No Spring Kittens for us!

Little Baby LeeLoo was growing up fast and turned six months old..

With the longer days and the warm sunlight it was only a matter of time before she was going to go into her first heat and we all know what a spring heat means.. Kittens..

No Spring kittens on the farm this year! Leeloo headed to the vets yesterday to get altered, this saves me money because I get a better rate for the surgery as she is not in heat, not expecting and not had kittens.

She was picked up this morning, poor little gal says.. where did my fluffy belly go 🙂

Otherwise, she is relaxing and happy to be home.. She enjoyed her breakfast and is now napping..  I am sure it must be so confusing to them to be taken to the vets, the smells, the drugs, the surgery.

I picked up the meds to keep the purr pride and the hounds safe from flea’s, ticks and more on the same trip.. I am not going to be starting them on it yet, I think if the weather holds, I expect I will not need to use them till May.

Weather is tricky and it could change suddenly. The local reports says that we are going to a bad tick year.. we will see if they are right. I am preparing for it, got my tick remover, got my chicken flock ready to get some extra freedom to help clean up the yard.

I was very pleased  but surprised that they are having local lime and tick information session this spring in our county and those around me.. its very new to have this issue in our area.

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7 Responses to No Spring Kittens for us!

  1. Wow, I am surprised your ticks don’t show up till May. Ours start end of March, even though our last frost is not until June. Strange. So we gave the LGD her treatment for ticks this week. We don’t really have flea issues at this altitude at all – which is very nice.

    • Wow, I am surprised yours are active in March.. my vet said I can could start April 1st if I wanted to be really proactive but said this morning, watch them and if you don’t see anything, just wait till May 1st. It will depend on the weather. I was surprised because normally they say, April 1st around here.
      Lucky on the flea’s, they can be bad around here..

  2. Silveryew says:

    Bless her, I hope LeeLoo feels more like her old self soon ^_^

  3. Thank you for being a responsible pet owner!

    • I will fully admit that I adore having a litter of kittens. I mean come on, who would not want to snuggle those wee babies, watch them learn how to waddle and then run and play.. I love watching them come fully into their own. However I can only offer homes to so many here on the farm and while I have many times found homes for those that appears on the farm and therefor in my care. Its just the better choice at this point in time. I can’t do anything if someone drops a expecting female here, I will look after her and the babies, but Those that are my full-time farm cats, its just ideal to have them altered.

  4. bubbles1990 says:

    Lol. I first read the title as “ no Spring Kitchen for us” Imagine my surprise.

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