is both good!

    • ps, I know.. 3 to 6 grand for the dining room sets.. but the prices keep coming down.. Sets that 6 months ago were 8 or 9 thousand are now 3 to 4 thousand..

  2. We found our little ATV so useful on our property for hauling stuff and for plowing snow. They area also alot of fun to just mess around in. If you have the chance, check out the cost and availability of accessories. For some you can get plows (obviously), trailers, and brush hogs. The accessories can be expensive – sometimes a small tractor is a better bet. I wanted a tractor but The Man wanted something he could take into hunting camp and a tractor just wouldn’t do.

    • i have noticed that.. that the extra’s add up fast.. but I am hoping that I can pick them up second hand but honestly a number of the things I want, I have already for the horse’s to pull.. We have the snow blower now that Jason was given as a birthday gift two years ago.. we still find it easier to shovel a number of things but it does work well for what it does.. Just as we have horse trail in the forest and hiking.. there is a local atv club and some pretty awesome trails in the forest just across and down the road from the farm.. so it would let us get out for the fun part as well 🙂 Down to the local fishing spot, and its a easy way to get to a friends area for mushroom hunting as they have a trail that I can use.. park and walk in.. it will be handy for sure.

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